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  1. Sooo - my nihongo is pretty darn pitiful these days, but I'm trying to find a list of Zoom spell destinations on this Japanese DQ8 3DS site: http://dq8.org/. Can anyone point me to the specific page there that lists the destinations so I can compare them to the ones in the PS2 version? Failing that, if anyone knows a way I can confirm my original questions above through an English walkthrough and/or FAQ for DQ8 3DS that clearly shows all 3DS Zoom destinations and their PS2 English equivalents, I'd be obliged.
  2. Yeah, it would be good to know first whether the Japan 3DS version made any of these changes compared to the original PS2 version - good idea. Can anyone who's played it confirm?
  3. Glaceon Mage - thanks for the quick reply, but although I do realize it's an extremely minor issue, fans can't helpfully respond to this - only the team developing the game could answer my question.
  4. I've been trying to send the below message (yes, it's insanely OCD, but that's how I roll) to the Square Enix development team for the upcoming North American DQVIII (8) 3DS re-release, but as I wasn't able to find any contact information (e.g. email address/web form) to reach the team directly, I sent it via the Dragon Quest VIII PS2 support page (the closest thing I could turn up - https://support.na.square-enix.com/contact.php?id=430&la=1). A few days later, I received an extremely unhelpful auto-response along the lines of "we have no access to the information you requested, but why don't you discuss this on a player forum?" Since my below message can only be answered by the team actually working on the game, that suggestion is completely useless. So, can anyone point me to a reliable way to actually contact (and ideally, get a response from) the Dragon Quest VIII NA 3DS team directly? Cheers! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Square Enix, As a huge fan of Dragon Quest VIII (8), I'm very excited for the North American 3DS version due for release next year. However, since I'm also extremely obsessive-compulsive , I noted that in the PS2 version of the game, the "Zoom" spell would not teleport you to all of the "friendly" locations marked with a blue dot on the world map, while conversely, a couple such locations that you could Zoom to did not have corresponding blue markers. I'd therefore greatly appreciate it if you could respond to confirm whether the below specific locations will be "fixed" accordingly in the NA 3DS version. Thanks very much for your time! 1) Locations with blue world map marker, but no corresponding "Zoom" menu entry: a) West Trodain Church b) Chapel of Autumn 2) Locations with "Zoom" menu entry, but no corresponding blue world map marker: a) Hilltop Hut b) Mystical Spring
  5. I think ignasia7 is still active on these forums, so ideally I'd appreciate it if he/she could comment on my below questions regarding ignasia7's DQ3 strategy guide covering all versions (http://www.cheatcodes.com/guide/strategy-guide-dragon-quest-iii-iphone-101979/), but of course if anyone else knows the answers, please feel free to reply as well. I'm playing through the SFC/SNES version of DQ3, and am unsure about the following: 1) Do resistances of the same type granted by two or more equipped items stack with each other? For example, if one character wears both the Light Dress (-33% Breath/Magic damage) and the Dragon Shield (-25% Breath damage), does the character gain 33% + 25% = 58% breath damage reduction (or something similar)? Or, does only the greater resistance (in this case, 33% from the dress) apply overall? 2) In battles with more than one enemy type present, how does the game determine which of the enemies gives the item steal (if a Thief is in the party) or drop? (Again, this is for the SNES version, where the last enemy killed does not determine the drop/steal.) 3) In the section describing ways to increase the odds of getting a rare steal, the guide notes: "...for really low drop rates, let a few rounds pass before finishing off the monster and ending the battle." However, since I've seen no evidence either in the guide itself or elsewhere that prolonging a battle will in any way affect drop or steal rates, what is the intention of this text? 4) Finally, is the steal/drop rate calculated per each individual enemy, or only per each group of enemies? Cheers!
  6. ignasia7 delivers the goods again like a boss. Thanks as always, sir!
  7. Four questions for the experts on the thief class's innate auto-steal ability in DQ6(DS): 1) Does the steal check run for each individual monster, or only for each monster group? 2) Is it possible to get more than one stolen item per battle? (This would be different from standard item drops, which are always limited to one dropped item for the last monster killed.) 3) What exactly are the steal rates at each thief class level? (I've seen many forum posts that imply a steal rate of about 8x the standard drop rate when using a party of four level 8 thieves - e.g. a 1/256 drop rate becomes a 1/32 steal rate, etc. - but it's unclear how this breaks down for each individual thief, or especially in light of my first question above if steal checks run for each individual monster vs. only each monster group.) 4) Bonus question - is the thief auto-steal mechanic identical between DQ6(DS) and DW7(PSX)? (I.e., are the answers to the above three questions the same for both games? I understand the timing of when steal checks are run is the same across both games - one check is run at the beginning of the first round for each thief against each monster/monster group in turn, after which no further checks are made - but I'm not sure about the rest.) Cheers!
  8. Crystal clear explanation, and great examples - they don't pay you enough. Much obliged!
  9. ignasia - sorry to go back to this again after your excellent answer, but I just want to be completely sure I understand: are you saying that using seeds has absolutely no effect whatsoever on level-up stat growth until you hit and exceed the "cap" for that character's stat at that level? I.e., using your DQ4 example above where the Hero's strength at level 10 has a 70 "base" and +30 "cap", if I seeded his strength during level 10 all the way to 99 (so just below the cap), would I still be just as likely as if I hadn't used any seeds at all to get his maximum possible "normal" strength stat growth when he reaches level 11? Or does the growth somehow start to favor the lower end of the "normal" range as you gradually get closer to hitting the cap for that stat and level? (I do understand that once you actually hit the cap, the growth will always be a 50/50 chance of +0 or +1, so I'm focusing here on what happens when you get close to but don't actually hit the cap.) Thanks again!
  10. Yeah, considering I'm seriously obsessive-compulsive, the ridiculously low item stealing rates (in all games) and lack of good tactics to counter them (in most games) are one of those other annoyi- I mean, "charming" aspects of the DQ series for me. I also hope the return to random stat gains with the recent 3DS DQ7 remake (for example) isn't a sign of the direction they're planning for future games - hopefully, they continue the fixed-stat tradition of DQ9, and the better options to steal items from that title as well. In general, the DQ games have waaaaay too much reliance on RNG as it is for my tastes - more predictable (not necessarily "easier" - just reliable) mechanics that don't screw you over in ways beyond your control are all good.
  11. ignasia - thanks for another quick and very helpful reply! This answers my questions, and then some. I just hope Squeenix sticks to the simple "fixed stat gains" of DQ7(PSX), DQ8, and DQ9 for future games in the main series (I'm looking at you, DQ11 - if it ever gets released outside Japan). Although as you point out, the system is somewhat forgiving within a fairly broad stat range, I just find the random factor extremely annoying and limiting when trying to manage characters' late-game development. But I guess that's just part of the unique "charm" of the older games. Anyway - cheers!
  12. I know there are several topics about seeds for these three DS titles already, but I'd just appreciate a simple confirmation: if you use stat seeds on a character, will the games' level-up stat "averaging" system potentially cause you to then get lower stat gains at later level-ups to compensate? For example (just using random numbers here): if the Hero is "supposed" to average a Wisdom score of 100 at level 50, and you use Wisdom seeds to up his stat to 110 during level 49, will the next several level-ups be more likely to result in Wisdom gains of "0" to correct for the fact that you're temporarily over the stat's average for the Hero at that level? (This GameFAQs board post with info from ignasia/behindtheword seems to confirm this: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/942424-dragon-quest-vi-realms-of-revelation/71817906.) EDIT: I guess a more basic related question is: which games have fixed stat gains for all characters at each level-up (i.e. regardless of seed use or other random factors/RNG), and which have somewhat randomized stat gains? It seems that DQ3, DQ4, DQ5, and DQ6 gains are somewhat random - although tied to the stat "averages" mentioned above - while DQ7(?), DQ8, and DQ9 have specific fixed gains for all characters.
  13. Thanks man! I took a look at those sites you linked, and yep, 1/4096 is apparently really the drop rate for the items for those 5 non-boss monsters I listed above - as well as for several monster hearts. Again... that's insane. Also, about that Thief class steal rate formula - does that still only apply to the single enemy you kill last in the battle, like regular drops? Or does it apply to each individual enemy (or each individual enemy group?) you kill in the battle, unlike regular drops? I could probably find this by searching through the forums, but you seem to know what you're talking about. EDIT: Never mind - I think I've found your explanation (posting as "behindtheword") on the GameFAQs board here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/197152-dragon-warrior-vii/70339937. Thanks again!
  14. Great - if you don't mind taking the time to check, I'd really appreciate it!
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