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  1. I would if I still had my save file.
  2. Rhap 2 and Zenith Dragon both kinda blow. iirc, Zenith Dragon is good when Tactical Genius plays nicely. If it doesn't, well... When training it, you can have it in the back of your team until it gets faster.
  3. Super Scout you should probably be using much lower rank monsters for, or just 1 rank S.
  4. Plusle and Minun are to do with the polarity of electric currents - not maths.
  5. Celestial Nymphs are often depicted with bows or ribbons. Considering that "Ninf" is a corruption of "Nymph" and the other nymphs are unlikely, things are actually looking kinda likely for light type, which it would kind of make sense to be weak to electric.
  6. Zenith isn't too good to play, but if you like it nothing stopping you. Nokturnus is a beast and can do pretty much whatever you want. Dr Snapped is an option, but I've never tried it. On paper it looks unimpressive. It does have Big Hitter comboed with a 950 attack stat (stunning for a mage) and 1250 wisdom. It has to be able to lay hurt on something. Poisonous and Confusing touch? Less useful - but perhaps moreso than Hit Squad.
  7. Sandstorm teams are all the rage these days, it seems. 'course, TTar screws up weather usage stats with its lack of an alternative ability... intimidate Ttar... that'd be nice...
  8. I thought it just guarenteed loot, then the relative chances would run as normal.
  9. Xenlon is good. Never raised one myself, never really lost to one either. Isn't it a tactical genius monster? I generally avoid those because they're unreliable.
  10. Mewtwo form confirmed as Mewtwo form - not Mewthree. http://www.marriland.com/news/4776-updated-mewthree-confirmed-as-new-mewtwo-form-or
  11. I always ran out of Uber Health too, to the point the only thing I did on WMC was get scrolls for it.
  12. Okay then... any ideas on when we could convene to build the team, and what we could build it around?
  13. Yes. Yes they do. Isn't it "Focus On Healing" in particular that breaks down if you're against a metal?
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