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  1. I would if I still had my save file.
  2. Plusle and Minun are to do with the polarity of electric currents - not maths.
  3. Celestial Nymphs are often depicted with bows or ribbons. Considering that "Ninf" is a corruption of "Nymph" and the other nymphs are unlikely, things are actually looking kinda likely for light type, which it would kind of make sense to be weak to electric.
  4. Sandstorm teams are all the rage these days, it seems. 'course, TTar screws up weather usage stats with its lack of an alternative ability... intimidate Ttar... that'd be nice...
  5. Mewtwo form confirmed as Mewtwo form - not Mewthree. http://www.marriland.com/news/4776-updated-mewthree-confirmed-as-new-mewtwo-form-or
  6. Okay then... any ideas on when we could convene to build the team, and what we could build it around?
  7. Yes. Yes they do. Isn't it "Focus On Healing" in particular that breaks down if you're against a metal?
  8. Dear god no... not more speed for Mewtwo! (Mewtumor... lol) But on an unrelated note, would anyone be willing to build a Showdown competitive team with me in the name of the Den? Since you don't actually have to train up pokemon on Showdown, it's good for building, testing teams before going through the long process of EV grinding, etc. Also, having multiple people testing the same team will make finding and fixing flaws much easier. Basically, is the way it'd work is we'd grab ourselves a chat of some sort, and work together on putting together the first version of the team. We'd then go off, give it some battles to test it and see what flaws we find. We then fix these flaws, until we have an awesome team.
  9. That's a good team, but Murdaw will suffer without Uber Health boost. I've always been a fan of the 3 monster teams myself. I had a lingering malhaze team. I can't remember exactly (and have since restarted joker 2 so cannot find out), but if I were to make it now: Uber Killing Machine: (Double Trouble) Aquapothecary (Amor Seco Rain, Song of Salvation, Magic Regenerator, Mist Me) Uber Health Boost (To boost longetivity) Defense Boost 3 (Boosting again) Drakulard: (Huge Attack stat) Hive Mind (Paralyzing Punch, Sleep Sock, Heart Breaker, Nature Nerfer, Fuddle Dance) Attack Boost 3 (Hit harder) Uber Attack Boost (Hit harder) Nokturnus: (Beast) Duel Dwellers (Magic Regenerator (I guess), Lingering Malhaze, Kazing (If Malhaze is not up) Uber Attack Boost (Hit Harder) Uber Health Boost (Increase longetivity) Hmm. All this theory play is making me want to start playing again... I shall have to make a team soon. Probably not with Nokturnus in it, because he takes so long to make. Was thinking something along these lines: Zoma: Uber Healer Uber Health Boost Uber Defense Boost (Superior on Zoma due to magic immunity) Dullahan Fortifier (Oomphle, Acceleratle?, Kabuff) Uber Health Boost Uber Attack Boost Mumboh-Jumboe Uber Knight (No Gigaslash) Uber Attack Boost Uber Health Dullahan uses Kabuff, then Oomphle, Mumboh and Dullahan wreck stuff. Mumboh makes use of Bangmeister with Blast Slash. Whilst Bangmeister boosts Gigaslash, I think there's better for that role. Trauminator does it well, and has Double Trouble to clean up with as the AI never picks the same move twice in a row. Alternatively, a pairing of Mumboh-Jumboe and Belial works rather well. If I were to make a 2-1 team I think: Gem Slime Fortifier Uber Attack Attack 3 Uber Health Wight King Uber Healer Uber Health Uber Mage Because fully magic immune teams are fun. Final mention goes to Sagittar: Saggitar Champion Uber Attack Attack Boost 3 Attack Boost 2/Guerilla Oomph, wreck crap with double trouble goodness. Guerilla can be used if you want to mix things up with Paralysing punch and the like.
  10. According it Marilland, the official website constantly refers to it as a "New Pokemon" so I am inclined to perceive it as such, however it's seen using what appears to be Psystrike, which would indicate it to be Mewtwo as that move is unique to Mewtwo... It looks more specially-offensive, which kinda worries me as Mewtwo is already a specially offensive behemoth. Hoping for a secondary typing.
  11. As for the starters, common theory is Fire/Psychic Water/Fighting Grass/Dark based off of the moves they use in the first trailer (Psywave, Wake Up Slap, Night Slash - off the top of my head). It also would balance them all to be neutral to each other, something that was attempted (but failed) in DPPt. (Torterra still beats Empoleon with Earthquake - Grass/Rock would have balanced the typing better)
  12. I don't think you need two with Uber Healer. As far as WMSC is concerned, 1 should suffice. Online PvP? Perhaps not so much. Also, it looks like Metal Slimes of all variants (Gem Slimes in particular) will give that team trouble. I Orgodemir has decent attack, so maybe Attack 3 (to grant HP aswell) or Uber Attack Boost might help out if Orgo has a good starting stat. Alternatively, Hatchet Man could come in handy as critical damage will tear giant holes in Metal Slimes of all varieties, even ones with Uber Health Boost. You have a few options. Anti-Metal grants you Oomph and Accelerate. It also provides 30 Agility which is probably its main selling point over the others. Berserker is there, but not that good. Cluboon 3 offers Helm Splitter, but with a primarily Breath/Magic team that wont be too useful. It also offers Blinding Blow, which might come in useful if you're that way inclined. Materialist gets my personal recommendation. It offers Kabuff and Bounce, something useful your team currently lacks. Starting the battle with a Kabuff will help keep your Rhapthorne alive, meaning that your Orgodemir will stay alive. It'll also provide some protection against Night Clubbers, whilst Bounce will do much the same for magical threats such as Zoma and Dhoulmagus. It also royally screws up spell-casting Canzar. Helm Splitter is also there, though as previously mentioned not that good. Naturalist is there, but with not much going for it. War Cry if you want it. It's also the only one to have Mercurial Thrust, which can be useful for finishing off faster opponents. Orgodemir isn't fast, so perhaps it might help. Warrior rounds it up. It's an interesting one, giving you Master of Weapons - allowing you equip anything you want. It also adds 20 attack and health, which could come in handy. Oh, and there's Helm Splitter. Oh, and the best breath skill for Orgo is Zenith Dragon. Don't know if you feel like getting that when Uber Breath will do you just fine, but y'know. ...I take games like this way too seriously.
  13. When fighting E4/Champ/Team Bosses I have a really nasty habit of doing this, usually until I either run out or have whittled my foe down enough. Because of this, I've started giving everything toxic for my in-game teams...
  14. Argh. I can't chest timer for the life of me. I've spent *SO LONG* trying to get just 1 bit of metal slime gear, and I've succeeded - just never the one I'm aiming at. 18 Rank A Chests, 18 failed.

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