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  1. I had a long plane ride yesterday, so I spent most of it playing the iOS DQ1. When I went to save Gwaelin, I remembered something about the NES version that I never understood. For whatever reason, the sprite for Gwaelin immediately following the fight with the Green Dragon is different than after she's taken back. My best guess is that while the game was in a dark dungeon, no moving sprites except for the Hero could be involved, so they wanted to make a symmetrical image of her being still, but that doesn't really explain why her appearance changes so drastically. Another thought is that maybe they were trying to show that she was starving or something. She does look sorta like a zombie in that first image. But that doesn't explain why her crown shape and hair color would change. I don't know, this has always sort of bothered me for some reason XD Remakes of the game only use one sprite, so it's pretty strange. Anyone have thoughts on this?
  2. As long as there's voiceacting at all, I'm probably content (the iOS version is very incomplete without it X_X). Quick question, are we getting the original orchestrated soundtrack back too?
  3. Here's an ironic tale. I had seen DQ stuff all around (especially once the zenithian re-releases came out), and it always looked interesting to me, but I never picked any of them up becuase I was little and didn't have much money to work with. Then, my dad saw a TON of NES games in their original boxes at Goodwill, and since each one was 99 cents, he decided to take all of them. Among them were a bunch of games that I haven't thrown much time at still today, but the first one I tried out was "Dragon Warrior" (the Dragonlord's epic teeth must have convinced me) and I fell in love. Unfortunately, I don't have the box around still, but I feel like I remember one of the screenshots on the back being of the hero standing on the Rimuldar peninsula at Level 1. I'm not sure if I'm just remembering wrong, but I remember thinking, "Wait...what?" when I realized that region was far from accessible to a Level 1 warrior. My stepbrother and I have fond memories of mapping out the Grave of Garinham and howling in detest when we realized that the desert maze north of Cantlin didn't actually lead to Charlock after all. And, of course, getting overly freaked out when we saw what happens when you agree to join the Dragonlord at the end. The best part of the story is, I thought the game was the only one of its kind, and I remember wishing that there was a second game. Sure enough, my dad found Dragon Warrior I+II for GBC, and eventually I found an NES copy of II as well. I was looking up how to find a particular crest in the 2nd game when I found this site and realized that Dragon Quest and Dragon Warrior were the same thing, and just like that, I had III-IX to look forward to.
  4. Well, I've been looking around at the screenshots from the Dragon Quest 1 remake for iOS, and I can't deny that they have improved upon the last edition (Gameboy Color?), but I wish that Square Enix would consider majorly upgrading the first three titles to an engine similar to VIII or X. For me, this would bring bring a lot of "replay" value to the trilogy just to see where they would go with it. But, I can see why they wouldn't, because for the average buyers, all they care about is the highest number after the title, so sales might not be high enough. But still, one can dream, right?
  5. Thanks for the warm greetings! My favorite Dragon Quest right now is 4 for the NES, but it always changes you know?
  6. Hi! I've used the Den for references in-game before, but I finally have made an account! Anyway, right off the bat I'd like to say that I've really enjoyed playing Hawkeye's Dragon Warrior Classic, and would like to thank him for creating such a great game.
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