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  1. Has anyone tried to purchase the game digitally through the Square Enix store using a VPN and have you been successful? I made a mistake and purchased 2.0 thinking it was the PC release but I didn't realize that 1.0 was out as I am just getting into this game. I could buy 1.0 through Play Asia but if I could just get the digital version that would be even better.
  2. Unfortunately, you need both versions if you want to play the 2.0 content. You *can* skip 2.0 to get started and play for a while. You can't get into the 2.0 storyline until you finish the 1.0 storyline anyway... and a lot of changes went into 1.0 for free.
  3. You guys are getting me excited! My PC version hasn't shipped yet but here is hoping soon.
  4. The event for FF X DQ is happening in January. I currently play Final Fantasy XIV and I look forward to this event. Here is some more info translated by Aeana from http://www.4gamer.net/games/005/G000546/20131120036/ Final Fantasy 11 Round 1: December 11, 2013 Rounds 2 and 3 will be in some time in 2014. Dragon Quest 10 FF11 part will run from mid January 2014 to mid February 2014. FF14 part will run from mid February 2014 to mid March 2014. Final Fantasy 14 Scheduled to run from mid January 2014 to mid February 2014.
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    2.0 information

    Has there been any information regarding payments for the Pc version? I know you can use Crysta through a Square Enix account but I am just wondering if that would be difficult using a North American card. Anyone know if they plan on using any other type of game cards or webmoney? I have the Pc version and soundtrack pre-ordered they need to hurry up and send it lol but I want to prepare everything for when it comes.
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