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  1. I didn't get the chance to play this, think it was on the PS Vita? But I am now starting it on the PC, which I bought on STeam about 2 weeks ago. It is pretty awesome I have to say the least. If you love FF4 and yet to play AY I definitely recommend getting it.
  2. Even though it isn't a full on game, they did a XOver within their MMOs. FF14 . FF13 & DQ10. I have a Golem pet running behind me in FF14 lol. As for my 3 XOvers it would have to be... Phantasy Star - For some reason, if you put future, mixed with past elements... it comes out extremely good. I believe the Phantasy Star world could work very well with PS. Either as PSO & DQX or an older style DQ with PS. ( As a side note Paladin's Quest would also be fun to see as a DQ XOver. ) Shadowrun - Again future meets past, as a tactical game. Now I know you are thinking "Really ste
  3. Could change it up and hit the one in California, take a vacation there.
  4. I just hope it is decent, and not some lame adaptation with the Nintendo brand labeled on it.
  5. So far I have DW 1 - 4 NES , DQ 5 & 6 SFC , DQ 7 PSX (NTSC - J ), DQ 8 ,DQ 9 , DQ 10 and DQ 6 DS.
  6. After Daybreak bought SOE ( at first I was pissed, but it was the best damn thing that happened to EQ and SOE games ) the very first month they made a decent loot system for EQ. I actually went back to EQ just because they are fixing a whole lot of stuff SOE broke over the years. There is talk of EQoA making a come back , EQ Next is getting another overhaul ( thank god at its rate it was a Minecraft meets Rift clone and wasn't even EQ anymore ) and they are actually listening on Forums and fans. Granted they just did the buyout and these things will probably dwindle away as most companies do,
  7. Wow don't I feel stupid, I swore it was the other way around. My whole stipulation is mute.
  8. To be honest , no. It used to be before Enix went bankrupt, and Square bought them out. Then smothered the lit wick in the american franchise because it didn't make enought money for them... making DQ almost extinct to us. I will always have a heart for DQ but Square killed it for me. They bought out Enix to kill DQ basically in America so they could win the FF vs DQ in USA fight. Of course if they did that in Japan there would be riots. I honestly believe DQ is more popular out there than FF, and that being said these are all speculations no facts behind them. If I am right it is all coincide
  9. I stand corrected, on the Another World pages of the guide it does show the heart probability. Do apologize.
  10. So the official guide book from Enix has a heart system which is 1/32 for 1 heart, 1/16 for 2 hearts and 1/8 for 3 hearts. Curer is 1/32. Both Kings are 1/32 chance. The only ones that do not have this heart system is of course Borongo , and the 5 in the under world.
  11. So they finally released the full game. I Have been playing it since the start when it was on early alpha starter phase, and man what a difference now. It actually feels like a game. Everything is smooth, the storyline falls in place perfectly, the missions are all positioned correctly through the hub's dialogue. It all feels right except for one thing... I believe they forgot to stress test the servers because the LAG IS CRAZY. It took roughly 28 mins just to load into the hub, and they had to shut down the servers due to over population. When it came back online it seemed fine until the popu
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