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  1. There's gotta be a better way to format this. Apologies for wall of text. 1. Do you see the Zenithian trilogy get the DQ11 treatment a.k.a prequel or sequel? No, I think that 11 had enough references and homages to the whole series that it's not necessary to retread in 12. 2. Which DQ is the most popular in Japan? Is it 3 or 5? 3 consistently tops polls over there. 3. With DQ 11 gaining more traction than the previous titles, do you think the spin-off games would be more popular in the West from now on? No, they're different levels of quality and don'
  2. There are some DQ books on the Internet Archive, might be worth a search.
  3. All the main games are great in their own way. My favourites are DQ4 because of the cast of characters. DQ7 for the exploration and slow burn, hangout good times. DQ10 because it's like DQ x Infinity.
  4. Saigan does good work. Some DQ YouTubers are real mush mouths, hard to listen to for too long.
  5. The Jump tease was for DQ11S on PS4/Steam/Xbox One. The Monsters game is MIA, last thing the producer said is that they are having development issues. DQ12 is in-production phase. Yuji Horii teased a dream theme for this one a year or so ago. As for the DQ9 remake, Hino from Level-5 was pushing for it on a live stream. Whether or not it's happening is anyone's guess. Level-5 could do with a win, they've been floundering for a long time.
  6. Is the link in the first post the most up-to-date version of the patch?
  7. Got it fixed. Thanks for the help Ashes!
  8. Thanks for the advice. When I try nd sign into the account management system it gives me a message about recovering my account as it's been suspended temporarily. However, the email they;re supposed to send me never comes through. I should note that I am not using a VPN when attempting to sign in, would that help?
  9. Hey guys, quick question, maybe beyond the scope of this thread. I've been having some trouble with my account over the last couple of days. I recently reinstalled DQX and upon launching the game for the first time accidentally entered the wrong password. I had forgotten that my SE account was tied to an out-of-date email address and as a result I did not receive the account recovery/password reset email. I reupped the old email address but when I request the account recovery email from the SE account page, I receive nothing. Is there a case whereby these emails would take a while to se
  10. For whatever reason the VPN trick isn't working out for me. Anyone else having trouble with it?
  11. That Witch from the well should be Queen.
  12. Back from exile eh? Keep 'em coming.
  13. Sorted it out. Had the minimal version of the config menu turned on for some reason. Thanks for the help guys!
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