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  1. I....I'm sorry, I have no idea what any of these things are. (I'm not savy at all when it comes to roms- I've never used them before.) ...Well, except the R4. I know what that is, but I have absolutely NO idea where to get one besides online. Oh, and King Zenith, what's a flashcart? Is is like a blank DS cartridge that one could download a rom onto?
  2. Hey guys, I know the subject of reproduction cartridges has been brought up here before, so I just have to ask: 1. Can they create DS game cartridges? 2. If so, if an English patch for a game only out in Japan was released, would they be able to port said patch onto a DS cartridge? I'm really hoping the answer to both is yes.... 'cause then I might have finally figured out a way to get an English copy of Digimon Story: Lost Evolution. (The English patch is almost complete. They just need to test the WiFi functionality and finish translating the story dialogue text)
  3. Finally a thread for this! But yeah, I actually kinda enjoyed Dark Dawn. I mean, the story wasn't all that bad. The villains were pretty good (I really hate Blados and Chalis for how they used Volechek and what they turned him into), and the party characters were all pretty interesting (I seriously think there's a budding thing between Matthew and Sveta.). The fact that it ended in another cliffhanger was, admittedly, kinda dissapointing, but it DID open up a whole new possibility for another adventure. Just one thing though: If they make a Golden Sun 4, MAKE ALEX A BOSS ALREADY! I mean sheez, we've waited THREE GAMES and STILL haven't gotten to pummel him into the dirt!
  4. Strange.... I heard that the people who were lucky enough to test the final release weren't aloud to talk about the starters' final forms until the game's release on the 12th. If so, either somebody broke contract, or these are all still just rumors.
  5. I've heard that Fairy is also weak to Fire. ...Which means that for one of the beginning Gym Leaders (who uses those Fairy/Bug type Pokemon), Fennekin will be the bane of her existence. Burn it. BURN IT ALL!
  6. Hey guys. (Wow, has it been FOREVER!) Y'know, with the revelation of the new Fairy-type, I thought of something: I will be LMAO if they put in a battle-able Trainer named Crocker who uses a Fairy-type Pokemon. "FAIRIES!"
  7. Huh. Y'know, if this really turns out to be a working, bug-free (or mostly bug-free) PS2 emulator, I might finally be able to get my friend to play Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. ....I know that's kind of off topic, but I've been bugging him about it for a while, and he said the only real problem is that there aren't any good PS2/PSX emulators out there.
  8. OK. Well, that's kind of a bummer.... And there's not even a cheat that would at least make a character able to use monster techniques (i.e. the elemental breath attacks)...
  9. Hey guys, it's DragonGaurdian here. (Wow, it's been a while since I've been on last!) Anyways, I've got a question about AR codes for DQIX: Is there a code that, in battle, replaces one of your party character sprites with that of a monster (i.e. Dragonlord)? Side Note: I'm asking because I thought it'd be fun to make a character named 'Tiamat' and use this code to actually make her a dragon. ...Alas, I don't know what kind of glitches it might cause, but hey, that's assuming a code for this even exists.
  10. HAHA! Yesterday on my Black 2 was pure awesomeness! Frist off, I hatched a Cyndaquil with max. IVs in HP, Attack AND Defense! Second..... off of the GTS.... for my Nidoking.... I got.... THAT SPECIAL SQUIRTLE FROM THAT SOUTH KOREAN WI-FI EVENT! WOOOOOOOOOOO! *passes out from awesomeness* It knows Block, False Swipe, Follow Me and Hydro Cannon!
  11. Sorry to double-post guys. Anyways, they DO have (as far as I know) one tiger Pokemon already: Raikou. (Oh come on, I DARE you to look at it and tell me that it's NOT a tiger-ish Pokemon!) ESPECIALLY it's Shiny form.
  12. Pretty grim, but it's not as if it will stop them. They already made a lot of scary/disturbing stuff. (Spoink dying if it stop to jump, Litwick line...) I doubt we'll see it, but it's a pretty great idea ! The Charmander line needing to keep its tail lit, Cubone's mother being killed, Pokemon Tower, Celestial Tower, Mount Pyre. Pokemon is kinda bleak if you think about it. Don't forget Frillish and Jellicent. Those things are d*mn CREEPY!
  13. Yeah, the new types could very well happen. I mean, look at the Steel and Dark types. They didn't come around until Gen. II. They introduced new types then, they can surely do it now. Plus, in the TCG they gave Dragon its own type (finally), so who knows?
  14. HA! Got back from an Unnoficial Pokemon Texas State Regional VGC yesterday (it was a side-event at a Pokemon Organized Play event), and man did I kick butt! Unfortunately I had to leave early.... But out of the 3 rounds I fought, I won all 3! The main reason I won the last two matches: Cresselia. This is the moveset I put on it: Substitute Toxic Moonlight Double Team And I read the official VGC rules (the tourney wasn't official, but we played by the official rules.), and the only two moves that are actually BANNED are Sky Drop and Dark Void. So Double Team IS legal.
  15. Forget prevos for Lapras, Pinsir and Heracross! How about EVOS for Lapras, Pinsir and Heracross?
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