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  1. Wow. Still going? Awesome. Not really sure how the community here treats Undertale.
  2. Ah, thanks, y'all. ...I kinda feel bad for not dedicating more of my time towards this place.
  3. I've been reading Medaka Box myself. It's been really nice. I love it with all the plot twists and stuff. >w> Ansatsu Kyoushitsu will have a run for my money with this one. Yeah, Unicorn looks cool. Might be what gets me into Gundam.
  4. Aunque no te haya visto por aquí recientemente, aún así decidí felicitarte. Que lo pases bien. (Translation: Even though I haven't seen you around here recently, I still decided to congratulate you. May you have a happy birthday.)
  5. Happy birthday. Enjoy it as much as you can.
  6. Just to clarify, and not to sound rude, but Soul Eater is not from Jump. It's from Shonen Gangan (If I'm not mistaken). Again, just to make it clear. Also, even though those four series are pretty popular overseas and COULD be used as a selling point, they'll also have to license all of the other characters, and, in Namco Bandai's financial eyes, it's not worth it (Because, admit it, you didn't even know half of them existed). They learned their lesson with Project X Zone (fun game, though not a big hit), so they probably will not want to go through licensing hell again.
  7. As I told you, exchange the parantheses around "img" and "/img" for brackets [these thingies]. The image will actually show up in the site, and not just the link.
  8. You could try using a file converter online. This should help converting those MIDIs into the files you need. I know of a good one I used before. Here's the link: http://www.online-convert.com/
  9. I assume you're allowed to post anything Art/Music-related. As long as it meets those criteria, anything goes, EXCEPT when it breaks a general website rule.
  10. Before you ask, yes. This IS battle music. I kid you not. It plays while you beat up guys hiding behind trees and rocks, using your nose and armpit hair. While dancing. It fits perfectly.
  11. I have never been familiar with music composers anywhere, the Den being no exception. No matter where, I have an amazing talent of forgetting who composes what. So I wouldn't be able to help much here, either. However, we have an Art & Music forum. Maybe you could look for some composers there. http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showforum=80
  12. Well, I tried looking around. Couldn't find any tileset. However, I did find some tileset-based maps. If I'm not mistaken, you could use an image editor to copy the tiles from the map and put them on a separate sheet. However, that would be a really tough job to do, so it's really up to you if you're gonna do it. Also, while not completely related to what you asked, I shall provide a link to a website which works as a sprite database of sorts. It may help. https://www.spriters-resource.com/
  13. Oho. I guess I can help you there, friend. Just type the following commands (I guess you could call them as such) around the image's link: "img" and "/img". Then, cover both both of those commands with brackets. If you want to upload an image instead... Well, can't help much with that, I guess. Just upload them somewhere else, like ImageShack. Now, here goes an example, for easier understanding. (img)http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/109/c/e/scrap__koro_sensei_by_hangdok-d628dsd.jpg (/img) In this case, the only necessity would be to replace the parentheses by brackets. I did m
  14. Recently, I've been watching about four anime at once. Don't judge me. Ok, so far, I've been watching: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Gintama Beelzebub And one more super-secret anime which I shall not tell, due to fear of unjust judgment of my person. I also tried watching the first episode of Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars, but... Let's say the bad CGI and the lack of Sänger in the first episode turned me down on the whole series.
  15. The site where I've seen it the cheapest is around PlayAsia. If I'm not mistaken, a PS3 copy is worth about 135 dollars- maybe not a reasonable price for you all, but it still seems like something I'd buy. I'm not used to seeing physical games sell cheap in stores, with the ridiculous taxes and whatnot.
  16. Man, Slimes bled out of my nose after watching that. Looks like this contest is gonna have some really serious competition.
  17. Yep, importing it is the way to go. It's probably not getting a release. I know of some petitions to get it released, but they probably won't help much. On another note, the character roster seems perfect, save for a few oddities. I can't wait to order this game.
  18. Ah... I hope I'm not too late to say "thank you". I apologize for my absence. Too much Yu-Gi-Oh! turns people into twisted dueling drunkards. And also drains their money like a Celebi's Giga Drain.
  19. Welcome back. I hope you find your stay here as comfortable as you were before (That is, if you were comfortable here in the first place).
  20. Can't believe I missed this. Happy birthday!
  21. I got it yesterday. I have cherries and, once they finish growing, apples and bananas.
  22. I'll have that game too, yet not right now. Anyways, FC is 1203-9356-8687, for those who would like to add me right away.
  23. Eh... I tried adding funds to my 3DS to buy the new Animal Crossing game, but the system had an error. The money was taken from the card, but I didn't get the funds I paid for. Does Nintendo give refunds for that?

    1. MoonRider


      YIKES! I've heard of this happening to people, I would email/call/scream until they contact you back, I think it can be easily proved through credit-card transcripts and whatnot what went on; in the other cases I've heard people got their points (not sure about refund though, I mean, it IS Nintendo).

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