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  1. I think it's on the Japanese Virtual Console. It's not on the American one, from what I see.
  2. Seriously!? It's being localized!?!? Yes! Yes yes yes! Oh, man, I am SO happy right now! I need to start saving right away so that I can pay off the preorder right when it becomes available.
  3. Suits-Wulfspade, Hawkhart, Cluboon, Diamagon. Aces-Wulfspade Ace, Hawkhart Ace, Cluboon Ace, Diamagon Ace.
  4. Ooh, forgot about Rebjorn and Bjorn. That'd be a hilarious twist party, too.
  5. Hot dog. I doubt it'll be the best team ever, but it'll be funny to say the least. I swear, the more I find out about this game, the less likely I'm going to be able to put it down if/when I get it. XD
  6. Anyone know what size Starkers is? I wanna make a team with Estark and Starkers. XD
  7. Wish I could have dreams like that. :\ The last video-game-related dream I had that I can remember was back in 2008...and it was about Super Smash Bros. Before that, 2003, with Ruby and Sapphire. I'd love a dream about this game. Those are pretty wicked teams in those dreams, though. Makes me ponder other team possibilities.
  8. I had never played those games myself when I first had DWM. I just thought they were frickin' cool battles, anyway. I was disappointed that I could never enter the village...I remember thinking that it might have been Terry's home village for some reason. And then there was the princess-that one made me sad that I could never lift her. I wanted to return the princess to her 'mother and father', 'cuz I believed her to be the daughter of the Great Tree royal family. XD MadCat's gate was my absolute favorite, though. The one that terrified me the most was Servant's. I hated to see the village burning.
  9. I'd like to see that. With a super-powerful Nokturnus at the end, right? That would be amazing.
  10. All these screenshots...they only make me want the game more. I noticed one of those "Not-quite Estark" monsters from DQ VII...the one that combines attributes of both Psaro the Manslayer's fully evolved form and Estark...which is kinda neat, honestly. Also...DAT MAGARUGI. I wonder what the translated name will come out to be? Oh well. I just want the damn game already. I will so buy this the day it comes out in America. NINTENDO. GET A MOVE ON, MAN. TRANSLATE DIS SWEET PIECE OF GAME.
  11. No problem. It would definitely be simple to implement Milly into Terry's Wonderland in his place. It might be odd-although, I can think of a scene or two that would be hilarious from Milly's perspective, like trying to pick up the Princess...in vain! I had never played the first Dragon Quest before that game, so I assumed that the Princess was the daughter of the King and Queen. XD I always felt bad that I could never carry her home.
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