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  1. Damn must of been absolutely shocking to have had that happen.
  2. Sorry for the lateness of my reply. Thank you for all the tips, i did start using critical miss. So it was no longer a roll of the dice, waiting for the hit to come. Now ive got myself all the monsters i lost, with there defense boosts.
  3. Returned again! But can no longer find my orginal DQMJ2. So i started on again on another one, forgot how fun it was. :) Anyways feels good to be back..... For now.

    1. Gooptek


      Yay, welcome back.

    2. Nokturnicus




  4. Since i misplaced my original copy of the game, i had to start again on another... {Miss my trauminator} the scroll i particularly need is priest, the problem with that is the night clubber you have to steal it from. I assembled a team of 2 lootist monsters both level 50. Then in order to assure that they didn't get wiped out I got a Metal king slime with: Defence 3/Defence 2/Martyr I used selflessness in order to shield my looters from harm. However why does that night clubber land so many critical hits? does it have hopeful hitter? Gale Bolg? Since its critical hit does land around 220 on my Metal king. It usually gets wiped out. I know normal clubbers have: Last Word/Giant Killer But Eugene's? Anyone know? Added Traits? Or even the drop rate for that scroll? Id go online and get a scroll but there certain technical problems {Prefer not to reveal} Thanks to all that reply.
  5. To you what is the scariest dragon quest monster you ever seen? For me its direntula it scared my soul away when i saw it at cragivation!

    1. mdb510


      Oh my goodness I know ._. The way it walks is terrifying!!

  6. Fabulous eggs, there really astonishing! {love that dark slime }
  7. Wait is DQMJ2 pro out in English? {sorry i haven't been here for so long im out-of-date.}
  8. They pretty much made him useless. I went through a whole day to synth it, but just to find out it had terrible stats.
  9. I like the puppeteer too, especially its animation. But of course you would like it
  10. Ive been absent lately, can anyone fill me in on what i have missed? Any new DQ games that i may not be aware of.

    1. Megalosaro


      How long ago where you here?


      Dragon Quest X came out in Japan on the Wii and Wii U


    2. Gooptek


      That, of course, excluding the obvious Terry's Wonderland 3D in Japan that everybody's talking about and the remake of Dragon Quest VII for the 3DS, also in Japan. (Not sure if they already released the DQ VII remake though. I'm just assuming they did)

    3. Gooptek


      Also, welcome back.

      Your lack of presence was worrying me.

  11. Its great! But what democrobot posted, seems to be slightly better for a dragovian lord.
  12. Over 90% and still not getting it? just unlucky unfortunely.
  13. Happy birthday Ryangroovy! Enjoy it as much as you can.
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