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  1. I am really hoping for Dragon Quest IV, V, & VI for the Switch and Dragon Quest VII for the Switch and/or iOS.
  2. How many chapters/islands is that currently? 8 Chapters
  3. Can I get an updated Discord link please?
  4. Can we edit the list to add our in-game names? I am up to about 150 friends and I want to add DD Members to my Favorites list. My character's name is "Sickboy"
  5. I will run multiplayer with you. I have beaten all released content so far. I have just been running multiplayer over and over again collecting gear to upgrade. I am on after 5:30 PM CST.
  6. Yeah, I have three different versions of IV for the PSX and I have V for the PS2. I actually have two copies on V because I use one box for the translated game. This is what I am missing to complete my collection: Dragon Quest III - Famicom Brand New in the Box (Japanese games were not sealed) Dragon Quest IV Limited - Famicom (I have only seen one copy of it) I have pics of it so I know it exists. Dragon Quest V - SFC BNIB (I have a mint copy but need a new copy) Dragon Quest VI - SFC BNIB (I have a mint copy but need a new copy) Dragon Quest VII - PSX - Japanese Memory Card Case for PSX First three copies of Warrior World (Spring 1991, September 1991, Spring 1992) A few Japanese piano books I stopped collecting anything newer than DW7 and I do not collect toys or stuffed animals (I do have about 500 different Dragon Quest pencils and a bunch of pencil boxes). I have also just listed my Gameboy & DS lot with guides on eBay for $300 BIN but I haven't gotten any bids or bites...
  7. IV was never remade and released for the SNES. I bought the boxes off ebay. Same quality as original SNES boxes.
  8. The COMPLETE Nintendo Power Dragon Warrior Welcome Kit!!! Including the envelope and the Enix Letter: Game Boy Collection: Extra Japanese Import games:
  9. I ordered 4 SNES, 4 SNES, 5 SFC and 4 Famicom UV protectant acrylic cases from VGA to put the best sealed of each last week. They will take a few weeks to get though. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. 7 different issues of Warrior World (I am missing the first 3 issues) Dragon Quest Collection for the SNES Dragon Quest 1 & 4 for the Famicom Brand New in the box! I have 2 as well (BNIB) but not pictured. I am only missing #3 :-( Magazines with DW articles, maps, guides, ect... More tomorrow...
  11. I'll add some more pics tonight!!! This was just the NES games...
  12. Teaser Collection Pic DW1 Sealed DW1 Mint DW2 1 open mint DW2 1 open and so mint it has the cellophane on it still DW3 1 open mint DW3 1 open and so mint it has the cellophane on it still DW4 Mint DW4 Sealed
  13. Just a stones throw away! Maybe I will even let you scan some of my documents IF they are needed. I'll look him up and send him a message. The three Warrior Worlds I need are the super rare ones (go figure).
  14. My name is Jason and I am from West Des Moines, Iowa. Smack dab in the middle of Nowhere, USA. I have been visiting this site since 2000/2001 so you have a long time lurker here. I started playing Dragon Warrior for the NES on December 24th 1990 when I received it as a Christmas present after begging my parents to sign me up for Nintendo Power. I was instantly hooked. My favorite DW/DQ game is VII and I pray every night before bed we get the DS version stateside. I also have a HUGE collection of Dragon Warrior and Dragon Quest Games, maps, guides, Enix Warrior Worlds and other items from the 80s and 90s. I actually joined the forum to see if anyone had Warrior World issues Spring 1991, September 1991, or Spring 1992 for sale as they are all I need to complete my collection. I am also in the market for a mint Dragon Quest IV Limited Edition for the Famicom. In a few days I will get some pics uploaded (I need a new card reader). Nice to meet you all!!! iSickboy
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