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  1. I'm a long time fan of the KOF franchise and I also love me some Skullgirls or Virtua Fighter
  2. Hey all, I've been less active than usual the past few months and a major reason for that is that I've been studying super hard to play DQXI at launch. DQ in the west happens inconsistently (although we've seen a lot of success this last year in getting localisations) and we're never 100% sure we'll get any given title. Now I've tried to sit down and "learn Japanese" a few times before. I've played through several games in Japanese and watch plenty of anime and samurai movies but if I'm being honest- none of it really stuck. Here's the hard truth: if you want to learn Japanese you are going t
  3. It says it was removed. You need more benevolence. That's lame. There were enough spam bot checks on sign-up. They should allow you to post from the start. The DQ subreddit is horribly moderated. How so?
  4. Got around to putting in a support ticket as well. Good work Soma
  5. Dragon Warrior 4 weekend marathon! https://www.twitch.tv/saigancat

  6. This past saturday might have been the most fun I've had with you guys since the Anlucia (sp) incident.
  7. Part 4: 5) Bring Roland the Wing of Chimera you crafted and he will give you some tough branches in return. Pirin has a new request for you at this point. 6) Pirin wants some COOKING UTENCILS (調ç†å™¨å…· chouri kigu) for her and to place them next to a STORAGE BOX (åŽç´ç®± shuunoubako). Specifically she wants you to make a COOKING BONFIRE (æ–™ç†ç”¨ãŸãç« ryouri-you takibi) and have it next to a storage box in a house. I suggest placing the cooking bonfire next to a new storage box in the first house. When this is done Pirin will come over to you and gift some momogaki fruit. 7) Tal
  8. Part 3: 1) Pirin tells you that she saw someone outside of town and sends you to track him down. You now have a "Q" on your compass which directs you to areas of interest for questing. You can hit the OPTIONS button ("Start" to us old folk) to get an aerial view of the area to help navigate. Head east by northeast out of town and follow the coast till you reach an abandoned camp. Talk to the campfire using the circle button, this will update your quest marker. 2) From the abandoned camp follow the new "Q" and head southeast. If it is getting dark there's a small hut that you can fix up an
  9. Part 2: 1) Once the two beds are placed Pirin will have another request for you, you'll also now be affected by time of day. The chore this time is to go find 5 MOMOGAKI FRUIT (モモãŒã‚­ã®å®Ÿã‚’ momogaki no mi o). It's a common pink fruit that you'll often find under trees, give it a hit to dislodge it from the ground and return to Pirin with 5 to complete the quest. You now have a hunger meter to deal with but Pirin gives you 3 of the Momogaki Fruits back for snacking on. 2) Pirin now needs you to make a STORAGE BOX (åŽç´ç®± shuunoubako). This only requires 3 THICK BRANCH (ãµã¨ã„æž fut
  10. Yep! It's out I got my copy in the mail on thursday! So the demo can play on a PS4. I'm a noob when it comes to this. Does the Japanese version play on a US PS4? Is it region free? Yep! Totally region free!
  11. Yep! It's out I got my copy in the mail on thursday!
  12. As I stumble my way through the game I'm going to try keeping this updated so that others who decide to import will be able to play through it more easily. There's also my LP videos for anyone who needs help. I will update these as I am able to translate what I have played. Also- thanks to Mel D on Youtube for summarizing the story. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnmPScHx84eoSDAhIGjXUveE_NBVl5_g2 Part 1: 1) You wake up in a cave, X makes you jump. Run around a bit and test out the camera with the right stick to trigger the next set of chit chat (Rubiss is talking
    1. hawkeye77o4


      Chop sticks and all

    2. Tiael


      You gonna have a vid up about it soon Saigan? XD

    3. ignasia


      Saigan...maybe we should do a special playathon, pick a game or set of games, or just replay the original, or follow you, all at the same time. Schedule a day to start, and a day to be finished with it, and we all get there, and share our experiences?


  13. Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I'll be away from my dear, sweet, DQ Heroes :'(

    1. hawkeye77o4


      Hey Sai... You look a little clammy. You're not looking so good. I think you might be coming down with something.

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