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  1. I can't believe more people aren't interested in DQ VII I love it so much.
  2. Currently helping my gf play through Pokemon Y, I gotta say I'm loving where the series is going.
  3. Hey man, at least you got to play it!
  4. Haha, most of your pics are all on my TOP 10. Obviously DW VII is my number 1.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
  6. Well, I comprised a video of my top 10. (two different parts) If you have the time, watch them! If not, let's discuss which games are your favorites and why. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bYFc4fb1Tk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwxjS69tedo
  7. Lifetime fan, will more than likely play it with my kids in the future.
  8. All the Wily Stages in Mega Man 8 made me rage as a child. Also, D.W.VII: Orgodemir made me rage so hard, last night. oR
  9. Honestly, It's a tie between VII and VIII. I loved the story of VII although many people thought it was too slow. and VIII was just all around amazing to me.
  10. Now that I have been validated I figured my first post should be an introduction! I'm Rectalgia and I LOVE Dragon Quest. I also love all games in general, modern and classic, FPS to RPG. I also run a youtube channel, ask me about it sometime. I hope to make many friends here, See ya!
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