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  1. Pokémon Emerald - I’ve accessed Victory Road. But I’ve got to catch up on some grinding, exploring, and match calls before I head in. Digimon Cybersleuth - Chapter 13 or 14. There are Digimon everywhere and the world is beginning to look post-apocalyptic. In the mean-time, I’m still taking on some silly cases and having loads of fun. I had one case that the difficulty went through the roof and I had to use all of my reserves and a number of items to win the battle. It was awesome to see the difficulty spike. Ni No Kuni - Nothing new to report. Hoping to get a short session
  2. Yeah it’s pretty exciting, especially since it’s such a niche little thing here in the states. Do you still have your cards lying around? I’d love to see em.
  3. I am looking forward to your overall impressions. Especially this long after the release, I’d like to hear how you think the game has aged.
  4. There is not much I disagree with here. actually...there is nothing I disagree with here.
  5. I got the last Badge in Emerald.
  6. Cool. I’ll do some research. If and when I open them, I’ll post my pulls here.
  7. Will do! Do you know anything about the ups and downs of the value associated with these bad boys? I was considering keeping some of them sealed.
  8. I’ve finished Winter’s Heart and have dived into Crossroads of Twilight (Book Ten). According to fans of the series, these two books are the real trudge before the exciting last few books. While I admit they’re a bit slow compared to the others, I’m so deep into the world and characters that I’m still enjoying the read.
  9. So, a week or two ago All of the Lego Harry Potter games were on sale on the eShop. My fiancé, who is a total non-gamer, is a Harry Potter geek. I bought the games in hopes she would eventually try them out. Yesterday we fired them up and enjoyed about 90 minutes together. It was great. I’m not a huge fan of the style of the games but it was nice to share the Hobby with her. Hopefully we will get to play a little more next weekend.
  10. Game-time this weekend was somewhat limited, probably two hours each into Pokémon and Digimon, respectively. Hoping to get some more time via short sessions during the work week. No time with NNK, unfortunately. I need to get back to it soon before I forget how to play.
  11. Speaking of Mudkip, I rotated Marshtomp back into my Party, evolved him to Swampert, and I and glad to have done so. Boom.
  12. Apparently I’m a Dragon Quest Trading Card collector now. I kinda love it.
  13. Let us cut the #$*!ing hair! Then, and only then, will DQ XI be a 10/10 game.
  14. Yeah, the hero doesn’t necessarily have to be a completely blank slate, but a little more customization would be cool.
  15. I know plenty of people here disagree, but I wouldn’t mind some customization options for the hero, and along with that, would like to see a job/class system come back from 6/7.
  16. Your post prompted me to price check Amazon and I’m happy to see it’s down to $25. It’s not a matter of If I’ll pick the game up, it’s when. I originally played on the 360 and loved it.
  17. Haha. I’ll probably listed anyway, I never mind hearing RPG talk.
  18. I played the first Megaman Battle Network just this September & talked about it on Slime Time Sidequest. It was surprisingly quite good. I enjoyed it and rarely enjoy action or tactical combat, but that was pretty cool (and super fast) Oh yeah I do remember you posting about it. I’ll have to track down that slime time and listen to it during a commute.
  19. Thanks for the list! Played DW III and Monsters/Monsters II on the GBC. I’ll check into Mega-Man and Lufia
  20. Nice! Vague & ill-defined is the way to go! Ah yes, Vague and I’ll-defined. Such is my life!
  21. Here’s my pulls! 3 DQ Heroes Boosters, 5 cards each.
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