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  1. This post was a fun read! Looking forward to more!
  2. Finally popped Trials of Mana back in for a little bit. I was concerned I wouldn't remember what I was doing but 15 minutes or so of walking around and talking to people got me back on track. I'll try to play it a little more frequently as time permits.
  3. Got the credits to roll. I'm going to play in the post-game for a while then finish it out.
  4. Oh right on. With my new attitude toward gaming (allowing myself leeway to goof around and jump around with my games), maybe I'll just fire it up right when I get it!!
  5. That's how I read it too! I guess sarcasm is the standard around here XD Anyway, since I am here, I'll mention Amazon emailed me to update me that I'll be receiving Rune Factory 4 on the day of it's release. I hope to begin the game that day, but after realizing how much there is to do, "post-game," on DQ XI: S, who knows if I'll be ready to throw another game into the mix.
  6. Do you think there are games that never made it on because you forgot you beat them? Where did you even start? That being said, I guess the beginning of a decade is a good time to start writing this stuff down, at least for this year and decade.
  7. DQ XI: S - Just rolled the credits, which I also did not the PS4 version. Now I'm headed into unknown territory after that. Looking forward to it. Diablo III - Still hacking, slashing, looting, and exploring. Still fun. Trials of Mana - Not much to report here because, quite frankly, I haven't played much.
  8. Yeah. I played DQ 1 on a tablet but that is probably the only full game I've ever played on, "Mobile"
  9. Same. But for me, "Don't like," would be a bit of an understatement. For some reason I just can't stand playing games on my phone, especially in-depth games. It just doesn't feel right.
  10. This. A thousand times, this. Release it on the Switch and I will loyally pre-order and play.
  11. Good! I can't wait to get it!!!
  12. I need to start keeping a "Played" list around because I don't even really know where to start in making this list. I guess I'll just throw a few out there: DQ XI - S DQ Heroes I and II DQ VII (3DS) DQ VIII (3DS) Skyrim Fallout 4 Fallout New Vegas
  13. Took some time to goof around with MKS. Now to the Palace of Malice.
  14. YES! Well at least some. If you shoot high, worst case scenario you still get a lot done.
  15. Yep, If it works and you're happy with it, why take the risk??
  16. Aww. Bummer. Okay good to know I'm not looking at over-priced products. We will have to wait and see if I get the itch enough to actually grab one.
  17. Time for the Fortress of Fear.
  18. Crazy! For some reason I thought about getting a Micro Lately so I could have a super-portable system to goof around with. What did you pay?
  19. Have you ever played Harvest Moon or Fantasy Life or Stardew Valley? Harvest Moon, over 12 years ago. Neither of the others.
  20. Woo! My behaviors are being enabled!!!! Play Joker! Or Joker 2! Or emulate Joker 3!Or DQM: Terry's Wonderland 3D! Yes! And this discussion made me realize that while I've beaten DWM, DWM2: Cobi's Journey, and DQM:J, It also made me realize I both claimed to love DQM as the best spinoff, all the while I've never beaten, or even played DQM:J 2. Ugh. I need to remedy this.
  21. Yep. A DQ Monsters game for me would be a pre-order and Day One buy without question. In my book, the DQ monsters games are the best and most complete spin-off games ever completed. (There may be some heavy bias involved in that opinion)
  22. Yeah me too. This will be my first entry in the series so I'm excited about that as well. I think I'll hop on over to Amazon and just get the preorder put in.
  23. This week will be almost DQ XI:S exclusively, I think. I may try to sprinkle some Trials of Mana in, but I'm out of town at a training so I am limited to my Switch.
  24. Last night I finished a little Tickington dungeon (FUN) and finished making the sword of light. Looks like it's probably time to start pushing through to get those credits to roll so I can experience the Post-Game that I skipped over on the PS4 version.
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