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  1. I think @YangustheLegendaryBandit said he's been playing it.
  2. I'm kinda glad this thread came back! I've been doing a pretty good job with my goals, so I wanted to add a few. I noticed some underplayed 3DS games so I need to add this to the ol' goal list: Play Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Play Etrian Odyssey Untold Also, I want to jump into some CRPG style games so: Play Divinity Originial Sin II on the PS4 Or Play one of the Forgotten Realms Remake games
  3. Yeah, I agree. Though I always end up grinding a little anyway. Makes things smoother.
  4. How many hours do you think you're putting into these races? Just Curious
  5. Strategy RPGs play better when you slow down....at least in my experience. My FF Tactics, FF Tactics Advance, and Tactics Ogre playtimes probably reflect such experience.
  6. I think that is just how some people make arguments these days. Not just with gaming, but with anything. Instead of encouraging outside views and changes of perspective, there is a lot more heel-digging, relentless defending, and generalization. But oh well. All we are is dust in the wind, anyhow.
  7. Yeah, I agree that status ailments can be lifesavers at times. I try to use them often without draining MP too quickly. One of the many reasons I love my Sage in my Current DQ III party.
  8. It's interesting you brought this topic back, since I started it and I haven't touched a single one of them since. LMAO.
  9. I had a weird freeze issue in DQ III last night. Thank goodness for the autosave feature.
  10. The basis of many arguments in the gaming community are like this lol
  11. And this is why I'd love to have it localized. I just want to play, damn it.
  12. That is enough. I use my 3-month-old son as an excuse to watch that Avatar every morning.
  13. I was going back and forth on this one, but I think I'm sold. Now I just have to decide whether or not I'll get it upon release.
  14. I said this elsewhere, but I wouldn't mind replaying some DQ games on the Switch. I'd really love to get into a monsters game again also. Most recent one I played was Joker. I still need to play Joker 2, but I'd gladly skip that to play something on the Switch.
  15. Think: None Hope: English version of X New Monsters game or game we never got in the West New Heroes Games Ports of IV - IX on the Switch (I'd happily play them all over again)
  16. Yeah, I'll give you that. There is some redemption at the end, but idk, too little too late, I guess? I just didn't feel that connected to the first version of her, so the intended, "Shock Factor" of the haircut and personality change just didn't do much for me. Anyways, I don't hate her by any means, just can't think of a particular reason to like her.
  17. I don't understand how people deal with this. I can't imagine sending my son off with strangers. I truly wish I had a choice. Yeah that sounds like they have a choice, at least part of the time. We, unfortunately, do not. Gotta make money to live. Yep. It's awful, but luckily, he will be going 3 days per week maximum. So at least he isn't spending the majority of the week with strangers. I also discussed this with his pediatrician who said 3 days should actually be kinda perfect for allowing him to develop social skills as he grows, while not being so much time that there will be attachment issues that develop. And of course when we get extra days off and have the opportunity to have him home, we will. Anyways, all it all its no fun, but it's necessary to survive.
  18. Yeah, I agree with that when it comes to DW1 How old is Ys 1? Is that about the same length? No idea, never played the Ys games. Same length as in 5 hours??
  19. Sounds good to me. I'll go see what Amazon has em priced at these days.
  20. Honestly this happens so often in the games, I find it difficult to narrow down.
  21. My baby boy started daycare this week
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