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  1. I've maxed out a few times, but haven't made a habit out of it. I've always liked grinding though. It feels rewarding to see your characters get stronger.
  2. Is it hard to change those batteries out? I still play my GBC from time to time, but I'm always reluctant to start a new RPG for fear of losing my save.
  3. Yeah, at first I was kind of caught off guard. Not that it was something that I haven't experienced before, but unfortunately I've been conditioned to current RPGs where, at the very least, there is something in the menu that tells they player what he or she should be doing. A lot of the older RPGs were like this, where if the player forgets what they're doing, they have to explore, battle, and talk until they figure it out. Now that I've got my head wrapped around it I realize I've missed it. Old RPGs could be such a trudge at times, but it feels super rewarding when you figure out what to do and do it.
  4. Duran is my primary, but I'm still rolling solo. I know I've already picked my companions, but to be completely honest, I can't remember what I decided on for my other two so even I will be somewhat surprised lol. I was leaning toward Charlotte and I think I picked her. I'm completely drawing a blank on the other guy. That brings up a good question though, how long will it be till I pick up the other characters? Time-wise? (I know it's dependent on me, but hopefully you can give me an estimate).
  5. Haha! I'm the same way for the most part. When it comes to games and books, I prefer them in physical form. I've never been able to enjoy e-reading as much.
  6. I really did enjoy both games, like a lot. That being said, I may have too much on my plate to completely replay them on the Switch anytime soon. ...Maybe after a big ol price drop, I'll swoop them up.
  7. I'm at that part where everything is Frozen. I've been pausing to craft and grind a lot.
  8. Really?? I don't remember a single issue. The only one I heard of when the game was still a common topic of discussion was the late-game Maribel glitch. As for me, I've been fairly disciplined the last few years about playing and beating only one game at a time on handheld, and one at a time on PS4. Well, after some discussion with a couple trusted members on the Den, I convinced myself to pick up Collection of Mana on the Switch. So, this weekend I managed to play the following: Dragon Quest XI : S - This remains my primary game. Man, I'm having WAYYY more fun this time around than the first time, and I the first time was fantastic. Having a general outline of what to do and how the story is going to go has allowed me to feel way more motivated to explore, grind, and craft. And as I mentioned before, I've even taken some time to goof around in the Casinos. I finally grabbed the bonus bundle or whatever for free from the eshop so now my Hero is dressed like he's out of DQ VIII, Erik is wearing all black, and Veronica's a pig. I also have Sylvando and Serena in alternate outfits. Diablo III - Still playing my Wizard. He's getting pretty cool, and coming up on level 40. I don't feel like the game is all that difficult but it is fun nonetheless. I often run through dungeons a few times when I find them so I guess there is a small chance I'm slightly over-leveled. Trials of Mana (Collection of Mana) - I'm one hour in. Playing this reminds me of the days when RPGs didn't hold your hand in the beginning. I'm not going to lie, it freaked me out a little bit in the beginning, but now I'm enjoying it. This game will stay at the bottom of my list for a while until I beat the upper two games. Somehow, I've managed to up my gaming time a bit over the last week or two so hopefully I can keep this trend up.
  9. Normally I would encourage you to revisit the game and give it another shot, but it sounds like you truly didn't enjoy the style of the game. I tend to agree with Yangus. From my perspective, the game really was a gem, in both versions. While I love most of the other Dragon Quest games, there has yet to be one able to match it on all of the different levels (Story, Customization, Etc).
  10. Go in with patience in mind. DQ VII is AMAZING, especially on 3DS, but patience gets you to a point of true appreciation of the game. The game is long. Like WAY long. But it is also an absolute treasure. I'm excited to hear about your experience with it.
  11. Haha! I know. I've been around enough to get to know your Yangus-Style Humor. I like them too.... ...Maybe too much.
  12. This is exciting. I'm not going to get my hopes up, but I am excited at the thought.
  13. Yeah, yeah, first world problems and what not.
  14. Wasted 45 minutes of my hour and a half playtime today at the Damn slot machines.
  15. Creeping up on 25 hours, grinding a patch of metal slimes outside the Dundrasil ruins. I am all caught up on side quests at the moment. That is, until I hit the next town.
  16. Man...Now I wanna grab The new Pokémon...probably shield. perhaps in the first few months of next year I’ll be ready.
  17. Finally fired up Diablo III again this weekend. Only logged about an hour and a half but it was better than nothing. I'm also close to 20 hours on DQ XI: S now. Loving the outfit options, it makes the game feel that much more unique. I'm finding it easier and easier to just pick the Switch up an play it, rather than play my PS4, which is sad because there are a lot of games that I want to get to on the PS4.
  18. Or like a winter coat. I don't care what we compare it to, I like it.
  19. I'm the same way sometimes. I'll grind a bit here and there to avoid battles that are too tedious.
  20. Took a break from the main quest yesterday to catch up in Tickington, I had about four quests to do.
  21. I've never really been interested in nicknaming. Mostly because for all my life I've identified specific Pokemon by their species name, both in the TCG and the video games. I've got nothing against it though.
  22. Just grabbed a phial of special water to help a kid who can't speak.
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