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  1. More Builders, Pokemon and Digimon today. Got into the Mirage Tower on Pokemon. I can't remember the trick with this one, haven't dealt with it in many years, but I remember the reward being decent. Build a Holy Hostel in DQ Builders. Hopefully my villagers will cook something for me now since not a single item has been made in the crude kitchen I constructed. I'm about 16 hours into Digimon and on Chapter 5. My primary fighters at the moment are Garurumon, GeoGreymon, and Pumpkinmon. I just transfered a Devimon and Sunflowmon into my reserve spots and that takes up the whole
  2. Enjoying a 3-day weekend. Which is nice because after this I head into a stretch of about ten days without a day off. New employer is squeezing in trainings on my days off to get me up to speed, which is nice because they are willing to pay the overtime but crappy because I'm missing out on sleep and time with my family.
  3. Yeah, and I'd imagine it wont be so tedious as long as it's updated as the games come out.
  4. What a monster! I'm actually going to hang onto this link. I've had a few friends here and there express interest in getting into Dragon Quest, but don't know where to start or which games are for them. This is a pretty comprehensive (yet sufficiently succinct) run-down of the series. For that, I thank you.
  5. I played something last night! I hadn't played Trails in the Sky 3 since August 30th but thinking about chunks of gaming, one reason I paused that game was I was near endgame but had 15ish more sidequests to do and choice paralysis did me in. Last night I knocked out 3 sidequests in about an hour and went to bed. Something accomplished. Something moved forward! Way to go! I'm sitting relatively close to beating DQ Builders, but it's a little hard to guess and I'm avoiding spoilers. I'd say I'll have to power through another 10-15 hours to get to the end, seeing as I tend to
  6. Yup! Another tactic, when I catch myself doing pointless time-wasting nonsense on my phone, I pick up my Switch or other handheld (or a book) instead. These even shorter sessions add up to some decent time. Further, for a lot of RPGs, the minutes can be valuable, for example, If you've got 10-15 mins that you'd normally waste looking at social media or something, you could just do some mindless grinding for your RPG character/party. It may not be enough time to smash a full quest or even get to your next destination, but it's certainly enough for a few battles. By doing this, when t
  7. I grabbed some game called Mana spark for like a buck. I have no idea when, if ever, I'll get around to playing it.
  8. V did have a killer story. So we agree there.
  9. I used to be all about those marathon sessions, and I still absolutely am when I can be. However, it created a bit of an issue when I only wanted to play marathon sessions since I usually get my free time in smaller chunks (30 to 90 minutes). I found that when I allowed myself to play in smaller chunks, instead of limiting myself to long sessions, I actually got a LOT more gaming in and was able to finish games quicker. This also affects the type of games I play. Usually I look for games with a save anywhere feature, and if that isn't present then I try to at least fi
  10. Torneko with a laser. I’ll write a letter to SE and see if they’ll put it in the next Heroes game.
  11. Welcome to the Dragon's Den, a site for Dragon Quest fans. May I ask what brought you here today? Maybe you should introduce yourself in the Introductions area. I’ve been gone for a few weeks and a little stressed with work. This Platty rant brought a huge smile to face!! Thank you! And further, I enjoy playing most of the remakes these days. Especially due to the portability. DS, 3DS, and Switch
  12. A recent career movement has cause a lull in my gaming, and my forum posts. I’m down to about an hour a week of Digimon. That being said, things should settle down in a few weeks and I’ll get back into my rhythm!
  13. That's one hell of a list. You've got absolutely killer games on there though. You're going to be busy for a while
  14. Yup. Loved it. Hopefully it'll drop in price
  15. Yep, if they're benched, they stay pepped.
  16. Has anyone watched, "The Social Dilemma," on Netflix? A frightening, albeit accurate, elaboration on the detriment Social Media can have when used improperly. It truly calls for some human introspection. I loved it.
  17. How is this?! I got so excited when I heard it was coming out but I just don't have time to rotate it into my game cycle right now. I felt the first release was a truly underrated gem. Played the hell out of it on my 360.
  18. That's the thing, I swap in and out so regularly, with who's pepped, is there a metal monster, do I want to hit a large group of enemies or just one, etc. So I've never worried about whom is in my front four (at least for DQ11). Yep, in my switch playthrough, I kept characters pepped as often as I could.
  19. All of this. After I completed the Switch version, I immediately began thinking that I missed out on a ton of other party options. That, in itself, adds such a fantastic amount of replay value. I also have the GBC version, which I never completed. I was thinking of doing a run now that I've played the switch version to do a compare/contrast. Not sure if that'll ever happen though. Either way, I'm in agreement that it is an excellent title and one of the best in the series. I would love for them to bring vocation changes back into XII, though I doubt that'll happen.
  20. I’m just glad a Denizen got Nexomon. Can’t wait to hear your final thoughts.
  21. I’m glad you ended up getting it, and even more glad you’re enjoying it. As for my monster-taming adventures: I’ve probably put a total of about 45 mins into Pokémon Emerald since my last post. Just beat all (or most) of the trainers in the desert with the constanr sandstorm. As for Digimon: Cyber Sleuth. Just.. WOW. Already, this game is head and shoulders above any Pokemon game I’ve played. Designed with far more complexity, adult-level communication and humor, and holy smokes the monster catching, evolving, and developing is just an absolute blast. And th
  22. Good. There is certainly no reason to rush, and plenty of reason to do the opposite.
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