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  1. So true. Which sucks because I want to play Tact. But I refuse to play games on my phone.
  2. I've done a few hours on 3DS & PS4 demos. Not for me. Neither is the gameplay loop. I want more RPG numbers. Pretty much how I felt after playing on the PSP. Stories definitely has me intrigued, especially since I’m getting more mileage out of my 3DS these days.
  3. Did you ever play the mainline Monster Hunter games? I played one on the PSP, but never explored the series beyond that.
  4. Oh yeah, I’d never do much looked at Digimon, in any form, until I started Cybersleuth. Now I have to go back and see what other Digimon games I want to play! Ive heard Kings field is quite challenging! Have you played before?
  5. Sat down with NNK remastered for a while after a week or so of hiatus. It’s slow going since I try to do as many side quests and bounties as possible as the game proceeds. I’ve got a ship now though so we shall see what further adventures it brings. Bravely Default has only gotten two hours of attention so far and I have no complaints. I got my third party member and did some grinding to get him up to snuff. Now I’ll proceed into the next dungeon. Of the three games I’ve got going, I’d definitely say I’m most enthralled by Digimon Cybersleuth. At about 60 hours in, I still feel excit
  6. I missed this thread way back, but I’m always looking for games to add to my wishlist. Thanks for reviving this!!
  7. But GBA plays GBC. What'd you get modded for GBA? I know. I’m a bit of a collector and looking for an excuse to add a GBC. I got a custom color scheme and backlit screen:
  8. Me too! I reached out to the person who sold me my modded GBA and asked for a GBC quote
  9. That’s awesome! I remember a little while ago you felt like you were in a gaming funk so it’s nice to hear you’re on a roll again!
  10. Confirming you claimed the outfit?
  11. We love Necro Posts in the den. I haven’t seen any of it yet so I’ll have to put it on later
  12. NNK Remastered- Roughly 16 hours in and completing the main quest fairly slowly due to getting distracted by side-quests, bounties, and now I’ve been fooling around with the Cauldron. This game totally plays like a Level 5 game and I absolutely love it. There are quite a few moving parts but they mesh together well and I feel like I’m getting a decent grasp on the battle-system. Digimon Cybersleuth- Closing in on 60 hours and I’m realizing I’ve gotta de-digivolve a few of my hard hitters to get their ABI up enough to hit their final forms. Luckily I’ve kept a few power-players in reserve
  13. Stocks can be a lot of fun these days. Of course, i always tend to rely more heavily on the good ol retirement account and savings account. But just in playing with stocks for the past couple years I’m up quite a bit.
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