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  1. I have considered doing exactly that! At my current rate I play about 10-15 hours a week and complete about 3-4 games a year. In an ideal world, I would like to double that. Or, like you said, maybe I should take some leave for that, "Personal mission," you spoke of.
  2. I almost raised my hand to get a review code for Romancing SaGa 3 today. But it was for the PS4 version and I rarely play that. Looked to see if it'd be a cross buy with Vita, but no. I think I have 2 for Vita. I have tons on my Vita I need to get to. I was super close to getting a Vita about two years ago. As much as there are games I want to play on it, I'm glad I didn't. It would have just been another backlog generator.
  3. Oh! I know you mentioned getting it, but I didn't realize it would be that soon. I'm very eager to hear your thoughts on it.
  4. I'd say that is one of the reasons. I was a fan of all of the Fallout titles. That, and it's been a long while since I enjoyed a big, open-world, western RPG. I'm pretty forgiving when it comes analyzing games, so I don't find myself disappointed all that often.
  5. Unfortunately I've only beaten it in 3D on the PS4 version so I don't have a good platform for comparison. Next playthrough (3rd) will be in 2D. That will probably be a year or more from now so ill get back to you.
  6. Ditto, they went on and on about it on RPG Cast this weekend and on the RPGamer Discord I've seen nothing but praise. I mean, no matter what some people won't like certain games (#$*! you FFXII), but it's seeming like a win for most. So...the Den's opinion is that I will like it. Good! As for what I've been playing, just DQ XI:S. Only a little over five hours in, feels familiar from my first playthrough but they've made a few minor tweaks that I have noticed and really appreciate.
  7. Aww man. That one is on my wish list. I hope I don't end up feeling the same way.
  8. Thanks for that GameFaqs Link, Yangus. Some of the designs are pretty damn impressive.
  9. This was my thought. Eventual 3rd playthrough will be my time to explore 2D mode.
  10. Over a month after I got it, I’ve finally started. Still in the very beginning, enjoying the familiarity already.
  11. Battlechasers: Nightwar Simple Score: 8/10 Time played: 51 hours Percentage of content complete: About 85% Battlechasers: Nightwar is a turn-based Roleplaying Game based upon a comic book series called Battlechasers. The character designs, graphics, and even the in-game text all reflect the origins of this game in the world of comic books. If I were to use one word to describe the game, in pretty much all of it’s aspects, I would call it, “Well-Balanced.” Battlechasers features six playable characters which must be whittled down to a party of 3. The party can be switched out as frequently as desired either in the primary hub town, called Harm’s Way, or at the beginning of a dungeon. Each character has his or her own personality and development, which the player gets to enjoy whether or not the player has them character in his or her party. When moving around the game world, referred to as the “Overworld,” enemies are identified as little blips on the screen with a photo of the primary enemy. If there are to be multiple waves of enemies, it is so indicated on the blip. While these enemies can be avoided, sometimes the player must pass through them to get to his or her destination, and therefore must engage in the battle. As time goes on, the player can opt out of these battles if there is a a large discrepancy between the player level and enemy level (this applies only to the player being overly leveled, not the enemy). From the Overworld, the player can access Harm’s way, Dungeons, and Exploration Areas. Harm’s Way is the only real town in the game, and is a hub of activity. There, players can access an inn, a blacksmith, an enchanter, a potion shop, a trainer, and a mysterious being known as a, “Collector,” which isn’t as cool as it sounds, it’s really just another shop. From beginning to the end of the game, the player will be spending a lot of time in Harm’s Way (Get it? Ha!). Dungeons are where most players are likely to spend most of their time. They are accessed from the Overworld and from the access screen, players are able to switch up their party members and decide on the difficulty of the dungeon. Right there on the screen, the game displays how much trouble the player will have, and the potential reward cache to be obtained upon completion of the dungeon. The dungeons are procedurally generated and can be revisited for the purposes of looting and grinding. Each time the player goes through a dungeon, it’s likely to be a new experience. I really liked this feature because, trust me, you’ll need to do some grinding and looting in this game. Another thing to note, from the dungeon, players can save the game and quit, but they’ll have to trek back through the dungeon when they pick the game back up. The other places players will come into contact with are exploration areas. These are somewhat similar to Dungeons, minus the difficulty choice, treasure cache, and procedural generation. These areas quite often contain side-content and good loot. In addition to all of the above listed features, there are some other Roleplaying game features that add a level of fun and customization: crafting, hunting, an arena, and fishing. All of those are pretty self-explanatory for most Roleplaying Game players, except maybe hunting (think side-quests). Pretty much all of the ingredients for a great RPG. Now, onto the battles. They’re turn-based and a lot of fun. Some attacks/actions take a while, while others take effect immediately. The battle animations are cool and you can count on your crew and the enemies to make some fun little comments during battle. I’d say the difficulty in this game is Moderate with a bit of an uptick toward the end. While some portions of the game I felt like I was just flying through, for others, I had to do some significant grinding and strategizing. I’d say at least half of the dungeons, I conquered twice seeking gear, experience, or both. Overall, this game kept me absolutely enthralled from beginning to end. While I came across some frustrations here and there, the game was truly fun, and well balanced in nearly every way. If you’re looking for a fun, and VERY unique turn-based RPG for the Nintendo Switch, this game is definitely worth a try.
  12. I did. I also got lost a lot in the beginning, which resulted in some inadvertent grinding. Anyways, finally started DQ XI on the switch. 3D for now.
  13. Finished it!! (Battlechasers) The end was rough. Review forthcoming.
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