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  1. Dragon Quest XI. I feel like the end is in sight, though I've been wrong before. Around 70 hours in. Still haven't gotten bored, even for a second. As usual, while the end approaches, I feel a mix of excitement and sadness. That being said, I certainly didn't explore every bit of the content. So I wouldn't mind a second playthrough in the future. Also, in super exciting news, in anticipation of a week-long upcoming work trip, I ordered a Nintendo Switch. After significant research into what to play as my first game, I've settled on Battlechasers: Nightwar. I figure what better way to get a good chunk of an RPG knocked out than a travel-heavy trip. Anyways, the system should be on my doorstep by Wednesday evening. Further, my decision to get the switch was based on the pending release of some badass games, such as the following: Dragon Quest XI (Obviously) Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Pokemon Sword and Shield Neverwinter Nights And some others that are already out like: Skyrim Dragon Quest Builders Octopath Traveler For a guy like me who almost strictly plays RPGs, the switch seemed like a pretty damn good option for my next console purchase.
  2. The back and forth is what gives DW VII it's charm, in my opinion. It's interesting to watch the different islands develop.
  3. Eh, I guess I would say I prefer being adequately leveled and adequately challenged. I'm boring in that way, I guess.
  4. I liked it a lot too. Especially how they set up the story in the beginning. Very unique and fun.
  5. Hmmm... maybe I should finally play this. I only beat the first one. I'm gonna head over to Amazon and check out prices.
  6. Still working on Shadow Rising. In between, I picked up an old novel called “Command the Morning.” It’s about the invention of the Atom bomb. Pretty badass.
  7. Yeah, I was going to say try to commute to save money but it sounds like that is not an option. Any chance you could check the web for cheap rooms for rent? Just to get you by until you have a little more saved up?
  8. I'm engaged. I'm going to see Yellowstone National Park this coming weekend. I worked 24 hours straight last Friday. I'm going on a 4 day cruise in August. I got a dog. I want to game more (I guess this is not new) I like coffee (also not new)
  9. Ah so cool! I love that they threw Erdick in there and addressed his connection in the review.
  10. No change for me. DQ XI and EO: Untold without either getting as much time as I would like.
  11. Kiefer and Sir Mervyn!! Also, Erik, Rab, and Sylvando
  12. I haven’t finished the game yet, so my opinion isn’t solidified, but 11 is certainly fighting for a top two spot in my list of favorite DQ games.
  13. Ha! I thought the den was Judgement Free!! In other news, I’ve got 62 hours logged. Every single time I pick up the game, I get sad at the end of the session when I have to put it down. In all honesty, I can’t remember having this few complaints about any game, ever. I’m realizing more and more how much of a masterpiece this game is.
  14. So, I recently picked up EO Untold Again on the ol' 3DS and was extremely concerned I was going to have to start over because it had been so long since I played. NOPE, I was able to pick it up and pick up right where I left off. This is a huge benefit to map-drawing that I never saw before, it allowed me to see exactly what I had and had not done. Anyways, I'm back rolling, and the time away from the game has made me truly appreciate the combination of simplicity and depth. Hopefully I can keep chugging along till I'm done because I am having a blast.
  15. Still Chugging away with DQ XI as my primary game. Nearing the 50 hour mark and I have absolutely no complaints. I'm not sure if I've praised it yet, but I am very impressed with the number of save points in the game. It's nice knowing that I'll never have to go more than 45 mins to an hour without coming across a spot I can save the game, in case I need to go do something else. While it's a minor detail, to me, it's huge. I've also picked Etrian Odyssey Untold back up, and have been playing it, mostly on-the-go. I was able to pick right back up where I left off and It's just as much fun as I remember it.
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