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  1. Three planned playthroughs?! I envy you. Deeply.
  2. Haha! You don't have to sell the addictive nature of the game to me, I was highly addicted to XI when I played it on PS4, and I am guessing I will have the same feeling with the Switch Version!
  3. So from those who follow this & the industry more closely, I've been assured that there will never be another console TCG. They did that GBC one that I loved too. But with the PC & iPad apps, there's no real use or incentive to make another game. Since 4-5 handheld generations have gone by, I guess I sadly agree. Boo! I will hereby officially add my sadness to this list.
  4. Hit it and Quit it. An excellent way to also Describe my relationship with the two games. I did enjoy them, more than anything for the familiar monsters and characters though. I think each game got about 60 hours out of me. In the very far future, I may replay them, but for now, I'm good.
  5. Funny. I actually found myself researching that game and being very interested. I mildly collected Yu-Gi-Oh! back in the day, but nothing serious, and I wasn't really into the anime either. That being said, the Switch Yu-Gi-Oh! game popped up on my Amazon feed thing and I clicked on it and found myself enthralled by the idea of a good ol' deck building strategy/RPG game. I haven't really played one since Pokemon TCG on the Gameboy. I sure did love that one though.
  6. I picked Heroes II. I loved all the reboot characters, but the characters listed on the poll weren't too fun or exciting for me.
  7. Yeah but then I won't get my current Switch game beaten haha!!! If I finish Battlechasers early, I will almost certainly begin this demo.
  8. It is taking all of my self control to not start playing this DEMO. But I need to finish Battlechasers so I can really focus on the game when it actually comes out.
  9. So, for the first time ever, I connected my Switch to the TV last night to play some Battlechasers. Wow, good graphics!!!! I'm giving Battlechasers just a little bit of priority because I want to have it beaten around the release of DQ XI for Switch. Not guaranteed to have it beaten before, but hopefully within a week or two of the release.
  10. Closing in on 20 hours in Battlechasers. Just added an awesome party member, which has made the game remarkably easier. Even so, I still need to do a bit of grinding before proceeding.
  11. You're officially deeper into the game than me. I have yet to touch the post-game. At this point, I'm thinking I'll do my second playthrough on the Switch, then dive into the post-game from there.
  12. Yeah, I want it too. But once the time to play presents itself, I think I'd prefer PS4 as my platform.
  13. LOL. I was having a conversation with my gamer buddy yesterday and I ended up saying this same thing. Too many games, not enough time.
  14. Yeah, the physical games will drop in price quickly as well, I'd assume. Unless they're released in limited quantities for some reason.
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