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  1. Ouch! Good work pushing through. As for me, my game-time hasn’t been the best over the past two weeks, though I have made some decent progress in BD and DQ II. Bravely Default - I fought some inorganic monsters that were protecting a bottle of some toxic stuff. First time I got beat. Their HP wasn’t high but there were three of them and they had some decent attack power. So, I did some Job-management, gear-management, and a little bit of grinding and I was able to beat em. DQ II - Like I said, I have been zooming, sailing, and marching around like a lost lamb, and been s
  2. I do like that style of game, with my most recent being Diablo III which I played and beat on the PS4. That being said, I did notice while playing that I’ve certainly developed a preference for games with just a little more customization options, and more open-world stuff to do. To be completely honest, Diablo III almost felt like it was barely even an RPG anymore when compared to Diablo II. But perhaps that’s just a taste change on my part and has nothing to do with the games.
  3. Oh, I bet. And with the way you’ve talked about the difficulty in figuring out what to do next, taking notes doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Wish I did that from the beginning of DQ II, I am wandering around the world like a lost lamb at the moment
  4. FF games normally stay off my Radar ....except for the Tactics games, those are bomb diggaty
  5. Perfect. Glad most Switch RPGs are going to that style of saving.
  6. Don’t you dare say DQ VI!
  7. Random question, because I’ll eventually try the two SaGa games I bought for Switch, do they have save-anywhere features or do you have to save at particular points?
  8. I never got into Star Ocean, so that’d be my first venture into the series. I find myself trying more and more new games these days and I have yet to be disappointed, though I’m sure that will happen someday.
  9. DQ II - I got a ship and now the world is mine to explore! Ni No Kuni - Got an important stone from a cold place. Time to drift off into some side quests and bounties. Bravely Default - Got the Red Mage Asterisk. I was going to wait to max out my current jobs but I couldn’t resist getting another decent healer on-board who can also do some physical and Magical Damage. Hopefully it pays off.
  10. Yeah, I think it was always a thing. In terms of the conversation about whether or not it was obvious or ambiguous, I’d say its somewhere in between. That’s the fun thing about DQ VII and DQ/DW in general. One can play through a game 2,3,4 times and still have, “A-ha” moments every single time. Sometimes I jam through parts of the games and go slowly through others. I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff that has gone right over my head, which I’m cool with because hopefully I’ll catch it next time!
  11. Yeah I took a look at sale games too, the one that caught my eye was Star Ocean First Departure R. I think it’s going for like 10ish bucks. Haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet because my list of purchased and unplayed games is ever-growing.
  12. Did some research on SMT III: Nocturne and decided to pre-order the Remaster for Switch. Hopefully I’m able to play it upon release. Haven’t done that with a game since DQ XI: Definitive Edition S.
  13. You just ended whatever small percentage chance Yangus had of playing that game Haha, didn’t know he felt that way about Persona but now I do! I kinda wish I knew the game so I could comment on whether or not the comparison is fair.
  14. Got the Valkyrie Asterisk in Bravely Default and completed a Dungeon that was more difficult than the last few. Then at the end, the boss fight wasn’t really a boss fight, which a good thing because I’m fairly certain I would’ve gotten my butt handed to me. On the DQ II front, things are good. I got the whole party together and got a Windbraker. I don’t always know where to go, but the map is small enough I can usually figure it out via exploration. Also, I have yet to kill a metal slime before it gets the chance to run.
  15. From what I’ve heard, yes! I didn’t know till I talked about it on Reddit and people started chiming in about playing on Vita. And yeah, great -mon game. Many people have also compared it to Persona. I have yet to Play Persona so I can’t give an opinion on that.
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