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  1. SMT III - Made it through the first hard boss. I concur that it was hard, took me three times to beat him but I made it. I had my crew pretty beefed up by the third try and used defense buffs on almost every turn along with healing. My active team is currently: - Me - Momunofu - XuanWu - Kikuri-Hime
  2. HAHAHAHAHA! Absolutely streaming on playboy. ...or perhaps even too hardcore for that
  3. This got me all excited. Realistically, I MAY be finished with III, but there is no way I’ll have III and IV beaten by the release of V. So the question becomes, do I skip IV and play V first, then go back to IV, or just jump into V upon release. I guess the first step in all of this requires me to beat III...so I’ll get back to playing that now
  4. Favorite DQ game: Dragon Quest VII Least favorite DQ game: Dragon Quest II Favorite DQ spin-off game: Dragon Quest Monsters Least favorite DQ spin-off game: Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime Favorite 1-off RPG: Battlechasers: Nightwar Favorite other RPG series: Digimon Least favorite 1-off RPG: Mana Spark Least favorite RPG series: Have yet to Decide Favorite DQ character(s): Kiefer, Yangus, Jessica, Rab Least favorite DQ character(s): Maribel Favorite DQ monster(s): Dracky Least favorite DQ monster(s): Coolcumber Favorite other RPG character(s): Nokia from Digimon Favorite other RPG monsters(s): Bidoof, Gyrados, Agumon, Gabumon Favorite color: Grey Favorite pet(s): Dogs, Cats, Long-lived Reptiles Favorite musical genre/artist(s): Alternative from the 90s and Early 200s Favorite song(s): One Week by Barenaked Ladies Favorite food(s): Cinnamon Rolls, Sushi Favorite TV show(s): Breaking Bad, Atypical, Workin Moms Favorite movie(s): Not a big movie guy Favorite sports team(s): SF Giants due to geography. Not a big sports guy. Pet peeve(s): The pervasiveness of politics in today’s world.
  5. Hit a difficulty spike with enemies in SMT III. They aren’t kicking my ass or anything, but significantly harder. I’m going to pause here and grind for a bit since I’ve heard the difficulty spikes in this game can be brutal and I wouldn’t mind being just a bit ahead of the curve. We shall see if it helps.
  6. Discovered a new morning drink this weekend. Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and Orange Juice. The kids call it a Man-Mosa. I quite enjoyed it.
  7. Took our new trailer out for it’s second trip and loved it! Didn’t get any gaming time out there, I was too busy chasing my 16 month old around. Had tons of fun though.
  8. Yeah, they tend to be pretty shy around strangers. That’s cool she’s good with you though. I remember changing the environment of my Leos every once in a while too. Not sure how much they cared, but it felt like they liked it lol
  9. Aww sorry to hear about your cats. Cool that you’ve got a gecko though! I used to have two. I’m a major reptile nerd, though I only have the one at the moment. Is your Leopard one of the more social ones? How long have you had him?
  10. Played a little more SMT III Nocturne HD Remaster today. Still having a blast. Of all the tips I got before starting up, the one I seemed to latch onto was the importance of the commentary of NPCs. When someone says something that seems important, I write it down. Six hours in and It’s come in handy once so far. Though it was totally worth it, since I probably would have been running around like a maniac if I hadn’t made the note. That, and I’m getting increasingly hooked on fusing demons. I keep jamming back to the main Ginza area to do it, as it’s the closest at the moment. We will see if doing that remains practical.
  11. Hahahaha! Yup. I’ve found quite a few JRPG-themed channels I like, especially recently. But I have yet to find a completely Dragon-Quest oriented channel.
  12. Hahaha! Sounds like a blast, though I know that sometimes vacations can feel like work by the end. All in all though, sounds like a badass time! Happy for you!
  13. Just fused some demons and made one that looks pretty badass. I think I’m going to get hooked on this part of SMT.
  14. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch –Remastered Review Of note, I did not play the original Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch on PS3, so this is my first experience with it, and I played it on PS4. The game places the player in command of a Young Boy named Oliver who goes on an inter-world quest to restore peace and heal the broken-hearted. While the graphics of the game are very cartoony and fun -- the story, gameplay, and well-balanced difficulty really show this game was made with mature players in mind. In addition to commanding Oliver, the player eventually gets to command an additional two players as part of a three-character party. Each of those three characters, in-turn, have control of three creatures which are called familiars. Therefore, at any given point the player can be equipping, controlling, training about 12 different characters. Further, additional familiars can be tamed in battle, added to the party’s reserves. Even FURTHER, there can be an abundance of EVEN MORE familiars stored elsewhere. Sound complicated? It’s really not. While the battle system is certainly unique, it’s brought on in a way in which it is extremely accessible to players. And for those hooked on creature-collecting, there plenty of that to be done too. In addition to battling and creature collection, there is a vast open world to explore, eventually made even more accessible by sea and air travel. There are huge numbers of side-quests and bounties, and most of them have hilarious and ongoing backstories. The main story is also deep, dark, and fun but somehow quirky and funny at the same time. It really is a masterpiece of a game. I highly recommend it. Overall Score: 9.5/10
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