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  1. About 200 pages shy of finishing Winter's Heart (Book 9) then onto Crossroads of Twilight (Book 10). Friends have told be the series slows down at this point in terms of action. They were correct. Looking forward to the pendulum swinging back into action.
  2. Man, now I feel like I'm going to be missing out a bit from not having played the other games first. Oh well, sounds fun to say the least. Would you say the difficulty is on-par with RS2? Today was an excellent gaming day for me, which is sad because 4 hours is outstanding, and that used to be the norm. Anyways here's what's going on: Divinity Original Sin II (PS4) - This game is HARD. Each and every little battle demands true strategy, and each decision comes with consequences, good and bad. That being said, it is much more rewarding trudging through each quest and finally co
  3. Haha. Same boat, with both lack of time and the significant other going crazy over SALES
  4. Listening now while I walk my son around the park. I’ve got the PS4 remaster and NNK 2 sitting on my shelf, this episode is getting me excited.
  5. Haha. My most and least favorite. Constant waves of purchase fueled adrenaline followed by thoughts of “Wait, how many games did I just buy?”
  6. Well I’m looking forward to your updates about it. It’ll be a while till I start Romancing Saga 3 but I’m hoping your playthrough will increase my excitement for it.
  7. And dove right in? I managed to pry my finger away from the “Buy” button. Only because I had literally just purchased 3 games from Best Buy’s Black Friday sale I ebb and flow in and out of buying mode. I got strict on myself about buying nothing new until I finished what I had, which lasted about 2 years, but severely cut into the amount of fun I was having. Sure I was finishing games, but I wasn’t too happy with the lack of variety. I think I realized part of the fun, for me, is buying and collecting a nice library of games.
  8. And why shouldn’t you?!?! Boom! Congrats! What’s on deck to be played next?
  9. I just bought Romancing Saga 3 on the eShop for $12 and some change. Almost bought Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition too. I think I’m addicted to buying video games on sale.
  10. Hahahahaha I imagine it’ll be early 2021 when I finally get around to starting it so I’m sure you guys will hear about my shenanigans.
  11. Yup. Bought it last night after posting. Thanks guys!!
  12. Well I guess now I gotta keep my eye out too. I wanted to dive into Persona with this title. Twenty bucks seems like a damn cheap way to do so.
  13. Rogue Galaxy and FF III. Two games I’ve been talking about replaying for ages. *insert monologue containing excuses and complaint pertaining to “too many games and not enough time” * I’m not getting very much time with DOS II, which is a bummer, but I’ve got decent little chunks of time with both Digimon Cyber Sleuth and Pokémon Emerald. Digimon has been a balance of party/mon development and story progression while Pokémon has simply been about going back to all the areas with water and making sure I fully explore them.
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