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  1. So, I recently picked up EO Untold Again on the ol' 3DS and was extremely concerned I was going to have to start over because it had been so long since I played. NOPE, I was able to pick it up and pick up right where I left off. This is a huge benefit to map-drawing that I never saw before, it allowed me to see exactly what I had and had not done. Anyways, I'm back rolling, and the time away from the game has made me truly appreciate the combination of simplicity and depth. Hopefully I can keep chugging along till I'm done because I am having a blast.
  2. Still Chugging away with DQ XI as my primary game. Nearing the 50 hour mark and I have absolutely no complaints. I'm not sure if I've praised it yet, but I am very impressed with the number of save points in the game. It's nice knowing that I'll never have to go more than 45 mins to an hour without coming across a spot I can save the game, in case I need to go do something else. While it's a minor detail, to me, it's huge. I've also picked Etrian Odyssey Untold back up, and have been playing it, mostly on-the-go. I was able to pick right back up where I left off and It's just as much fun as I remember it.
  3. Yep. Still enjoying myself like crazy. Nearing the 50 hour mark and haven’t had a moment of boredom. For a while, I was only sitting down to play if I had 45 minutes or more, but I’ve begun to squeeze in shorter sessions too, even if I just have time to grind for a bit then put the game down. This is nice because when I’ve got some true time to put into the game, I can focus on more lofty goals.
  4. Oh yeah, I love that part. And as in DQ VIII, party talk is always helpful too. It also helps that even though I'm getting limited time with the game, I fire it up at least a few times a week for a short session, which keeps me on track. Which I suppose is another positive note, there are plenty of save points along the way.
  5. Finally FInished Dragon Reborn and dove into The Shadow Rising (Book 4 in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series). These books are very long, but absolutely fantastic. At book 4 of 14, I feel pretty damn attached to all of the characters. I can't wait to see how the tale continues to unfold.
  6. Can we get an update? How are you doing?
  7. Dragon Quest XI, at about the pace of an hour or two a week. It's damn shameful, but life has just been getting in the way. Trying to increase my playtime and got a good three hours in today, hopefully i'll get a little more.
  8. So.....I haven't been on here in quite a while and my play has been nearly as limited, though I have managed to squeeze an hour or two in here or there. I'm just shy of 40 hours and I just got the magic key and grabbed the easy orb that comes thereafter. Hopefully my playtime increases soon, but realistically, who knows when I'll finish this game. That being said, one positive note I can add at this point, is that DQ XI is very easy to pick up after a hiatus.
  9. Dude!!! I cannot imagine the amount of grinding required to do this!!
  10. It really does. Unfortunately I haven't been able to to explore them as much as I would like just yet. And as for DQ XI, boy I am still struggling to find playtime. I'm only working 50-55 hours a week so I can't really blame that. I'd say it's more the holidays and trying to spend time with everyone before the season is over. I am really glad I downloaded DQ II on my Iphone though. I am finding it very east to pick up and play for short sessions. I consider it a much better use of my phone time than social media or clickbait articles.
  11. Ugh. Christmas Shopping. I need to do that too. Saw that movie too, pretty good and looking forward to the next one.
  12. You playing on the SNES Mini?? I downloaded DQ II on my iphone. I don't have much downtime, but I figured since i always complain about needing to squeeze gaming it, it wont hurt to have it in my pocket at all times. So far I have logged five minutes...whilst pooping.
  13. Not the first time I've heard this.
  14. Exactly. The fact that Dragon Quest is able to create remakes that allow a larger audience to enjoy their games in a way that fits is a win in my book.
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