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  1. Got a short run of Trials of Mana early this morning. Hopefully I can get in a few more short bursts throughout the day. So far, I'm quite satisfied by the frequency of save points.
  2. Um... ***Slowly takes Fanny Pack off***
  3. Hmm....Must be the nostalgia. Or a lack of fashion sense on my part.
  4. Sylvando - Loved him. So much personality and so different from most video game characters. He had such a flamboyant flair but still managed to be a total badass. He was the perfect support character. Rab - I actually really liked his personality but I didn't use him much in battle. Jade - Meh. She's hot but that's about it. Her character has been overdone in JRPG games.
  5. Kudos for wearing the DQ VIII gear. That's what I have been wearing as well.
  6. Yep, the more detail the better, I always say!
  7. Another productive weekend for me. Several hours into both DQXI: S and Diablo III
  8. I still need to try a draconian playthrough. But I played the PS4 and Switch playthroughs back-to-back, so It'll be a break after this run.
  9. Awesome. I've been reading reviews on Amazon but every time a reviewer says one thing, another gets on to reject their claim. Another reason I like the Den.
  10. How do the BG games play on the small screen? They're on my amazon shopping list but I keep rotating them to the bottom for fear of not enjoying them in handheld mode.
  11. Same here. I've got some Side-quests and exploring to do though, so it'll be a bit before I wrap back around to the main quest.
  12. I can't imagine it's much past March or April. It's been out in Japan for a while, so it's not a programming issue I'd assume. It should be early Spring. Meh, works for me. Between DQ XI, Trials of Mana, Diablo III, and DQ Builders (Which I just got for PS4), I'll be plenty busy until whenever they decide to release it. Thanks guys!
  13. It's gone back and forth. Currently it's a placeholder. Oh. Well, shows how much I know about these things. For better or worse, the Den is my main source for game news....and I am now informed. Do you guys have any thoughts on when the game will actually be released?
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