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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tblt8nSKODM&list=PLC6C9D4827D38D4C6 Yeah,That's what I said to your mother when I was $#!&ing her tight ass.
  2. Display Name : Him141225 You know why,Woodus.Short and sweet.
  3. Derp,Im not trying to be a dick,but if all you can do is $#!&@,just leave.
  4. Derp.In my eyes youve been Baptised in the truth. Im glad that someone open their eyes on how Nintendo sucks.
  5. Wow.People really dont use common sense anymore... You ladies seem to forget that,as many normal people there are,are just as many internet trolls,maybe twice the amount. These internet trolls spam Bullshit on Youtube,or run around on forums like these. everyone KNOWS that. Dont jump to conclusions about me ranting on that site.Ive lost all interest in Dragon Quest,and would puke going to a website like that. Use LOGIC.
  6. This man refuses to explain his presence in this Facility.

  7. Omg,I was coming to the Home page and the Fortune Street effed my ears with the volume up...

  8. uhh. you mean he ended up having his innards eaten?? :S yes.
  9. And its funny,he says he will Eat your Innards. Its quite the opposite
  10. Aside form the Legacy bosses...Excalipurr. Good Exp,and He can really put up a fight with his Critical Hits.
  11. Ive always had a thing for Estark and Malroth. I also find Malroth most Difficult to defeat,Its the Flashing eyes and 400+ Damage every Hit.
  12. Sick dubstep drops,anyone?

  13. Well,Finally found another map with Greynarl,Now to find a map with Elusid... So,I was thinking.What boss was everyones Favorite,Hardest to locate,or Defeat.
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