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  1. I'm not that noobish , Just i've seen some powerful mortellas online and wanted to try it out. I already made a overkilling machine earlier
  2. All Good ideas, but i think i'm just going to scout another zodiac monster and just synth her/him /it thing
  3. Is Scouting Mortella even possible? Hecklling hecktor sucks :/
  4. Thanks, Currently I have Ace of spades whom i'll change the ksill set now that i've got a good idea on what it should be. Captain crow with skills: Captain crow, cure all, and slimer and a random conclavexy with uber dark dynamiter, wisdom boost 3 , and dazzle ward. If I were to do a support ace of spade, what should the other monster skills be?
  5. What would be a good Skill set for Ace of spades?
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