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  1. Seeing as everyone else's had it done, would you mind making a quartet more, King Zenith? I remember a year or two ago you were doing this but I never asked, and then lolforgot my password.
  2. Ohhh boy, I do like the looks of this game. It'll be nice to see all the familiar faces like AngelSlime, Orligon, and good ol' Boxslime.
  3. The first game I played in the series was Dragon Warrior Monsters. I was young at the time, and a lot of the concepts confused me, so I didn't find it really fun. Then I picked up DWM2, and I really loved it. Played it for hours and hours... And I still have my old old save with several all 999 stat monsters. I got Dragon Warrior III (GBC) a while after it came out, and it took me so long to get to and beat the midboss I thought he was the final boss! I've never even beat the final boss, actually... I got to the final dungeon and the cartridge had an attack of amnesia. I'm probably gonna try again, using a ROM.This game was just something else, in a good way. The only other DW/DQ games I've played are Dragon Quest Monsters Joker, which I find mediocre compared to DWM2, and DQ9, which is really awesome.
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