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  1. That sounds like they would be cool. 1 and 5 had some of the best Soundtracks.
  2. One day, I decided to try and pitch in to bring attention to the series. So, I got to thinking... REMIXES! I'm going to start with VII's Battle Theme, 8-Bitified. Here's the Youtube link... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xs8qRI8PXU0&feature=youtu.be Going to do VIII's Battle Theme next, probably. Unless someone else thinks a different theme/song would get more attention.
  3. Hm, it seems that you could do some awesome stuffs with those!
  4. What is your planned team? If you don't mind me asking.
  5. The sixth slot of my team belongs to Mega Ampharos, now. He'll use Cotton Guard on the first turn, and then pile on Thunderbolts/Focus Blasts/Dragon Pulses.
  6. Anyone want to rate my team? It is for the Smogon OU Tier, as it is the most widely used tier. Rhyperior, Stone Edge, Thunder Punch, Earthquake, and Megahorn. He's my bulky coverage guy. Thinking of swapping out for Mamoswine. It doesn't have x4 weakness to Grass and Water, but retains the Electric immunity. Also might not, because Rhyperior is the first Shiny I've caught in Gen VI. Blissey, Toxic, Flamethrower, Soft-Boiled, Protect. She's my Staller. I use Toxic, and wait out the rest of the match with Protect and Soft-Boiled. Flamethrower is there for coverage, and Pokes that can't be poisoned. Raikou, Volt Switch, Reflect, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball. Generally he sets up Reflect, and Volt Switches out. Sometimes I use Thunderbolt/Shadow Ball in between if he can survive it. Reuniclus, Calm Mind, Recover, Psyshock, Shadow Ball. He's my Special Sweeper. Metagross, Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch, Ice Punch, Earthquake. Physical Sweeper. And the final slot is up in the air. Any suggestions? I was thinking about Tyranitar, as his Sand Stream is beneficial to Metagross and Rhyperior, and Reuniclus isn't effected by it thanks to his ability.
  7. You need an Ice-Type. Or something with Ice Punch. Maybe a Metagross? Also, I'm giving away some stuffs. Larvestas with Morning Sun, and Endure, Vulpixes, and Solosises, if anyone wants to grab one, just ask! I'll also lend anyone with AS my Legendaries for Giratina, Landorus (Once I get my Orus), or Kyurem, if they'll do the same in return.
  8. I'm telling you, game's too easy.
  9. My team consists of a Lv. 50 Swampert, Lv. 48 Metagross, Lv. 32 Gardevoir, Lv. 44 Nuzleaf, Lv. 39 Latios, and a Lv. 38 Slaking (HM Slave.)
  10. Just beat the sixth gym. I feel OP, and I haven't even tried to grind yet.
  11. Won a Smash Bros Tournament at my local gamestop. Won a nice Champion Belt.
  12. My team so far is Marshtomp, Beldum, Zigzagoon, Taillow, Poochyena, and Nuzleaf.
  13. Just fought against three Little Macs with Robin in For Glory. Somehow, I won with no casualty's.
  14. Found my three mains: Robin, Duck Hunt, and Ness. I found out a neat trick with Robin.
  15. Just got this today. Does anyone have any tips for Robin?
  16. This seems pretty cool. Reminds me of Wrecking Crew, kinda.
  17. Going to do another attempt at a Nuzlocke in Pokemon. Which game should I play for it? Which type of starter should I use? Any clauses I should try?

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    2. ryangroovy


      Alright, you got it!

    3. Democrobot


      You should do the ID clause thingy where the last number of your ID determines your starter.

    4. ryangroovy


      I would do that, but I already picked my starter. :/

  18. I'm making my first REAL Rpg Maker VX Ace game. If anyone has any tips that I might be missing, please PM me.

    1. Democrobot


      Just make sure the plot is solid

    2. King Zenith

      King Zenith

      Make backups of your work or you will lose everything!

    3. ryangroovy


      Ah... good idea!

  19. Speaking of Gundam... Garma Zabi: "Char, you deceived me! Char!!!"
  20. Ordered season one of Zeta Gundam and a Zelda 3ds decal. Should get here in a few days.
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