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  1. Nah, I don't think Dragon Quest is popular enough outside Japan for them to add in that extra effort to an unknown. If a Square Enix female character was ever added in a future Smash game, I believe Tifa from FF7 has the highest chance due to her popularity in both the East and West.
  2. I thought they were done with assist trophies, but if I had to guess it'd be the slime using megamagic or casting frizz. I'm curious as to what the stage that comes with him will be though. Yggdrasill maybe? Or outside Heliodor with the Castle in the background? The floating enemy boss' territory? EDIT: After looking closer at the reveal I did notice one of them(unless there is only one) is one of the floating islands of that city in the northeast sky of DQ11.
  3. Hah. Haven't been on this forum for years, but I stopped by to see what the reaction would be. It's about time the series is getting more publicity in the West. Hopefully someday Dragon quest monsters will come back. Now back to trying to finish DQ11's final, final, FINAL boss...
  4. Wait...I'm still not getting this captions stuff. Here it says, " 2) You can only submit quotes from the English version DQVIII 3DS Does this mean captions from the game that appear at the bottom of the picture? If so, do the words actually have to be in the picture or just added in the post?
  5. Thanks fellow Yangus and Etrian Odyssey enthusiast. =)
  6. Hey everyone so I haven't been around since the time of Fortune Street which was...2014? I've been playing latest entries such as Dragon Quest 7, and the new 3ds DQ8(about time I had the opportunity to play this!). I recall there being "badges" you can earn. I tried looking for topics about this, but I didn't find anything after searching. Is there a badge, how do you earn/get it? I recall doing something with a picture for fortune street(still in my pictures), but what about these?
  7. I use the term funny loosely, since it was funny to me at least, but waaaaaay back in 2013 or so? I had a funny match that I uploaded to youtube to save to see it later. After I found out Fortune Street had its wifi cancelled, I made it public for anyone who would like to see it. It's just the ending of a match(last minutes of its takeover!!!) at the Observatory area in Easy mode over wifi. I added annotations to make it match what I figured was going on. Here it is, enjoy.
  8. Hello I used to play DQMJ2 for the ds and I've been trying to find information on the point system that was used for battles, but I can't seem to find any information on it. Not even on this site! Basically what happened was when you battled on wifi battles against "computer versions" of other people's teams you would earn a certain amount of "points" if you won against them offline and online which would affect your ranking. I noticed a lot of the higher ranked teams had lower "tiered" monsters like slimes, drakky, etc. I'm trying to find information on "how many points were earn
  9. Dang that's sad. Do you recall what was on the note? Are you supposed to read it with Maria there? Hmm..I wonder if I did anything special like that on my first playthrough 7 yrs ago.
  10. Hello, I only had a small amount of time to play this game, and am wondering what happens now. Here is my question. At a point in the game you and Harry are both "slaves" and there is a slave named Maria who you all escape with because of her brother who is a soldier. What happens to her brother? That is my question. I don't remember if he lives and reunites with his sister in the town where she got married or if he ended up dying(which would be really sad). I just know that you find out towards the end of the game when you can revisit the area.
  11. You should probably try to create a new topic and see who's interested to play with you over the break/weekend, etc. Good luck!
  12. Although I see your logic, there's a difference between playing against people online and real life. Fortune Street in real life is similar to Dokapon Kingdom in how you deal with the other real players/computers. The longest online game I ever had was about 90 minutes in all trades abbey, so 4 hours is an exaggeration. I'm pretty sure the players who leave/get mad(little angry face emoticon) expect a fair match(including massive amount of luck depending on the board). Things that result in 1 sided games: Vacant plot 3 star stop renovate trick, buying shops from computers/out to
  13. My first tournament and I'm out of the tournament already gg UltimateMonsterKiller. StarkRaven, BattleRex, and Angelslime...guess I'll use them for online wifi tournaments now see how they do.Took out 3 Japanese mega/ultra scout "stranger" battles using tactics before I lost twice in the tournament, though, so I am satisfied.

    1. DJ BlackJack

      DJ BlackJack

      *snorts* *chuckles* stop it /waves his hand.


      in all seriousness, u will do better in the next one. i hope to see you in the dragons only tourny if that ever happens :D

  14. It's not intriguing - it's annoying. That Russian girl, Alena, kept ruining my attempts to free-load - and when I was finally about to reach the target amount, she drops on by the bank for a pay-day, and automatically wins, having gotten the winning amount from her pay check. I'm reversing my position - I think something about this is rigged. Seriously - there are plenty of passionate fans with tech knowledge: someone hack a copy of the game and tell us wether those dice throw really are random or not. They are random, people have tested it by resetting the game after each roll and
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    From the album: random

    My favorite pokemon aesthetically. Not on here are: 7th is Absol, 8th is Cloyster, 9th is Tropius, and 10th is Ursaring. If only there was something like this for dragon quest monsters? =l
  17. Algrado


    From the album: random

    I got fortune street!
  18. Hey, this is a good start, but we decided that it will take more than just a few videos for this badge. Perhaps a full-blown channel with regular videos, features or promo material would be good? Anyway, keep it up and let us know if this turns into something more regular and substantial. Thanks! I was thinking of uploading several videos of DQJOKER 2 and Fortune Street, but having a bad method of uploading videos(phone), kind of cuts out the idea ok well...scratch that. I just uploaded some recently, though since I can only upload the other "future" videos I was planning (super
  19. ^ I know it's bad quality, but well all I have is my phone, and I think I was the first person or one of the first to upload that fight way back when it came out. I also uploaded a couple of other videos. I'd upload more DQM videos on joker 2, but they're with the same phone quality :S
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