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    This--->2237-0517-1209<---is mine (^_^)

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    Dragon Quest IV (DS)
    Dragon Quest V (DS)
    Dragon Quest VI (DS)
    Dragon Quest VII (3DS)
    Dragon Quest I (Android/iOS)
    Dragon Quest VIII (3DS)
    DQ Heroes (PC)
    DW Monsters (GBC)
    DW Monsters 2 (GBC)
    DQ Monsters Joker (DS)
    DQ Monsters Joker 2 (DS)
    DQ Monsters (Switch)
    DQ Heroes I & II (Switch)

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    The internet
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    Drawing/making comics, animation, Eurobeat and other electronic music genres, Science, RPG videogames, and more

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I used this website for so much, and I didn't realize it had a forums, etc., so I finally decided to join once I found out.

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