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  1. "The game". A wondrous phrase that makes everyone lose It.

  2. Orochi wouldn't be THAT broken. Just absolutely no fun to go up against. Oh, and by the way, luck-based stuff like that is factored into tiering like it is for most competitive games of this nature. Not sure what the problem is when it comes to that.
  3. Well, MKS does what an MKS can do. And unfortunately, that's being really annoying. Barbarus I really see as equal to Dragovian, they both have a specialty that allows them to pull some great team takeouts.
  4. The Dragon's Den is ablaze with the shadow-enfused balls of magic shot by Barbarus, crumbling before the might of the Wicked Waltz, and alight with the golden glow of a mere Imp's supreme Gigagash. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2's competitive scene, of course. We've gone through tournaments and the competitive play is pretty stable, yet the question crossed my mind again: Now that we've settled in a bit, how about tiers? By the way, I personally feel it would expand the use of monsters to include those that are left behind, but may cause problems based on how trollishly competitive games can get. If you have seen the Pokemon competitive scene, you know what I'm talking about. I want some honest opinions on doing this: No bias, flame, or even oversupportiveness. Just pure opinion.
  5. Oh, statwise? Without modifying the Pokemon stats, DQ forever wins. If you do modify them, and think of the Pokemon abilities as traits suited for a DQ game, I still say the DQ monsters. The traits add on greatly to the ownage.
  6. Mhhkay. For Empyrea, I scouted it many times over the night, and the second ward only appeared once. If Uber Healer actuallly is in there, I'm going to assume it wouldn't be unreasonable if this were made to be a virtually impossible occurence. Can anyone here look into the actual game data, since I don't know how to?
  7. If you mean language, English. And I switched to Empyrea awhile ago to see if what I've read in this far-more-trustworthy-than-Bradygames thing is true. I got Zam Ward, which is in there, but not an Uber yet.
  8. A thread for posting any ridiculous skillsets you happen to come upon that you never expected, which will benefit DQMJ2 players quite a bit. Mine: As it turns out, the five wild Giants actually DO have the possibility of getting an Uber as their secondary skillset out of four others. For example, Missing Lynx has Uber Mage-- which is why I'm scouting a ton of them right now. Wormonger: Uber Charmer Missing Lynx: Uber Mage Bjorn: Uber Blessed Blizzardier Empyrea: Uber Healer Khalamari: Uber Helpful And also, if you live in Japan and they still have the DQMBRII machines there, you can tag it to find either one of those Tanks, a Nokturnus, a Dhoulmagus or a Barbarus. All of them can come with Morrie's Melange, so be sure to tag it, and keep trying (Japan is fortunately filled with tagging players).
  9. It already has MP Regen, but not Steady Recovery. I'll go and find a set with that and see how it works. Also, if I need to be more specific on what the AI does: Big Banga + C-C-Cold Breath or Big Banga + Kacrackle in Double Trouble attacks.
  10. I don't even know what the basis of this set is, but I was shown it and decided to try it. It's pretty good, but it doesn't reach at least 950 damage on turn one particularly because the AI'll bever use C-C-Cold Breath more than once in a Double Trouble attack. Anyone wanna suggest swaps? (I don't even know why some of the sets that are in here are in here, but meh.) Cluboon III Uber Defense Boost Zoma Abiliterator Ward Champion
  11. http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.4gamer.net%2Fgames%2F140%2FG014097%2F20111220063%2F I AM LITERALLY DYING IN HAPPINESS
  12. It's 136 other countries objecting to a few. Definitely more reasonable to agree with those guys.
  13. I'm thinking that DQM would definitely win... if it weren't for Arceus and his three little other gods Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. I mean, come on. No one monster can really go up against a universe-creating god, a dragon that controls the flow ot time, a dragon that controls space or a dragon that controls antimatter. Then again, if you decided to gather up all the ridiculously powerful guys like Zenith Dragon and Mortamor, it'd probably be equal.
  14. VOTE! Crit. Spam Sagitdurr, Annoying Sagithurr, Canzherp Sweep or Annoying Canzderp?

    1. Knitewulf


      Annoying Sagitterp

  15. Super uber Sagittar spamcannon hits. I wonder, him or Canzar..?

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