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  1. "The game". A wondrous phrase that makes everyone lose It.

  2. http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.4gamer.net%2Fgames%2F140%2FG014097%2F20111220063%2F I AM LITERALLY DYING IN HAPPINESS
  3. VOTE! Crit. Spam Sagitdurr, Annoying Sagithurr, Canzherp Sweep or Annoying Canzderp?

    1. Knitewulf


      Annoying Sagitterp

  4. Super uber Sagittar spamcannon hits. I wonder, him or Canzar..?

  5. Hmm, the thing that looks like Demon-At-Arms definitely isn't Demon-At-Arms. Its Japanese name is pretty easy to recognize after you've seen it a couple of times, and it doesn't look like that. IIRC, Purple Orochi is called King Hydra or something like that. Based on the text I can see next to that scouting-like image, it's basically the same as DQMJ2--scouting with the assistance of meats. Wonder if they're just all going to be called Beastie Bites?
  6. Magic Slimes. They have brought me into ze wonderful world of SIZZ EVERYTHING TO DEATH

  7. Well, then. Allow me to astound you with my anti-old-school. First Dragon Quest game: Dragon Quest IX. After that, I got incredibly hooked to the series and flew back to the older games. If I remember right, I purchased DWM2 and then DQVIDS, the latter of which I managed to beat. I'm still getting through DWM2. After that I beat the Japanese DQMJ2 I had sitting around for a year, occasionally grinding on it due to being stuck on the final boss for... what, 6 months? He admittably is quite hard. I also started DQIIISNES and got a friend hooked on it. Going through English DQMJ2 now as well. You can probably see why I hate not having a PS3 now. In some way, shape or form I have access to virtually every DQ game except for VIII.
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