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  1. I give up trying to do anything serious with DQMj2. Too frustrating. PEACE!

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    2. DJ BlackJack

      DJ BlackJack

      dude if ur gonna not do anything serious in DQMJ2 then ya shouldnt have picked up the game in the first place. wanna get better? ask for help and actually take our advice. we can only help someone who wants to be helped. and the truth has spoken :D

    3. Knitewulf


      I gave you so much advice that you just disregarded. No wonder you suck. Later.

    4. Kwrpg32


      I'm not even going to ask where all this hatred came from.

  2. I need to take a break from DQMj2* before I break my DS in half...

  3. Almost threw my DS because of the stupidly low atk stats of my team's monster and my only good attacker has last word so I can barely grind because the stupid freaking metal kings run...FML

  4. Rhapthorne II is so ugly...-shiver-

  5. My only good monster with psycho has counterstriker and it keeps wasting it's psych with counterstrikes... I need to get to work on my ultra scouting team...

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    2. PrimeSlime26


      You can also use the books and scout them at Treepidation

    3. NoObject


      I heard there were some at Treepidation but where?

    4. PrimeSlime26


      When it's raining there will be a bridge that opens up, the appear in that next area. The bridge is somewhere in the middle of the entire map

  6. FUUUUU- Why does Murdaw take priority over Phoenix Sceptre?!

    1. Ring Man

      Ring Man

      Special Synthesis take precedence over phoenix sceptre


      Just synth one of the monsters again so it doesn't make Murdaw

    2. NoObject


      I did I was just making use of the status update.

  7. Intimidating is overpowered...

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