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  1. "I'm not sure. The only way I could think of would be to render her unconscious, but at her level of strength, I doubt a simple sleeping spell would be of much use."
  2. "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. If we can help it, we'll retake her alive." Dai and Anna clambered into the wagon, waiting for the others before he would direct the horses.
  3. "He's right. One way or another, we have to track her down before something happens to her or someone else." Dai and Anna shot awake, Topaz and Wyn scurrying to the Wagon.
  4. Dai sprang to his feet at Jay's shaking. "What's going on?!" When Jay repeated it, his eyes went wide as Anna woke too. "Selena's gone?!"
  5. Dai ran after them. "Look, we'll camp outside town for tonight, and we can go with Jay at dawn. No need to travel in the dark, when our intention is to keep our heads down for now."
  6. "Light and dark are opposites, but not inherently good and evil. Who's to say that just because you may become a demon lord, that it must make you an enemy of mankind?" Dai hoped Nojin would have something to say.
  7. "He is the hero who slayed Nokturnus, and a paladin at that. You're not a demon lord yet. Perhaps he can help us avert your fate."
  8. "I'm not sure what it was. Wyn was the one to cast the healing magic, but I doubt it was any stronger than yours. Perhaps you couldn't heal whatever was ailing you with your own magic?"
  9. "Would that work? I don't think this is a curse we're working with here." Wyn flitted forward, attempting a heal spell on the arm they had splashed with holy water.
  10. Dai and Anna turned to Nojin, nodded, and took off after Jay and Kingsley, Topaz and Wyn following behind.
  11. "She's probably out in a more remote part of town. Maybe at the tavern or the outskirts. She shouldn't be too hard to find."
  12. Dai walked outside, accompanied by the others. "The wagon's still here, so she couldn't have gotten far. Let's go search the town."
  13. Dai responded to Nojin's query. "She's had a very hard past. She was a powerful mage, but her entire home village, even her parents turned on her. She's been on a journey of self-discovery, and she's searching for her husband." Anna noticed she'd left when Jay mentioned their transportation. "We should go get Selena first."
  14. "How will you reach us? Last time, you knew we'd rendezvous at Dharma. There's no telling where we'll be by the time your errand is finished."
  15. "Well, Topaz and Wyn, this Gold Golem and Chimera, have mastered their inherent abilities, and are training in the Bombcrag and Evil Turtle classes, respectively." Anna stepped forward. "I'm training as a dancer, and Dai was recently initiated into the Hero vocation."
  16. "I think it best if we head out in search of the remnants of his army, and see if we can track down Kazuma. Nojin, it would be an honor, if you so choose when you are ready, to join us in stamping out the last remnants of the demon threat."
  17. (I'm confused about something. I thought Orogdemir himself was the one who killed Nokturnus, as you showed earlier, as a show of strength?) Dai nodded. A Paladin could not fabricate a story such as that. He was truthful. But if what he said was true, they may have a demon just as fearful as Nokturnus to face soon. "I see. I only hope your comrades may rest in peace. In the wake of things, I think it'd be best if we continue our travels. Nokturnus may be slain, but some of his demon commanders may yet survive. We shall hunt them down."
  18. "We're sorry to intrude on your prayer. We were also on a quest to defeat Nokturnus. In fact, that's what brought us here. My name is Dai, and this is Anna, Princess of Somnia." He gave a respectful bow. "I must ask, where did you find Nokturnus? Last I had heard, it was in the demon's realm of Nadira. How did you manage to reach it?"
  19. "I don't think this guy defeated Nokturnus. Not single-handedly anyway. Let's see if they'll permit us to meet him at the castle." Dai approached the guard by the drawbridge, requesting a meeting with the great hero who had slain Nokturnus.
  20. "Well, like I said, we'd best take refuge in Coburg until we get the hang of our vocations. We should be there in about 3 days at this rate of travel." "I could use some dance practice. This wagon's too bumpy to practice those techniques."
  21. "I don't know much about you. I know Reoh and Dai learned your story, but they haven't said much to me. All I know for sure is that you're a powerful spellcaster, but you've been in exile since your home village had premonitions that you would become a demon lord." Anna tried to recall, the image of Kazuma clicking with her again. "I just remembered something. That monster we saw back at the Abbey, the one who Dai thought was our old companion. I remember him telling me something, saying to seek out others for the 'new god of this world,' or something. I escaped from the castle after that, but everything's hazy because of how fast I had to act. I almost blew myself up getting past the wall."
  22. I posted an attempted explanation. Say the monsters have a sort of sixth sense. They know Orgodemir is free, but only think he overthrew Nokturnus because of his power. You can read my post to see how Dai rationalizes it.
  23. "Something's not right Jay. Those slimes seem far too excitable. I wouldn't be surprised if they came up with that just to mess with passerby. Orgodemir was sealed away, according to the ancient tomes I read when... I was with my parents. Perhaps the demon army seeks to use his power. Regardless, it doesn't change our mission. We'll find out more as we journey." Dai felt an uneasiness. He still had no idea where his parents had ended up after Weaver's Peak was attacked, and now this business with Kazuma turning on them, and a demon he thought sealed away, if it even existed to begin with.
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