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  1. I just love my father's logic. "It's boring, so do it now." It's not going to be any less boring now than 3 days from now. Let me enjoy my weekend for god's sake.

    1. Democrobot


      Both great points

    2. D.Name Theif

      D.Name Theif

      True,true...my logic is,Put it off and have a really nice excuse.Keep doing so and the teachers will give up trying to make me do it.Painful,but effective.

  2. Gonna be off for a few days until conditions improve. Posting on borrowed Wifi and Power right now at a relative's house

    1. mnicolai


      I only came to work because they have internet :P

  3. What's everyone's opinions on the Hidden Ability concept? I like how it saved a lot of Pokemon from being otherwise rather generic Pokemon, like Venusaur's Chlorophyll. Also, I've heard that Kyurem's forms retain Dragon-Ice. They have the highest Physical/Special Attack stats in the game, and only 20 points lower base stats than Arceus. I'm really curious to see how they turn out in the long run for the Meta Game.
  4. I was just playing Fortune Street after seeing it on the Runawayguys channel. I'm on Slimenia, and one die roll away from winning. The only way I can lose is if Stella rolls a 6. Take a wild guess what she rolled.

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    2. D.Name Theif

      D.Name Theif

      This is why I dont play these kinds of games...

    3. Gooptek


      Good thing I didn't purchase it. Man, now I think I am scared of board games. (o-O)

    4. Democrobot


      Jumanji anybody?

  5. I decided that for a challenge on my second run, I'm going to use one character of each class. Not to say there won't be class changes later, but I'm going to try and rotate my party so that each class gets a chance and I can experiment. Thief class is much better than I expected in this game

  6. Alright, I have since recieved a DQ 3 SNES rom. Can anyone give me a hand in deciding on classes and names?

    1. mdb510


      :o Lucky! I played the GBC version and started with a dealer, theif, and jester then when they learened all their spells and abilities I changed their class to a warrior, fighter, and sage. Worked out good for me because it was a challenge having no healer for the first half of the game and my party, collectively, had all the spells.
    2. Ring Man

      Ring Man

      I do want to experiment with the other classes, butI'm not sure which to go with.


      I remember reading the optimal "Class path" is "Theif -> Jester -> Sage -> Merchant"


    3. mdb510


      I say go for anything you can think of :D I don't think there's a bad team besides maybe all jesters lol So you have nothing to lose

  7. Does anyone know where I can find a Rom of DQ3 SNES? Either pre-patched or with a guide to apply the english patch?

    1. Saigan


      Shoot me a PM with your e-mail.


    2. Ring Man

      Ring Man

      Alright, thanks

  8. I named my first Black Dragon "Ross" I also remember this portal based monster in DQMJ2 Pro. If I got one, I'd name that thing "Chell"
  9. Being the mildly dirty teen I was (and to an extent, am), I stopped buying new armor for my female members until Gittingham once I started getting stuff like the Knickers at Swinedimples and the bunny suit.
  10. Alright, everyone who's still on, let's get the RP back on the road

  11. Alright, sorry I've been inactive, but anyone still here, I'm trying to kickstart my RP again.

  12. I finally got Kid Icarus Uprising. Now I just have to find Pokemon Conquest

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    2. Alextachiba


      Let's have a battle in Kid Icarus! PM when you can!

    3. Gooptek


      Good choice, I say. :D

    4. Democrobot


      Is it any good? I heard it was amazing.

  13. Kirby Super Star's on the Club Nintendo catalogue this month for any interested.

    1. Quart20858


      Already got it :3

    2. Democrobot


      I need more points. :(

    3. jay


      I got the Ds version

  14. Just started watching "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt". It's the kinda show that's so insane you throw logic out the window and laugh at every batshit crazy thing that happens next

    1. PantheonSasuke


      Sometimes I wonder what scenarios would play out when characters like this realize they're named after lingerie.

    2. Ring Man

      Ring Man

      Considering one of them seems apathetic, and the other is a Nympho who threw a porno of herself up at a movie debut, I don't think they'd be that concerned

  15. Contemplating buying a PSP

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    2. JessicaAlbert13


      Depends on what games you want. Final Fantasy 4 on the PSP isn't bad, and the PSP does have Persona 3 on it.

    3. Mattcraft


      The 1000 model has the least amount of RAM and won't play them as fast as any of the others. Go with a 2000, in my opinion it has the easiest-modded motherboards.

    4. alanredstar


      IMO model 1000 hase better desing but is bulkier and has less ram, less brightness, ghosting , etc

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