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  1. Meena write up: -Meena is the most frail character in the game at 290 defense, and 385 HP with Metal King Orb. She has a very good +18 dodge though. -Obviously she's meant to be a mage character, but lacks the offense you'd expect from the class. Meena's offensive abilities are some of the weakest in the game, coupled with extremely long animations tied to them. Kaswoosh or activating any tarot has a substantial animation tied to it (Kawsoosh especially). -Meena is all about status effects and healing. Her attack string does low damage, her attack is very low, and her Wild Cards
  2. Didn't take a picture fast enough, but finally sub five minutes with Terry. 4:57. Just had to switch up his Lightning Strike to Double-Edged Slash, and alternate between that and Uber Cutting Edge in super high tension. Pretty positive it can go lower since this run was pretty bad. Still, good stuff for my man, Terry. Goal is accomplished.
  3. Been a while since the last post. Figured I'd go ahead with a couple updates: -Guide has resumed. I'm working on incorporating .mp4 files to make it a lot easier to view all a character's attributes. -Progress on DQH2 for Switch has resumed. Am currently headed towards the battle at the Great Divide. Been just power leveling my crew, and waiting for my computer to return from repairs. Can't really understand a lot of hiragana and katakana, so trying to pick skills for my characters has been impossible without the Steam version to refer to. -Honestly, I really don't like the perf
  4. I'm starting to compile a list of spells and abilities in this game using Estark as my guinea pig: New moves registered as spells: -Plasma Dome (every single hitbox is buffed by spell damage) -Miracle Moon (oddly only the first two hitboxes receive damage buffs, the following hits after cannot be buffed by ability or spell perks) Nera information: -Her Hubble Bubble scales off magical might rather than attack, so despite packing Oomph, she cannot use it effectively herself due to her unnaturally low attack power. Even Strength Ring set ups do nothing. -Maelstrom s
  5. Okay. At last I have the DPS comparison between Lazarel/Teresa as sage with bow. I ran as much attack up buffs as I could with an uber ace of spoils that gives 20% ability damage increases. Ran most of my DPS off Shining Shot and Hyper Sniper, and used them to the limit as much as my MP would allow. I got about five or six criticals over the course of the match that shaved off considerable time, which I cannot get with Bianca...and I ended up roughly 20 seconds faster. Disregarding my last move that whiffed on him, time would've been about 6:07 or 6:08. So taking into consideration the sh
  6. Gonna post here to correct misinformation in an updated post in case people miss: : Read the parentheses for updated information.
  7. I did another test run, and got one that was actually "clean". I'll leave the original post up for strats, but gonna edit out the DPS segments because I got some new results that make me really believe otherwise. I'll include them in here though: So I mentioned getting getting sub six minutes with Bianca was feasible, but I finally had a really solid run with extremely low crap from Estark. I shaved off almost half a second with it. Right at 6:30. 24 seconds shaved off. Pretty good considering. It should be possible to push a tad below 6:20 at best. Probably around 6:15. So now I bel
  8. I cannot stress how angry this fight made me with Bianca. And I mean swearing my head off mad. I really ****ing hate Estark right now... Anyways, rant aside, this took at least probably 12 attempts to get. Maybe more. Bianca is fragile, and has a moderate dodge at +10 only. So while she can dodge stuff somewhat, she's nowhere near as tanky or safe as any other bow user. I really had to calculate my dodges, and I was trying to play around Estark's tension like with Angelo, but zoning him out compared to Angelo is just...it's simply not possible. Bianca's primary DPS comes combi
  9. This is crazy. And I mean in a surprising and good way: I got this with ANGELO. That simple Oomph boosting set I give to Carver, sage, and Desdemona? Gave it to Angelo, and I got this. It's entirely possible to get into the rare three minute category with him, and he's a bow user. This took me completely by surprise. I knew bow was good, but all it needed was Oomph and a few proper accessories to push it into such a crazy state of DPS.
  10. I try my best. If it helps any, to basically sum it all up, good continuous, physical attacks and abilities are what are best for DPS. So characters that are really strong are Carver, Desdemona, Terry, Lazarel/Teresa as a gladiator, Psaro, Luceus, Aurora, and Torneko. The other important thing is very strong support. So characters like Lazarel/Teresa as a priest, Angelo, and Meena are hugely important for helping the party out. And it doesn't hurt that the priest vocation and Angelo are fairly good for damage output in most situations, too.
  11. Okay, I believe after a few hundred hours now, that I know what makes characters "the best": either very strong support, or very strong, continuous DPS through a strong melee oriented kit/abilities. I finally figured it out after I couldn't for the life of me get why priest or sage without whip can't sub 10 minute Estark. It's not just due to their lack of answers versus his sleep explosions, but also because their move sets with actual power are beefy one to two hit moves. Like Thunder Thrust into Lightning Conductor with priest using a spear. Or why something like staff, despite it bein
  12. Updating times and thoughts: 4:45 with Desdemona: Think this largely due to how many lucky criticals I got. Got around seven or eight the entire round. I think her actual DPS without as many crits is around Terry's, so pretty good. Factoring in Strength Ring, Red Mist, and Catholicon Ring with lots of Hatchet Man. 5:03 with Terry: Finally proof sub five is possible, but damn is this hard. It's really dependent on Estark being cooperative. Estark really will not give me the time of day. He tends to spam Disruptive Wave too much, or hop around too much, making it harder to keep up Terr
  13. Okay so experimentation with the Oomph sage set up gave me clear insight into its potential. I had a bad run with Estark, where he was hopping around a lot, and spammed Disruptive Wave too many times where I lost count. I still ended up with 7:18, so with a more precise run, I could see this getting into the low six minute category. Maybe sub six if everything aligns, though I think that might be pushing it. (If you're reading this later on, disregard the first paragraph. Sub seven is plausible but hard. Sub six is not.) I could also use Starstrike more for better DPS, but it probabl
  14. Wouldn't let me edit the original post, so whatevs, but I got this with an Oomph sage lead team of AIs. Some stuff happened, but is possible to go lower. I thought of giving a physical sage a try, and it makes a world of difference. Strength Ring, Catholicon Ring, and Champion's Choker all maxed out with a +2 Uber Sage's Scourge. I'd really recommend a physical sage at this point. DPS is much higher, and you're not wasting tons of high end spells when all you need is Starstrike to consistently inflict higher damage at a much lower MP cost. Even just doing Twin Dragon Lash (end of attack string
  15. Uh just to clarify, I'm not playing the GBC version as of yet. That's down the line like I mentioned. Right now I'm playing on the Switch version, which is the ported iOS/Android versions. I've read up on GranDragon quite a bit already, so I know how he works.
  16. Hey guys. I'm doing a second run through DQ3. Currently at Romaria just grinding out gold and EXP. Most of the crew is at level 10. I have a couple questions. Last time I made it all the way to Xenlon, but knew my squad wasn't ready for her (all level 50s, Erdrick close to 60), so was gonna grind out, but got stuck. Best thing I could really grind out was LMS near Rimuldar. What's the best endgame grinding location? Also I'm playing on the ported Android/iOS version, so I know they removed Treasures n' Trapdoors due to compatibility issues. Am I really missing out on anything without it being
  17. Just a quick announcement, but testing will cease for quite a while. Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity is almost out. Any guide progress will be halted for the time being as well. I'm simply much more interested in this game rn, and with a lack of people to play with, it makes it harder to lab things out.
  18. I have a grasp on Torneko's DPS now. I am able to easily, and consistently, get below five minutes with him on Estark Extreme. His DPS is huge. He definitely is a power character. Side note, anyone want anything in particular labbed out?
  19. Actually I did forget one character: Torneko. I love using him, and I legitimately think he's one of the best characters in the game in practically every aspect. So Torneko literally has any answer for any situation. He can be a healer with his Sage's Stone (though it doesn't have the level of healing Multiheal does, but it costs a staggering 12 MP less), cure status effects with Wonderwand for the whole party, and even support the crew by putting enemies to sleep with Dream Dagger which is huge. The sleep status effect is rare for any character, and the effect leaves larger enemies helpless f
  20. Been a while since last post. Got some tidbits of new info that a lot of you might like for axe and priest users. So with some experimentation, I've got a lot of fantastic results with the priest vocations offensively using its best weapon: spear. I started experimenting more in depth with the Maulstrom line of abilities and another: Lightning Conductor. Lightning Conductor is very, very good. To the point I wouldn't recommend the Maulstrom line anymore for crowd options. Lightning Conductor is a very large, wide hitbox that surrounds your character. The damage on it is pretty close to Th
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