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  1. So for post #101, I got two things: 1. Guide will be started up this Monday. Get hype. 2. A gift from me to you: This is extremely class, weapon, and skill specific, but they are two of the best in the game at what they do. So as a gladiator, with axe, you can skip the normally slow start up of Blind Man's Biff provided you do an offensive attack first. You can do this out of Crackerwhack and its variants, Scrap Mettle, etc. You can skip the INSANELY SLOW start up of Omniheal if you do an offensive skill first as well.
  2. So I keep managing to push Psaro's damage output more and more versus Estark Extreme. This is now my second best time versus him. Even beating out my no damage run with Teresa as a martial artist. I got it on stream as well. I'll include it with a time stamp below in case you guys want to get an understanding for how I use Psaro here.
  3. Finally freaking got this. Took forever to do, but sub six minutes with Terry solo. Possible to push it lower with less damage incurred. Sub five is possible. Finally have confirmation Terry has the most DPS of any sword user.
  4. So here’s some plans for the guide, because this will take me lots or hours to do, so I will release it in stages. 1. First planned step is to gather all the character stats at level 99 for now. I’ll have complete pictures for them all. 2. Next step after is to get pictures of each unique spell and ability in the game, and give a detailed description of them all.
  5. Wow. Over a thousand views. Thanks everyone. I'm gonna start working at compiling a few planned projects after these others I get done with, so maybe you guys will look forward to the actual guide...but as a beta version.
  6. It depends honestly. If your character or someone in your crew is capable of reliably stunning larger enemies, then it's not as bad. Psaro is easily the best character for absolutely shutting down swarms of larger enemies given his kit doesn't need MP for it, and he can rampage without it, but he can still do it with Liberation as well. A Cut Above from him also stuns for the last two hits, or for all hits when enhanced with Liberation. Cesar with Solar Flair is a colossal move that does a lot of damage, and stuns larger enemies. Luceus and Aurora reliably stun larger enemies as well. This is why it's so important to have such an option in this game. It's one of the best things to have in the game. Mage however can't stun with any spells. Only Kazammle stuns larger enemies. So you need a lot of room to set up and cast spells. Ring of Ruin into Arcane Echo is the quickest way to set up. Then you can start flinging spells. Plus you'll likely need one of the AI/a partner to act as bait. But once set up is done, expect to level endgame foes in like two to three casts of Kafrizz. It's pretty busted if you can get it going.
  7. Actually I should take back something I said because I was horribly wrong: Blind Man's Biff saves the spear's DPS like crazy. Sub six minutes is possible on Estark Extreme lmao. That's a really good time. Especially for spear because it lacks the safety versus him, and by that, I mean his sleep explosions. You have to tank them. There's no dodging them. Despite the crappy dodges, spear is definitely a solid weapon for priest and gladiator. I've been going through so many weapons lately, and I feel like spear is actually much better than I should give it credit for. Like, I feel incredibly exasperated at how bad all of the sage's weapons are. The best two are bow and whip, and even then their kits are pretty mediocre. There's no good DPS for single targets aside from Hyper Sniper. They have good crowd tools, but after experimenting with mage, there's literally no reason why anyone should seriously considering running a spell set on sage over mage. Mage running Arcane Echo and Ring of Ruin literally ruins crowds of endgame enemies no problem. Sage is a bit tankier, with a health option, but why would anyone run an all out offensive set and do that? That's what the spell set up is. And mage has support with Kasap. Gladiator got access to ALL the best weapons, and I really mean that...minus axe of course. Axe is just...axe. It's terrible. Anyways, that aside, gladiator gets access to four good offensive weapons: claws, sword and shield, twin swords, and spear. Spear obviously isn't as high as the other three, but with the unique abilities to gladiator, with that good +20 dodge, Blind Man's Biff, Hurt Convertor for healing, and the Maulstrom line, you have a very well balanced weapon for every scenario you could think of. It doesn't have the DPS options that twin swords have courtesy of A Cut Above and Blind Man's Biff, or that AMAZING +36 dodge, but it does offer better crowd clearing over twin swords I would say. The Maulstrom line is just that good. Plus much more reach in general, courtesy of Thunder Thrust/Spear of Influence/Maulstrom line, so you can keep your distance with it over twin swords. Plus twin swords can't chain that invincibility off those back hops like spear can. Claws are much more specialized for single target killing, and horrendously lack crowd options, or ranged options period. It has everything else you're looking for that spear doesn't offer though, so that's another example of spear being able to carve itself a niche. Last sword and shield are probably what might do the spear in. Both are extremely good move sets, but sword/shield offer incredible ranged offense that even supersedes the might of Thunder Thrust: Whirlwind Reaper. Plus it has access to perfect blocks that increase tension, and the same dodge attributes of +20. And then you have the close range offense combination of Flame Slash and Blind Man's Biff. I think sword/shield are probably what straight up outclass spear compared to the other move sets, though I will test more on it. Also, after finally testing out all classes thoroughly, I think there's a few to consider looking into if you're looking for specific play styles. However, this might seem a bit controversial, but warrior and sage are not that good. Sage is one of the two unlockable classes...but there's literally nothing for it to offer over the offense of mage with 300% damage critical spells, or some close range option that it sorely lacks. Warrior is a well balanced class, but that's it in stats. Its move set is outdone in damage by gladiator, and outdone even by Luceus and Aurora. And Terry especially. And its abilities are either very weak, or not very useful. Morale Masher is a marginally less expensive Disruptive Wave...but Psaro quite literally has it, and a far better move set. So for the good classes: gladiator, mage, and priest. There's no literal use for thief. It is outdone is every respect by any other vocation or niche you're looking for. Martial artist is outdone by gladiator. Even its best move set, claws, is outdone in DPS by gladiator with claws, and it requires less set up on superbosses with Blind Man's Biff. Gladiator has lower stats in general, but much better dodges, access to more move sets for versatility, and it has basically everything you want in claws taken to the next level. The niche for martial artist is just not there. The tests with Estark Extreme taught me a lot. Mage I already broke down quite a bit. 300% spell damage with a bit of set up that can level groups of endgame enemies. It's the best spell move set you can access. You can get 100% critical spells for each of its three weapons since Ring of Ruin is a vocation based ability, and not a weapon based one. Arcane Echo is tied to heavy wand though, but 100% critical spells for each weapon completely outstrips anything sage can try to do to touch it. However mage has the lowest HP, doesn't hit 300 defense even with the Metal King Orb, and has only a +5 dodge. If you want to fling highly destructive spells, you will need to balance out the dodges and defense on this move set. Priest offers even better support than Kiryl due to Multiheal, though priest has lower stats in general. Multiheal is one of the most potent healing options in the game, plus it is tied to spear no less, so you have a good weapon for offense and for support. Kabuff combined with the Reheal line and Multiheal gives a lot of versatility to help the party, and Maulstrom is there to help shore up crowds of normal enemies in the way.
  8. https://youtu.be/7Crr0OFfu-k This is my first no damage against this guy. Also this is my second best time versus him. My PB is the thumbnail using gladiator and claws. Really excited this finally happened.
  9. Couple things about the game from the other day: -Managed to solo the Fractos fights (both versions) finally, and picked up something super important about base form Fractos: he can actually be stunned. This is HUGE. This means being able to interrupt his spell casts, and keep his BS down to a minimum makes the fight much more bearable. Characters like Psaro, Desdemona with Heart Breaker, Luceus, Aurora, or even the warrior vocation with Power Cut will be invaluable in keeping him in check. Luceus might be the hardest counter to Fractos actually. He has Bounce to reflect all his spells, and Power Cut is his C3, which means it doesn’t cost any MP to do. -It is possible for mage to be extremely deadly with 100% critical casts. When using Ring of Ruin, with enough boosting items, I was getting 100% critical casts. My build was an uber ace of spoils and monocle that gave an extra 35% critical chance to spells. Combine this with Arcane Echo, and you’re flinging double spells that cumulatively deal 300% damage. My Kacrack damage (Kacrack has two hitboxes on it, not used with Arcane Echo), between both hits, was doing over 3K. I was leveling endgame enemies in groups. -There’s another OP DPS build thanks to martial artist lol. With claws it gets access to Muster Strength and Divide and Conquer. It doesn’t get access to something ridiculous like Blind Man’s Biff, but Multifists deal tremendous damage with this set up. A casual run against Estark Extreme with Teresa only yielded a time of 3 minutes, 31 seconds. This still beats my Psaro run. There’s plenty of time that can be shaved off there. Sub three minutes is possible I believe. However it requires more MP to start up, six more to be precise, but after that Multifists will consume less MP over time, giving you more uses out of it than gladiator with Blind Man’s Biff spam. Especially with martial artist having like ten more MP as well. Plus it has built in healing like gladiator with Meditation, though I think Hurt Convertor is still better since you can go ham and recover more HP than Meditation will ever give. Regardless, martial artist has one of the best DPS in the game against bosses.
  10. You’re welcome. I’m just trying to learn this game, and share what I’m learning. I’m a firm believer in knowledge is power, and I share what I enjoy doing. So far I believe spear is passable on practically every normal enemy, and some of the stronger enemies like Pazuzu, Belial, Wight King, with it losing more efficiency on bosses like Estark, Dragonlord, Fractos, etc. Essentially the big bads, superbosses, or enemies with simply too much HP. I don’t think most enemy health is unreasonable for spear to deal with, even for an endgame priest or Kiryl. I think Uber Maulstrom is an absolute must on this set because it really turns up its zoning potential, clears crowds really well, and you can instantly go into a Maulstrom right after a Thunder Thrust. Lightning Conductor is also solid. Especially for stunning machine enemies. Chain Lightning is awful though. The damage ranges per hit are nothing special, locks you in place, and only the final hit does decent damage. For priestess (Teresa is my primary go to for this vocation), I run Kabuff, Multiheal, Reheal line, and Maulstrom line. Maulstrom is such a game changer for offense that it’s helped a bunch for her offensive pressure. For gladiator I tend to run the usual skills like Hurt Convertor, Blind Man’s Biff, and Maulstrom. The last skill just depends on the situation, but this is generally enough to get everything done. Gladiator has a natural +20 dodge, which really works off the back hops. Priest on the other hand has the worst dodge alongside the likes of mage at a mere +5. So what I do is run the Dark Orb on Teresa or Kiryl to give them an extra +10 frames for invincibility. Otherwise the back hop is really bad for escaping pressure. It costs some defense, but their defense stat is still enough for endgame, and they can cast Kabuff to remedy it no problem.
  11. Basically spear is like the baseline of usability for offense. If I were to rank a move set's offensive capabilities, anything lower than spear wouldn't be passable. That's the best way I can describe it. Pros: -Fantastic reach, especially off a Thunder Thrust -Thunder Thrust is extremely strong and travels a far distance. Also ignores blocking -Has tools for crowds and single targets, which makes the move set versatile -Chaining back hops is probably the single best dodge in the game minus the +36 invincibility twin swords on gladiator have : P -In the priest vocation you get access to the all important Multiheal while having an okay offensive weapon -Strong aerials -Best weapon a priest can use Negatives: -The dodges that replace your normal ones out of using an attack/spell/ability are all worse and much more committal than the rolling dodge minus back hops -Very low damage ranges all around on grounded attacks, which means that its DPS is low, and especially noticeable on superbosses where you basically have to stick with Thunder Thrust only -Even Blind Man's Biff can't save the damage output on this thing in the gladiator vocation. I've tried and it just doesn't work on much more powerful enemies So really anything like wand or axe I just wouldn't recommend over spear. Even on the better axe users like Desdemona or Yangus, they make have better DPS with their awesome abilities, or per hit for Yangus' case, but they lack the better standard kit outside of spells/abilities that spear has. And even then, spear has some pretty decent abilities overall as a gladiator for offense, or support for priest.
  12. So two goals have been hit, and they're extremely hard to go lower. Finally hit sub three minutes solo against Estark Extreme with the gladiator and claws. Other picture is solo priest vs him. Shaved off somewhere around three minutes last time I fought him like this. It gave me some good insight into spear.
  13. From the album: DQ Heroes 1 + 2

    Don't think I'll attempt this again. Shaving near ten minutes off my first attempt, and trying to get lower than this is near impossible.
  14. From the album: DQ Heroes 1 + 2

    Finally did it, and shaved off a considerable amount time doing so. Close to 40 seconds. This is insane to get.
  15. I just noticed... Dragonlord in this game doesn’t look like his iconic self... He looks like the Dragovian Lord’s Ultimate Dragon form... WHY KOEI TECMO? WHY!?
  16. Before I forget, I tested the ability Arcane Echo last night. It works like Twocus Pocus in DQ9, but there is a noticeable nerf...the second spell does 50% damage. Though at no extra cost. So with it you can sling an extra 50% damage, plus the hitboxes spells provide, for a while at an extra 15 MP spent. And you can dodge out of Arcane Echo very quickly, mean it is safe to commit to. So versus Quickfire Caster, it is slower, but Quickfire Caster reduces your spell damage to 70-75% of what one actually does, and you waste MP for each one cast. Arcane Echo is the opposite. No extra MP consumed, but the second spell only does 50% damage, and you have to charge to the different tiers. Honestly the clear winner here to me is Arcane Echo. The drawbacks and MP consumption are nowhere as bad as Quickfire Caster.
  17. Disregard the above post. The goal has been accomplished. Sub four minutes solo with Psaro vs Estark Extreme is possible. I have done it. Only gladiator with claws and Psaro are the two characters I know of capable of this. I feel extremely happy to have finally done this. WOOT.
  18. From the album: DQ Heroes 1 + 2

    I finally did it. I took a few tries, but I did it. Shaved off almost a full minute of my PB, and did something very hard to do. I think this is the world record.
  19. I I keep saying it, but Psaro definitely has the highest, consistent DPS. Sub four is possible.
  20. AzureZoa

    New PB with Psaro

    From the album: DQ Heroes 1 + 2

    Sub four minutes is possible.
  21. Well it technically can be couch co-op. It doesn't inherently mean one game must support multiple players, especially if there is another way for multiple players to be next to one another and play together. As for a second copy of the game, I don't really know as I can't read hiragana or katakana very well. I only know a couple terms and nothing I could make out. But there was an icon for connecting multiple Switches together via local wireless. With the lack of download play like the DS and 3DS supported, I would be strongly inclined to believe that it would require another copy.
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