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  1. You're doing God's work then for the DQ community. I heard about this translation project years ago, but thought it was dead in the water. I got it last night, and sunk a few hours into it already. The only problem is with Citra running at 0 FPS for a few seconds while it tries to load a cutscene. Aside from that, everything looks fine. I was having such a nostalgic fit last night it made me happy.
  2. @Plattym3 You're ****ing amazing. Thank you a ton for posting this news here. Dragon Quest Monsters is my favorite. Easily beating out Pokemon. I grew up on this series just like Pokemon. It's what got my 9 year old self into DQ, and it was the original version of this game no less. I've been waiting on a new Monsters title for almost ten years. I can't wait to sink a ton of time into this game, man. I'm gonna have a blast with this.
  3. I have seen the light of how busted Double Edge Slash can be. Did my first ever attempt at the Deadly Divide map solo. Went pretty well actually. Ran Terry with Miracle Slash, Falcon Slash, Cutting Edge line, and Double-Edged Slash. I knew from experimentation that pairing DBS with Miracle Slash and Falcon Slash would help offset damage taken, but this stage taught me something completely new. If there's enough enemies in a group, you heal all that damage taken by like 10x lol. I was healing for 1.5K HP at times using this strat, and just dealing insane amounts of damage to multiple larger ene
  4. I forgot I created this topic tbqh. No notifications lol. Too busy on Heroes 2 making the guide for the site.
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2442241320 The only other character in the game capable of sub three minutes I know of. I don't think I could get a more optimal run with Carver.
  6. I'm 100% fine with that. I'll transfer the existing work I have to a MS Word document to make things easier.
  7. Got sub five minutes with Desdemona. 4:58 exactly. Just one second behind Terry now. This is a stark contrast to my extreme struggles with every other character using axe. Yangus I can definitely say is probably by and far the worst axe user. No contest. Even gladiator and warrior have more uses than he does. The primary reason being their dodges are actually usable, and they're very safe unlike Yangus.
  8. @Woodus Would these be suitable to host on the site? I'm having a bit of difficulty with the guide, so I'll probably have to take the offer up to host this information on the site.
  9. Definitely a concentrated attack of sorts. Dunno why there would be a DDoS though. Against a larger site, like Smashboards I could understand, so this might've been a mining attempt like you brought up there. There's nothing to gain by DDoS-ing the forums here. I doubt they'd go through all the trouble creating a botnet just to do that. May want to dig deeper in on this with your host.
  10. All 23 pages of it.
  11. I missed a glorious thread in its heyday huh
  12. The reduction in quality for Teresa and Terry had to go down for file size limitations. Sorry about that everyone. Also Terry is using the Metal King Shield, which reduces block damage by 15%. That's not a native perk he has. I forgot to switch it out.
  13. Ruff.mp4 Psaro.mp4 Nera.mp4 Meena.mp4 Maya.mp4 Maribel.mp4 Luceus.mp4 Kiryl.mp4 King Doric.mp4 Jessica.mp4 Isla.mp4 Desdemona.mp4 Cesar.mp4 Carver.mp4 Bianca.mp4 Aurora.mp4 Angelo.mp4 Alena.mp4 Yangus.mp4 Torneko.mp4 My Video.mp4 My Video.mp4
  14. I have more info on Ragnar's attack speed mechanic. After those first four hits of attack string I mentioned, he gets this unique coloration over his body. All of his attacking abilities have faster start up.
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