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  1. Guess I’ll post some insight into spell only builds: don’t bother lol. I’ve been running rounds on Estark Extreme mostly since he’s the best guy to gauge a lot of a character’s strengths. Even with maxed out gear that gives extra 25% spell damage, 35% critical spell rate, and an extra 9% or so to critical spells, with heavy wand sage no less, I was really running out of MP at times to do much of anything to him. The problem is melee users just inherently have higher DPS since they can keep on attacking without having to repeatedly charge spells for max damage. I was even running a maxed Sorcerer’s Ring that put Lazarel’s MP over 250. I was still running out of MP a bit more into half the fight. It’s definitely better for non-boss enemies. Plus I wish to say a couple things about spear, staff, and axe. -Spear is actually okay. So long as you learn to dodge after your active attack frames, you will have access to your amazing normal roll dodges. The back hops on spear are extremely good as well. So there are workarounds, but it requires some practice of knowing when to use what attack. Overall its offensive kit with spells or abilities is solid, and its aerials do a fair amount of damage. Put it in the hands of a gladiator, and you will get the best results with their +20 dodge ability, and higher attack stat to really bring out its damage. Its abilities are all pretty decent, too. Especially access to Multiheal as a priest. -Axe is the polar opposite. Its aerials are absolutely terrible. Its attack string is terrible. And Rampage without access to Red Mist makes it worse. It relies too much on its abilities to shine, which all are really, really good. But when you’re too reliant on limited resources over a long fight, you’ll notice the drain. Its attack string is unsafe during two hits of it where you can’t dodge out of it, due to being in midair, and it has just normal damage for an attack string I believe. Rampage completely outshines it when you can dodge out of it. If you try to hit with the strong aerial, the first hit knocks targets away, so you cannot follow up with the slam. Plus the slam has a terrible hitbox and tends to miss a lot. I’d say this weapon is just plain bottom tier overall like wand. Desdemona can help bring out some of its potential with Red Mist to increase her attack, and have Hatchet Man ready as early as the fourth hit instead of the tenth. Yangus however, while slow, is undoubtedly the best axe user. He packs power with all his moves being able to be charged, has access to the fastest Parallax variants in the game, a weirdly timed, but very long dodge, and access to some paladin-esque traits. Whistle attracts their attention, and he can then activate Defending Champion. DC is so busted that most physical attacks will not even scratch Yangus, and it just comes with a measly cost of 5 MP, and reduces damage from breath and spell based damage exponentially. Even Estark’s strongest abilities when tensed up, or his sleep explosions, will not harm Yangus while DC is up. And you can cancel at any point with the attack button. -Staff is extremely mediocre. All of its unique abilities are crowd focused with lots of lag locking you in place. Deliverance, Royal Wrath/Nature’s Fury, Crushed Ice, Furious Flurry, or even doing Whirly Burly. Its few solo target focused moves, like Crushed Ice, take too long to do and/or lock you in place unable to do anything until it’s over with. Even getting access to Omniheal as a sage isn’t worth it. It costs 90 MP to use, and consumes so much time to activate, that I don’t believe it is really worth using. Staff seems like another below average tier weapon class given its lack of useful single damage output options. Even spear beats its out. As for some of the best move sets in the game, I can definitely say Psaro is likely candidate for the best. Carver is up there as well. Even beating out claws/Alena in DPS with Divide and Conquer active (just so long as Blind Man’s Biff isn’t being spammed of course lol). Sword and shield are amazing all around. I keep finding myself coming to sword and shield regardless of character because it just has everything you’d look for in a move set. Twin Swords in the hands of a gladiator are fantastic, too, but I wouldn’t know where to place them because they noticeably lack some of the stuff that sword and shield have as a gladiator, while also sharing quite a few things like Cold Fission/Inferno Slash. It’s missing the extremely important perfect block, and its moves seem to be slower due to how the attack string forces you into two hits, whereas sword hits once, making its attack string faster overall.
  2. And finally, after some grueling work with Estark, I've figured out how the magic orbs work for heavy wand. Uncharged variants function exactly like the bow. They're shot repeatedly and track your targets automatically. However, since these orbs have low damage ranges due to low attack, they're not as useful as bow. The charged variants function much like Inferno Slash or Sword Dance. First, I should explain the minimum number of orbs you can fire off from a charge is three. Even if you release it at the earliest possible timing, it will always conjure a third orb to fire at a target. Second, you can have up to 11 of these orbs out at a time. They all have their own hitboxes, so say if all 11 hit on completely separate frames, on one large target, all 11 will hit and do damage. However, there's a catch: this is practically impossible, but for good reason. If two or more orbs hit a target at the exact same time, their damage will increase, and function like the other two skills: depending on the amount of hits that connect, it will hit for one strike with higher damage. So if two orbs hit on the same frame, as a hypothetical, it will do 286 damage to Estark in a single hitbox. What if four hit at the same time? 542 in one single hitbox as another hypothetical.
  3. I have finally figured out how Psaro's Zam line of spells track targets. I had the perfect testing ground for it, too. It goes after targets with a lower HP total. So even if you're in front of an enemy, like say three feet, and there's another target 30 feet away, it will go after the one 30 feet away with less HP.
  4. I have the ability to do this, and I did this a lot for Hyrule Warriors and Breath of the Wild. Given how DQ is my other favorite fantasy series, I was wondering if you folks would be interested in seeing them for DQ Heroes 1 and 2. Here’s a couple sample videos for how I’ve done them in the past: https://youtu.be/WkHsr9LWV3Y https://youtu.be/NaTcFRxjlxE
  5. Had to start my DQ2 file over again due to corrupted data, so working on finally finishing the Erdrick trilogy. Previously my crew was early 30s to late 20s for the Princess of Moobrooke. I got the False Idol and didn't really get to Rendarak itself. Was holding off doing it until I got two Aurora Blades for the Prince of Midenhall and Prince of Cannock.
  6. Well I got it at a pretty good price actually. Shipping was nuts, but got that actual game at a really good price. I hate scalpers. I'll be making it a priority to play through the game and get it done ASAP. I want to see what all has changed, and I'll be posting information on Malroth as soon as I come to him of course.
  7. Like I mentioned in the title, take it with a grain of salt. The subversion of expectations has been put in place already.
  8. There’s been rumors circulating since last year about this game making its way west. There’s now an official placeholder date on Gamestop’s website. Take it with a grain of salt obviously, but it could finally be coming over here.
  9. You bet. It doesn’t let go of important information lol. Also I learned some things for the Japanese exclusive Switch ports for DQ Heroes 1 and 2. Aside from knowing Ragnar McRyan is in there, there’s also exclusive costumes based on the Prince of Midenhall for Lazarel and Teresa. Plus an additional boss fight that pits you against Malroth is in the game. I wish we got a localization of this. 😕 Guess I’ll have to import a copy. Not missing out on this content. This’ll be my first ever imported game. Plus they apparently balanced the game a bit better compared to the initial releases of both games. So I’m pretty excited to see what is different. Hopefully they balanced enemy HP a bit better. Dread Dragonlord is way too terrible with that much HP.
  10. Okay, so I found out some new things yesterday, and some old things I have forgotten to share. -So first thing is Quickfire Caster. This move costs some MP to use, and then consumes the same amount of MP required to cast these spells like normal. So if I use Uber Quickfire Caster, my tier three spells will be treated as "Quickfire versions" of it, come out instantly, and consume the same amount of MP to cast. However, there is one major drawback: spell damage is nerfed by 20-25%. So you're just throwing out spells for extra cost, and less damage. Spells really need all the damage they can get considering their max damage is around the 1,000-,1200 damage range for most. So not something I recommend. You're better off going with the mage class, with a heavy wand, and use Arcane Echo because it functions exactly like Twocus Pocus in DQIX. You cast double the spells for the same MP cost with no damage reduction. -Psaro has a unique move at the end of his C3 where he does a jumping axe kick into the ground. As soon as he lands and shatters the ground, you can press Y (for Xbox One controller reference), and he will fire off small dark darts. They don't do damage, but each one restores one MP. Last part pertains to Terry: I believe Terry is fundamentally the best sword/shield user. First let's cover the negatives. Terry does not gain tension off his rebuttals. He is the only character who can perfect block that suffers from this unique nerf. Also his attack power is comparable to the warrior vocation, which is pretty mediocre. So his damage output compared to Luceus, Aurora, Lazarel, and Teresa as gladiators is pretty nerfed for his combo attacks. Terry's normal combo attacks aren't as useful as the rest of the characters. Even Lazarel and Teresa's C3 thrust is better than Terry's Cross Current C3 because of the protection it provides. Also his Flip Chop is very bad. It can be hard to control, but even if you do, the move is weak multi-hit option, and the hitboxes are very tiny, meaning overall it is meant to be a one on one move, and because of these properties, it is terrible for killing smaller groups of enemies. And you're also better of using anything else for higher DPS. Terry cannot even stun larger monsters like Power Cut can for the rest of the characters. He also lacks the all important Flame Slash variant for the DPS the sword/shield move set relies so much on. So overall his damage output compared to them all is fairly lackluster for his normal kit. Now let's get to the positives. Terry is an extremely self-sustaining character. He has Miracle Slash, which lets him heal like the gladiator vocation, and he has Falcon Slash like the claws move set, letting him heal much more due to the multiple hitboxes. Falcon Slash lasts for roughly 15 seconds, and also increases his damage output, so there's a remedy to help him out. And on top of this, he has the most consistent, and best, MP restoration move in the game with his C4 (Brain Drain). Since Terry relies on a lot on his MP, having an ability to restore 21-25 MP at a time is huge. Terry also has a larger MP pool than any other sword user! His sits at a respectable 120 MP. And on top of this, Terry has a really good defense stat that even outshines Luceus and Aurora. He has the best defense stat of any sword/shield user. Plus he can use most shields in the game. I believe some are exclusive to him like the Zenithian/Erdrick equipment are exclusive to Lazarel/Teresa. But he can use the Metal King Shield, which offers the highest blocking stat of any shield in the game. Aside from this, Terry's damage output, with the right combination of abilities, can outshine any other sword/shield user. Falcon Slash combined with Uber Cutting Edge can significantly outperform Flame Slash and Frost Slash from the other sword/shield users. Even Blind Man's Biff from the gladiator vocation that Lazarel and Teresa can access. This is very MP heavy, but Terry can sustain it even on superbosses thanks to Brain Drain and his large MP pool. Cutting Edge variants also give Terry one of the most powerful options for a sword/shield user, and he can access a somewhat worse version of the Divide and Conquer/Blind Man's Biff tactic used by gladiator with claws. Still, it has amazing damage output overall. Also his Lightning Strike allows him to gain access to a high damage, far reaching projectile that travels farther than anything else the other sword/shield users can provide, and if it criticals one enemy, the whole move will critical everything else hit by it. It also does more damage than Inferno Slash/Cold Fission from the gladiator class. Terry also gained a much stronger final hit of his attack string no other sword/shield user has access to. He's also the only one able to manually restore MP. So Terry is the only character who can manually restore MP and HP aside from sage using heavy wand, and since he is a melee user, he is inherently better at DPS as a result. Terry also has access to other options, like Kaclang, but they're mostly situational. You'll find that Terry's best options consist of Miracle Slash, Cutting Edge and its variants, Lightning Strike, and Falcon Slash to cover all options. Kaclang is too situational, and locks you in place unable to do anything, which limits its use even more. You're better off using your mobility to get through most everything the game throws at you. The only things it can really offer, are a counter to certain moves, like Fractos Unfettered's meteor move. Mercurial Thrust is weak, but can be used as a form of quick slash to get in, though this is practically useless. Double Edged Slash consumes a lot of HP the higher yours is, and less the lower your HP is, but it is soundly beaten out in damage by Super Cutting Edge, so no point in wasting a handful less MP but much more HP for a weaker attack. Well that's it for the write up for now. Back to the lab again.
  11. So something minor, but labbed out the amount of time for C4 to come out for each sword/shield user. Terry actually does not have the slowest C4. They all appear to come out at the same time, even fully charged.
  12. Alright, so I've narrowed a few things down as to why Lazarel is getting such ridiculous times for Estark. 1. First, I should draw the distinction all his DPS comes from two things: Divide and Conquer, plus spamming it with Blind Man's Biff in super high tension. You can get around five of these off before you're forced into his coup de grace. 2. The extreme MP consumption required to do this, with gladiator's already low natural MP, and very low MP restoration, means you should use this conservatively. Even outside superboss fights. This is circumvented by aiming to get two super high tensions to bring him to his knees. You fulfill these requirements, get two super high tensions, and Estark is down. I should also point out a couple other things. Claws is not the ultimate move set. That distinction still belongs to Psaro I would say. However, it is still one of the best in the game I would argue (same for Alena). Claws are extremely focused on one on one, and really do lack good damage ranges all around. The strongest single hit damage value it has is a fully charged Knuckle Sandwich, which is pretty good actually. The second strongest hit is marginally stronger than an uncharged Searing Slash from Luceus, so essentially the move set has low damage values all around. This extends to Alena. The move set lacks a good ranged option, and its crowd options are pretty meh outside of Glove Bomb or using Divide and Conquer to increase hitbox size. Claws just lack the other strengths Psaro has: guaranteed ability to stun larger enemies (even in large groups, which is a godsend in this game), a projectile. MP restoration, ability to ignore blocking, etc. Psaro overall has higher damage ranges under normal circumstances than claws do, giving him a far higher, more consistent, DPS overall in the game. I think the only other character with this level of DPS is Carver still, and that's after he uses a Strength Ring, and Muster Strength. Not to say claws are not very good, as they are amazing, but the gladiator vocation truly brings out the potential in this move set. Why I say it brings out the potential is largely due to two things: Divide and Conquer's extra hitboxes, and the lack of an extremely powerful option. Because Hurt Convertor restores around 10% of cumulative damage done, the multiple hits of claws, combined with Divide and Conquer, increase your healing exponentially. This is especially true if used off a Divide and Conquer Blind Man's Biff. And this circles backs to the extremely powerful option: the clones last for an incredibly long time from Divide and Conquer, plus they deal about 33% of damage dealt done to targets. So even one Blind Man's Biff from a clone is doing several hundred, to over 1K in damage, especially if it's off a critical or on a weak point. The clones last like a full minute compared to Falcon Slash's 15 seconds, or when you divide at the end of a combo attack with claws/Alena (those last five seconds). These traits combined with a very fast attack string, strong aerials, a good C4 (it's essentially Psaro's C3), and the other best perfect block, and you have the recipe for a very, very strong move set. It's a highly specialized move set for one on one, and meh in other areas, but it still brings the pain in groups. It just doesn't kill large groups of normal enemies too well due to lack of wide hitboxes or projectiles (the exception to this is Glove Bomb which costs a large 13 MP). Like its whole kit for weaker enemies is beaten out by a simple Inferno Slash or Cold Fission lol. So you might see a lot of trouble with large groups of weaker enemies casting things like Bang, Kasap, etc. But it has everything needed to be a strong kit I would say. Well enough yammering. Back to the game. 😜
  13. I tied this with Psaro now. Can only go lower, and getting this initial time with Carver was more difficult than with Psaro.
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