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  1. Actually I did forget one character: Torneko. I love using him, and I legitimately think he's one of the best characters in the game in practically every aspect. So Torneko literally has any answer for any situation. He can be a healer with his Sage's Stone (though it doesn't have the level of healing Multiheal does, but it costs a staggering 12 MP less), cure status effects with Wonderwand for the whole party, and even support the crew by putting enemies to sleep with Dream Dagger which is huge. The sleep status effect is rare for any character, and the effect leaves larger enemies helpless f
  2. Been a while since last post. Got some tidbits of new info that a lot of you might like for axe and priest users. So with some experimentation, I've got a lot of fantastic results with the priest vocations offensively using its best weapon: spear. I started experimenting more in depth with the Maulstrom line of abilities and another: Lightning Conductor. Lightning Conductor is very, very good. To the point I wouldn't recommend the Maulstrom line anymore for crowd options. Lightning Conductor is a very large, wide hitbox that surrounds your character. The damage on it is pretty close to Th
  3. Couple updates: 1. Guide is coming along slowly, but surely. I'm trying to implement .mp4 files for each character to make viewing easier as it covers everything, and you can pause at any point to view the stats and spells/abilities available. Only have some characters done for right now. 2. I decided to look over the old sage vs. mage points I made some time ago. Boy was I wrong lol. Mage is very crippling to use. Sage outclasses mage across the board in stats, even when comparing its best weapon: heavy wand. The build's I have for this maximize spell and critical damage exponential
  4. So for post #101, I got two things: 1. Guide will be started up this Monday. Get hype. 2. A gift from me to you: This is extremely class, weapon, and skill specific, but they are two of the best in the game at what they do. So as a gladiator, with axe, you can skip the normally slow start up of Blind Man's Biff provided you do an offensive attack first. You can do this out of Crackerwhack and its variants, Scrap Mettle, etc. You can skip the INSANELY SLOW start up of Omniheal if you do an offensive skill first as well.
  5. So I keep managing to push Psaro's damage output more and more versus Estark Extreme. This is now my second best time versus him. Even beating out my no damage run with Teresa as a martial artist. I got it on stream as well. I'll include it with a time stamp below in case you guys want to get an understanding for how I use Psaro here.
  6. Finally freaking got this. Took forever to do, but sub six minutes with Terry solo. Possible to push it lower with less damage incurred. Sub five is possible. Finally have confirmation Terry has the most DPS of any sword user.
  7. So here’s some plans for the guide, because this will take me lots or hours to do, so I will release it in stages. 1. First planned step is to gather all the character stats at level 99 for now. I’ll have complete pictures for them all. 2. Next step after is to get pictures of each unique spell and ability in the game, and give a detailed description of them all.
  8. Wow. Over a thousand views. Thanks everyone. I'm gonna start working at compiling a few planned projects after these others I get done with, so maybe you guys will look forward to the actual guide...but as a beta version.
  9. It depends honestly. If your character or someone in your crew is capable of reliably stunning larger enemies, then it's not as bad. Psaro is easily the best character for absolutely shutting down swarms of larger enemies given his kit doesn't need MP for it, and he can rampage without it, but he can still do it with Liberation as well. A Cut Above from him also stuns for the last two hits, or for all hits when enhanced with Liberation. Cesar with Solar Flair is a colossal move that does a lot of damage, and stuns larger enemies. Luceus and Aurora reliably stun larger enemies as well. This is
  10. Actually I should take back something I said because I was horribly wrong: Blind Man's Biff saves the spear's DPS like crazy. Sub six minutes is possible on Estark Extreme lmao. That's a really good time. Especially for spear because it lacks the safety versus him, and by that, I mean his sleep explosions. You have to tank them. There's no dodging them. Despite the crappy dodges, spear is definitely a solid weapon for priest and gladiator. I've been going through so many weapons lately, and I feel like spear is actually much better than I should give it credit for. Like, I feel incredibly
  11. https://youtu.be/7Crr0OFfu-k This is my first no damage against this guy. Also this is my second best time versus him. My PB is the thumbnail using gladiator and claws. Really excited this finally happened.
  12. Couple things about the game from the other day: -Managed to solo the Fractos fights (both versions) finally, and picked up something super important about base form Fractos: he can actually be stunned. This is HUGE. This means being able to interrupt his spell casts, and keep his BS down to a minimum makes the fight much more bearable. Characters like Psaro, Desdemona with Heart Breaker, Luceus, Aurora, or even the warrior vocation with Power Cut will be invaluable in keeping him in check. Luceus might be the hardest counter to Fractos actually. He has Bounce to reflect all his spells, a
  13. You’re welcome. I’m just trying to learn this game, and share what I’m learning. I’m a firm believer in knowledge is power, and I share what I enjoy doing. So far I believe spear is passable on practically every normal enemy, and some of the stronger enemies like Pazuzu, Belial, Wight King, with it losing more efficiency on bosses like Estark, Dragonlord, Fractos, etc. Essentially the big bads, superbosses, or enemies with simply too much HP. I don’t think most enemy health is unreasonable for spear to deal with, even for an endgame priest or Kiryl. I think Uber Maulstrom is an absol
  14. Basically spear is like the baseline of usability for offense. If I were to rank a move set's offensive capabilities, anything lower than spear wouldn't be passable. That's the best way I can describe it. Pros: -Fantastic reach, especially off a Thunder Thrust -Thunder Thrust is extremely strong and travels a far distance. Also ignores blocking -Has tools for crowds and single targets, which makes the move set versatile -Chaining back hops is probably the single best dodge in the game minus the +36 invincibility twin swords on gladiator have : P -In the priest voc
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