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  1. Thanks, sagemaster, I could find at last Umm, DWM2!? You are so DWM series' gamer, Wonderslime
  2. By the way, who likes Dragon Warrior Monster the best?!?! I don't know anyone who says it's the best. Me? Well I've only seen someone who had played it, and he had said "This game is so-so". That's my experience. How about you?
  3. The latest game, DW VII is Ok and GBC is also Ok but if you have free time, try to find classical and original Nes game cartridge. Children don't know old Nes. That's pity, I think
  4. It doesn't make a sence if you do not stare at the ending of the Dragon Warrior or Quest series Pay attention to your quest especially when you are playing Nes.
  5. Thank you very much! (What are you doing lately? huh? Playing? Sleeping? Eating? eh? Studying hard? then I can't interrupt you. )
  6. When a new game is released, something like everyone says that new game is good, of course, but I'll say this topic will continue as possible! (Not related, huh?)
  7. He he, needless to say my favorite series is DW III. Too many time to say the same thing? Having the same our world is good. That's only DQ/DW III. Yes, that's it
  8. Hehe of course mine is dq vii, too the next is needless to say iii
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