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  1. Finishing Octopath Traveller and then it is time for DQ XI!!! I am very anxious.
  2. Let's wait a little more. I am hearing a lot about this game, and the reviews are been really nice and a lot of people are talking about it. It is one of main turn-based RPGs of the 3DS, I really think that this alone will push its sales up. Also, remakes tend to sell less than original games, so we should compare it with DQ IV, V and VI DS remakes, not DQ VIII/IX.
  3. Thanks, I still need to buy mine. I am really afraid if SE main Western released Turn Based jrpg becomes Bravely series, taking DQ place.
  4. Strange Journey was a great game, I only disliked that last dungeon with so many invisible floors. Just finished Persona 1 PSP yesterday (regular run, not Snow Queen). The only other Persona I finished was P3P. I am giving Persona 2 duology and 4 a run soon too. I kinda define myself as a SMTpurist.
  5. I liked very much 4HotL when I played back in 2014. I only played it because I liked Bravely Default really much. Though in that 100 floors challenge (post-game) there is a floor that I just CANNOT find the stairs, it is ridiculous, I might never finish that.
  6. I really want to play this game too. I have been happy and waiting this game since august. I have no time to play now though.
  7. New game to buy, awesome. DQ Heroes coming to west, best news of the year!!!
  8. Hey I am also playing it. I am thinking it is a really amazing game. I am about 15 hours so far only. Just decided to ally the mages (instead of the templars) and everyone at level 8/7, Main Character (warrior), Cassandra, Dorian, Solas. 2 Warriors and 2 Mages that use Immobilize/Frozen abilities.
  9. haha I am thinking of giving it a try too, which one should I start at? 1 2 or 3?
  10. http://www.rpgfan.com/news/2014/2362.html Well, not a Console RPG yet, but there will be SaGa 2015 for the PlayStation Vita and Imperial SaGa for the PC.
  11. Favorite Hero: Hard... The one from DQ IX and then the one from DQ III. Favorite Party Member: Reeeally Hard, Kiefer would be it, but he leaves so early in the game. Starkers is also really amazing, but he joins sooo late. Aquila is cool too, but also joins extremely late, and it is just better using a different character in your team. I really like Saber, but I think the characters from DQ VI kinda more epic: Terry, Milly, Amos, Lizzie... Ok I am gonna give this prize to Amos... He can megamorph to a Dragon and is an epic warrior!
  12. So: http://squareportal.net/2014/12/12/the-final-fantasy-xiii-saga-director-motomu-toriyama-returns/ *Toriyama Returns*, the one from FF XIII. Is this the pre-announce or something for this Console RPG?
  13. Well... I already hate Theatrhythm. Will continue to wait a DQ release for me to buy.
  14. . This! However, I think for the first time I will agree with Mattcraft and say that I would like an PC port.
  15. well, I really imagine a Pokemon game coming to mobile, it would really concrete the revolution to mobile gaming. I think no other franchise has that power.
  16. Agreed let's be sincere FF is an overrated franchise and Dragon Quest, underrated.
  17. Nobody here can resist posting more than once in that kind of thread. hahah I think that in general no one is really pissed off and hate a RPG, they just think it is overrated. Example: FF VI, I like it, but it is nothing amazing for me, when compared to FF VII or FF IX, FF VI is nothing and the game I think is the most overrated FF. I like it, it was an ok experience playing the game, but no love at all.
  18. I don't know why, but I think it can be a new Valkyrie Profile.
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