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  1. Okay I'm gonna try going on "Romhacking.net" this week to see if I can find any help. Shame I don't know much about coding/translating though so sorry for that. KInda off topic but I wonder if we'll ever get "Terry no wonderland 3D" in Amercia/Europe. Probably we will, but I'm nervous seeing as we didn't get "Slime Mori Mori " (Rocket slime "3") either. Meh guess their big project is DQX right now.
  2. Hi I'm Skyminxyz on Gamefaqs if you want to PM me their in the future. I'm also one of the beta testers from like 4months ago xD (I was way back in the 20's page wise.) Just took forever for me to remember the name of this site. Either way Don't Give up on this hack! More people are looking forward to it then you think. If you want I could advertise you on Game Faqs to send a few more testers or something. Up to you though, since some might be a ***** and just take the credit. Edit: Actally based on what Azurus just said I'm better off with an Updated Patch because the only error I could find was the end game area (Text was hard to read whenever dialouge came in that area.) Basically smaller/graphical text issue.
  3. Well, for now, I would "need" someone with DS disassembler skills to progress or beta testers for the latest stuff I did (basically, picking up most of the english text). Actually, I would have a version to release now, but my only concern right now is that I need beta testers who won't leak stuff on the web. ^Sorry if this sounds rude but could I be a beta tester for this game, basiclly already beat the main story of the normal version so I'll know where to go easily/ find bugs quickly (if there even are some of course). Also more importantly I have some spare time so I can often test it out (includes future Updates of course). If you could send me a link any chance you could send it by e-mail (or by pm if that is easier).
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