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  1. Final Fantasy XII has some of the same feel as DQ9. It has a big open world, some people have said it reminds them of playing an offline MMORPG. The characters are customizable to a point: you can build the characters any way you want, as far as what type of weapons/armor they can equip, and what abilities they can use. I also really like Radiata Stories. It is an action RPG, but there is a lot of customization. Although you can only control the main character, you can choose how he fights and how he looks and a big draw of the game is the amount of recruitable characters that you can put
  2. I'm in LA as well if you're still need those maps, kingmetal. I have a few MKS-only grottoes.
  3. It's a shame that we missed out on DQMJ2 Professional, especially since it came out only a few months before we received the regular Joker 2. The hate towards the newer Final Fantasy games is boring. I didn't know I was still stuck in the early 2000s, when it was the popular thing to bash VII, VIII, and X (especially X-2).
  4. Never say never. Fire Emblem recently went through something similar: a lack of promotion or marketing for more recent games and a lack of interest from gamers. The 12th game didn't get released outside of Japan since it was too close to the 3DS's release. They made a huge comeback with Awakening on the 3DS. DQXI, when it gets announced and released, will probably be back to business for the series. Personally I don't see Dragon Quest ever seeing a switch to more action RPG elements. Did you see the backlash for early screenshots of Dragon Quest IX? It didn't go over well with Japanese fan
  5. I wasn't underwhelmed or impressed in particular. I just had no real feelings about it. Mind you, I didn't care all that much for the PS3 either and we actually have one. The lines are starting to blur together with the Xbox and I'm sure that trend will continue. I feel like this next gen will be a lot more casual gamer-friendly, which I don't mind at all. I don't see why there's so much resistance to it.
  6. I don't think mine are that great, aside from the special ones I have. The highest level ones I have are Bronze World of Evil. Lv. 90 and Gold Path of Regret Lv. 72.
  7. Alena's outfit is unisex and if you put it on male characters, it gives them boobs. I always thought that was kind of funny. Putting male characters in the maid outfit is worth a chuckle as well.
  8. One of the main problems with the post-game stuff is that you either have to get it yourself, which can take hours of grinding, or find a way to get your hands on some special maps. Lucky I was able to circumvent this problem with an R4 and a 2nd DS, but I can see how it would be frustrating for other people. Mind you, I still have had to do a lot of grinding, which is normal in a DQ game I suppose. If you were outside of Japan, you were pretty much screwed over, since it was hard to find other people who had the game and were trying to get maps, too. Hopefully somewhere down the line when
  9. I've been going through the same thing. Most of my maps are below lvl. 50 and I only have a handful of high level ones with only +2 to my main character as a Sage. It would be cool to find someone near me to trade high level maps.
  10. Yeah as far as I can remember from some of the older ones, none of the priests ever mentioned God or anything of the sort. I remember when I first saw that page and my eyes rolled back so far in my head.
  11. I think the Prince of Cannock was probably improved the most. He had access to better weapons and armor and rarely died when I played DQ2 on the GBC. I remember he was notorious for dying often in the NES version that it's become a running gag/joke for older fans.
  12. I wonder if Swordgon / Nardragon is going to be larger for this game. I thought it was surprising that that enemy was so tiny in Joker.
  13. I was actually pleasantly surprised that Seth Green was in the commercials. If anything, to me it seemed like Square Enix of America was giving DQ9 better promotional material. Seth Green is a pretty big name in the geek circle.
  14. First was Dragon Warrior Monsters and then Dragon Warrior III. I fell in love with the series at that point.
  15. Not sure if it counts but in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, the main character is canonically female, even though you can pick your gender.
  16. Parasite Eve, if you count it as an action RPG. Also Jeanne D'Arc if you like turn-based RPGs. Also Odin Sphere has multiple main characters, the first one you can play as is female and is the most prominent in the story.
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