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  1. Have you tamed a Metal Medley yet?


    Also, not sure where you got the idea from, but Yangus is right, Tame MUST be final monster killed.  The only time where it doesn't matter as much is stealing, where Auto-steals from Thief/Pirate/Vigilantern (really the Djinn Genie) net you a steal from a randomly selected monster, so kill order is of no consequence as auto-stealing is a higher rate than drop.


    Not yet, I don't believe I have that map at the moment. Gonna have to wait until it's available again.

  2. What I did was have two people set as Monster Mashers using Animal Magnetism, while the other two kept attacking. The two using AM had Metro. Bracelets for double speed so at least two AM's were "cast." Eventually I was able to tame one.


    It's one of those luck of the draw monsters you can recruit, like the Metal and Gold Mannequin in one of the DLC tablets. Even one use of AM will help out.


    Someone else might be able to confirm, but from every time I've recruited a monster it was the last one I killed, even if it wasn't one I was aiming for or just recruited by chance.


    Thanks for the advice! I managed to tame one finally after 59 of them defeated... I was beginning to run out of patience. They just seem notoriously difficult to tame.. I don't know if this made the difference but it only took a few battles after I started defeating all of the other enemies first.

  3. I feel like I'm at my wit's end here. So I've been trying for what feels like hours now trying to tame a Gem Jamboree from one of the DLC tablets. For whatever reason, I have not been able to tame one despite fighting dozens of them by now. I'm using a party of four mastered Monster Mashers and try to start off with everyone using Animal Magnetism on them. Two of my characters (Hero and Aishe) are strong enough to defeat them with physical attacks. But every time I manage to defeat them, I still can't seem to tame one. As far as I know, you don't need to defeat the monster you want to tame in battle last.


    Usually I try to defeat them by the 2nd turn since they run away fast and there's no way to put them to sleep, etc. Am I doing something wrong?

  4. Gold golems dropped that much amount of gold in the original Japanese PS2 release from what I remember. Their gold drop got buffed up in the Western release to something like 700 a pop, which is a little ridiculous. But considering you can just go up to gold golems as much as you want in the 3DS release, it doesn't seem like a drastic change.


    That being said, I've never run out of money. I don't know if it's just because I fight a lot, but as of yet, I have not encountered a situation where I didn't have enough money to purchase all the new equipment in a town.

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  5. Er, Guv's.. not his actual name. It's a nickname. Although naming the hero leads to a funny situation on the boat to Peregrin Quay where Jessica asks the hero if she should refer to him as "Guv" like Yangus does, or by his actual name.


    I think for the sake of convenience, Eight is the closest thing to a so-called "canon" name, much like Auster is for VII's Hero.

  6. I found the Mushroom Mage infamous monster! You can find her in the hills above Desert Chapel (leave the chapel and head northwest-ish to the house in the mountains) and her name is Psychedelia (Madge when recruited). I'm not sure if I've encountered any other ones yet.

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    I think it at least somewhat confirms they have something planned for dragon quest 11. And honestly, that is the only game in the series that we haven't gotten, that I really don't want to miss. I'll buy every dragon quest game they bring over, I'll play them for hours, I'll love them. But DQ11 is the one I would be kind of devastated about if we don't get it.

    But that aside, we have seen statements like this before. If they follow up on it, that would be great. If not, no surprise.


    You forgot X.

    I really want 10 as well, I am supporting the campaign. But 11 is just that one game for me. I would definately prefer it if we got it. But if we don't get 10, I wouldn't be to upset about it. That said, I do hope the campaign succeeds. This is one of the few mmo's I would like to play.


    I'm in the same boat. I would love to play X at some point, but I'm content if we don't get it. I'm not holding my breath. I know it's a huge risk to bring that particular game over since MMOs often don't succeed (at least not for very long). It would be a miracle if it does and I would gladly support it. At this point I would love to see a confirmation of XI's localization first.

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  8. I actually tried to make a dq board game once, which ended up turning into pen-and-paper DQ. I'd totally back a kickstarter or help with any other type of funding.


    A pen-and-paper Dragon Quest tabletop RPG sounds like it would be really fun! I mean the setup for III and IX feels pretty close already to playing a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

  9. Just out of curiosity, would anyone in the Los Angeles area be interested in doing a meetup sometime soon to play some Dragon Quest IX multiplayer together or even do some StreetPassing now that Dragon Quest VII is out? I think it would be cool to get a regular group or even just a meetup similar to the New York one. We could meetup maybe in Little Tokyo or somewhere else. I live close to the Burbank area, but Little Tokyo is very easy for me to get to.


    I have a lot of the "famous" grotto maps, including a few with Metal King Slime-only floors, the Masayuki map, and a map with a Gem Slime-only floor and would love to pass these over to other people if they needed them.

  10. I don't know if people are aware, but the iOS version of Dragon Quest II has been crashing frequently since they last updated the game in August this year. I wanted to play the game recently, but discovered that the game crashes frequently. On the app store right now, the reviews are mostly 1 stars now because this has affected a lot of people. My phone recently forced me to update to iOS 10, which seems to be the problem. For whatever reason, the game cannot handle battles where more than one of the same monster appears and it will crash, usually when the battle is about to end. A lot of people have reported that this essentially locks the game since you have to beat a pair of gremlins in order to unlock the ship in Rippleport. My guess is they ran away from any battle where multiples of a monster would appear, but that seems like a huge problem for gameplay if you have to constantly do that.


    Out of curiosity, I also tried out Dragon Quest I and III on my phone, and thankfully they weren't crashing. I got into about 5 or so battles in each game and so far encountered no problems, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were some problems down the line.


    It's been roughly two months since the update for II and so far, no fix has been made. I will probably be reporting the issue, but there's no guarantee that there will be a fix for it. Some people have suggested tweeting at Dragon Quest and Square Enix to get their attention, but I would be disappointed if this was a fruitless effort. Maybe with a unified campaign or something, we could get their attention to fix the issue. It seems like some people with Androids have had similar problems with trying to play the Dragon Quest apps, as well.

  11. Light Sword for the Prince of Cannock. I forget what town it's in exactly, but you buy it in a weapon store. The Lightning Staff is the best weapon for the Princess. I would also give the princess a power shield if you can afford it, since it's a free midheal they can use whenever.

    The flowing dress is the best armor for any of the characters, but I usually give it to the princess. The mink mantle, if you can afford it, is best for whoever doesn't get the flowing dress.

    Thunderbolt blade is the best for the hero naturally, as well as all of the Erdrick/Loto armor.


    Found the image. I don't take credit for this image, it's not mine, all that fun stuff. Still interesting to see:


    On my recent replay of dq7 on ps1 I saved a slot that starts off right when I can enter rexwood, so if I play the ps1 version ever again I can start there immediately. One of the benefits of the old Playstation memory cards. But I'm not sure if I will ever play the ps1 version again. Might be too hard to go back to after the new changes on 3ds.


    I did the same thing actually. The last time I played the PS1 version I have a file saved at the Ancient Fane right before you head to Rexwood.

    I had bad experiences with the first part of the game, especially when I first played the game at 10 years old. It's just a lot of running around between the same screens, talking to people, collecting stuff. To me, the interesting part of the game starts when you get to Rexwood/Ballymolloy. I personally did not miss some of that puzzle solving in the Ancient Fane and was glad they made it abbreviated in the remake.


    I know some people, especially on the Facebook group, were really bitter about the changes/getting rid of the puzzles. To which I say, the 3DS version doesn't cancel out the PS1 version. They're more than welcome to go back and play it. A lot of people were turned off from the original version because it took so long to get things going. You can't make everyone happy, I guess. It's funny thinking looking back at Dragon Quest VIII now too, since you get into a battle about 5 minutes into the game.


    And the 30-45 minutes thing for the PS1 version: yeah that's possible if you know exactly where to go, skip items, etc. which most people aren't going to do or know instinctively. It's an interesting experiment at least. It seems like an unnecessary counter to people who disliked the prologue of the game for valid reasons.

  13. Red Dragon, unfortunately for your nephew, our mage is married. ;)


    You all did excellent work.  Is everybody a DQ fan in the photo, or did you hand off art-work and they came up with their own costumes?  Or was this a case where you drafted all the clothes and your friends were the models?


    Thank you! Only the Priest and I are really Dragon Quest fans. My Priest was also my Flora/Nera when I did Bianca before! Everyone else is at least a JRPG fan or had at least dabbled in the games a little. I showed them all the artwork that exists and they all made their own outfits!

    I'm so sad that I didn't get to go to Fanime! I would love to go sometime. At least I happened to see the pictures of your group.


    You're also lucky that you have a group of friends to do Dragon Quest cosplay with lol. I live over in Los Angeles and have yet to really do any Dragon Quest cosplay, but I want to rope some friends into it. I have the stuff for a Terry cosplay from Dragon Quest Monsters, but not sure what con I would bring it too. One of the guys I've met through cosplay in Los Angeles is also a big Dragon Quest fan, but to my knowledge, he's never cosplayed anything from Dragon Quest either. I think two years ago, I spotted a kid cosplaying the Hero from DQ8 at Anime Expo.


    One of these days I'd love to cosplay the male Hero/Erdrick from III and it would be a dream to get an entire group of both the male and female characters.

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