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  1. There is a few other subtle hints like Aira/Aishe knowing Flame Slash when she joins the party and being able to equip basically everything that Kiefer could, including some pieces reserved for royalty.
  2. So I recently loaded up my game since I hadn't in a while and discovered a few more monster teams/combinations that the 3DS added. Bad Spellers - Mudison (mud mannequin), Dimples (imp), and Twiggy (treeface) can use Crippling Kaboom, a stronger version of Kaboom that does around 300~400 Bang-type damage. Fun Guys - Bo Lete, Madge, and Mush (all mushroom-type monsters) use Super Sweet Breath, which has a higher chance of putting all enemies to sleep. Hurricane Force - Barry Wight (wight king), Priestley (dark minister), Lumpy (lump wizard), or Harry (hawk man) can use Hellfire Hurricane that does around 250-300 Woosh-type damage—the same attack that Estark can use on you! The Holey Trinity - Doug, Dugan, and Digby (all mole monsters) can combine to form Guaca Mole, a powered up and glowing palette swap of Don Mole. Seems pretty powerful and he can perform music that inflicts confusion on all enemies. Bright Sparks - Sir Bodless (phantom swordsman), Damon (demon thunderer), and Othello (hellstalker), all enemies that can use Lightning. They can cast Bolt of Blight, which causes 300~450 Zap-type damage on all enemies. Out of all those, Hurricane Force and the moles seem like really cool new monster teams.
  3. If you like Diablo/Action RPG-style of games, Torchlight II often goes on sale on the eShop. Those games (the first two at least) are really fun and the second one even has multiplayer.
  4. Same here! I'm waiting to start it, but I love tri-Ace games. I was happy it got ported to modern consoles cause I missed out on it when they rereleased those on the PSP.
  5. I picked up Legrand Legacy and Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story recently since they were really cheap on sale. Valthirian Arc looks like a fun distraction since it was only about $4 and Legrand Legacy is apparently an old-school throwback to JRPGs so hopefully it should be entertaining
  6. Currently playing Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch, if you count that as an action RPG. Have about 52 or so hours so far and enjoying it a lot. Also been going back to play the original Dragon Warrior Monsters.
  7. Builders 3 would be nice, but the director of the series (Kazuya Niinou) left Square Enix just after Builders 2 completed, so it's future is kind of in question.
  8. I had the game downloaded on my phone for quite a long time when it was first released and I think only played it maybe once or twice. The problem is I already play a few other games on my phone and Stars just couldn't hook me in the same way. About a month or so ago whenever the year anniversary was going on, I figured I would give it a shot and did play for a few days and then the shutdown announcement happened... so I figured I would just save myself the time and delete the app. It is a huge bummer because I knew people in my DQ friend group who really loved the game and played regularly, but some of them are just moving to playing on the JP server.
  9. Add on top of that we're just about to get yet another Dragon Quest mobile game and Tact's prospects don't look too great.
  10. I'm trying not to be cynical since I am enjoying the game a lot, but I can see it lasting maybe a year or so.
  11. I wonder if the spear/naginata is Martina's main weapon or it'll be similar to VIII where characters can use multiple weapons. It would be cool if it's the latter. I think it's interesting seeing characters wield different types of weapons.
  12. Not yet, I don't believe I have that map at the moment. Gonna have to wait until it's available again.
  13. Thanks for the advice! I managed to tame one finally after 59 of them defeated... I was beginning to run out of patience. They just seem notoriously difficult to tame.. I don't know if this made the difference but it only took a few battles after I started defeating all of the other enemies first.
  14. I feel like I'm at my wit's end here. So I've been trying for what feels like hours now trying to tame a Gem Jamboree from one of the DLC tablets. For whatever reason, I have not been able to tame one despite fighting dozens of them by now. I'm using a party of four mastered Monster Mashers and try to start off with everyone using Animal Magnetism on them. Two of my characters (Hero and Aishe) are strong enough to defeat them with physical attacks. But every time I manage to defeat them, I still can't seem to tame one. As far as I know, you don't need to defeat the monster you want to tame in battle last. Usually I try to defeat them by the 2nd turn since they run away fast and there's no way to put them to sleep, etc. Am I doing something wrong?
  15. I've never had to delete any extra data and I was able to get both the Candy Cane and Ye Olde Sword of Erdrick fine. Today's item for me was a super seed of wisdom
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