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  1. * Sorry for bad English / Grammer * Hello everybody, I'm just came back just recently and I wanted to know if I should play this game. I know there's alot of DQ games but I never play any of it except the Joker series and this game is the latest one? I need to know what this game is like and is there any fun stuff in it. I don't mind a little spoiler, I just need some motivation from you guys to play this game. I don't wanna watch any trailer or gameplay. *omg my english is so bad*
  2. Thanks and sorry for the late reply. I didn't play any other DQ game beside Joker series. Maybe I should try Dragon Quest XI on my PC
  3. *Sorry for bad english / grammer* Hello I am Yami from 8 years ago. I was playing DQMJ2 with some friends here that time and my wish is to find some of them back again and have a little chat or something T~T. I make a post here to see if anyone is able to help me or remember me. I can name some of them , sandypup , ss14hero , kaizzerereich , dj blackjack , etc . and platty? PLATTY DO YOU REMEMBER ME?
  4. My FC is on my profile. Do leave a message/PM if you wanna battle with me. ^_^
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