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  1. I know I'm nearly a year late to this but holy $#!&! I'm so happy that that idea didn't make it! I thought IX was great just the way it was, no enough turn based rpg's anymore. DQ Heroes was bought just to show support, I really didn't like the Dynasty Warriors gameplay.
  2. I played the demo and must say I loved it! It felt like the combat could get a bit stale in time. Menu button on X feels weird. I was concerned there would be no roofs in the game, leaving your towns to look like just a maze of walls in the end. After a bit of searching I came across this image though, implying that roofing is unlocked later on.
  3. You. I like you already. Aw, no full we bite? You's a good bot
  4. Hehe, yeah I've read some of the other introduction posts and noticed he was saying that in each of them. I'm not exactly new here though, I've been here a lot in the DQMJ2 days.
  5. I'm afraid it died 4 or 5 years ago :,D
  6. Hi, my name is Tim. I am 25 years old and live in the Netherlands. Recently a lot of good stuff has been happening for western Dragon Quest fans, so now I'm here! Hello! Ps. I bite back
  7. I used to smoke about 1 pack a day, at 5.60 (euro) a pack, which amounts to about $7,53. 7.5 * 7 = 52.5 52.5 * 52 = 2730 a year. It's still a lot, but not as much as you counted Mehh, shouldn't have started it at age 14.. But hey for the good news! Im down to about a pack a week
  8. First game was VIII for me. I was addicted, finished it and then kinda forgot about it. Then came IX. God. Addiction. After that came DQMJ2, fuelling my thirst for more DQ. I am now working on completing DQ V and DQM2, when I'm done with those I'll probably pick up a copy of DQVI. I also really wanna find a copy of DQVIII again, because I am stupid and got rid of most of my ps2 games when i bought a new ps3 (the ones who dont support ps2).
  9. trust me i hear ya, im in very good shape but damn them menthols got me addicted hahahha We are not alone
  10. Name:Tim Born: 11-07-1991 Location: Netherlands What i do: Play games (anything DQ, LoL, Bethesda games), chill with my girl Problems: Quitting smoking is a downright pain in the ass (I just keep failing), I tend to be anti-social IRL. Sup
  11. Havent really been playing DQMJ2 past 2 weeks. I rarely have time for playing, i can almost only play my ds for the 1 hour it takes me to get to my internship and on the way back every day, in weekends i'm rarely at home also. And lately i have been preferring DQ9 and DQ5. Gonna be working on my team again this week though, I want to finish top 100 in some category for once. All i've won were metal kaiser and metal king so far. Probably just gonna improve on my scout team: King cureslime -cleric -defence boost III -agility boost III Archdemon -bang and frizz III -agility boost III -agility boost II Or maybe make a team around my maxed Beetlebully and dhuran (bounty hunter and champion repectively plus attack boosts) I should look into getting me access to some Uber skillsets. I only own Dark dynamiter.
  12. The first day that you enter in the WMC pits you against developer-made teams right? Anyway, I've started working on a Archdemon with bang/frizz3 (show no mercy), and agi boost 3 and 2. He will be entered into the Scout league along with my King Cure slime (mix it up) who uses cleric, defence3 and agi3. Gigagash and kaboomle combined made me win all my day 1 matches, but those are allways easy. I'm trying to pump some more stats into them, but i gotta take care not to go up a rank...
  13. Managed to go a solid 4/5 every day last week, won me a metal kaiser slime and ranked in at 123rd. One question though, Why is everyone so fond of the boulder tossers? Is it like the overpowered move for the game?
  14. I remember using a Magmalice, spitnik, and firespirit ingame. (all crafty somethingsomething) I really liked them! Yesterday i got my ass whooped by a blast slashing Magmalice on wifi (superscout), he did some insane damage.
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