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  1. Happy 2012 my friends take care :).

    1. ryangroovy


      Happy New Year! Let's laugh at the fools who think the world is ending. :P

  2. Happy 2012 my friends take care :).

  3. So Like Anybody Want to trade any monster's with me today ?.

  4. Question For Everybody ? .Do you think professional DQJ2 will come out for USA ? .

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Mattcraft


      Not a R4. If you have a DSi, get an Acekard2 or CycloDSi. The R4 works best on the old DS lite or DS original with WoodR4.

    3. GoblinX_x


      im rather new to this stuff. but i seen that it can play roms and translate them some what. so is it able to play DQJ2Pro ?. and whats the website to buy this and thank you for your help ^_^

    4. GoblinX_x


      i have a ds lite like one from when they first came out.

  5. Im Very Happy That Im Apart Of This Site ^_^ Thank You Dragon Den <3.
  6. I would Love To Show Support ^_^.you guys on facebook or any other site's ?.
  7. I Really Love <3 this site i usually like to have just straight up hitting. monsters with multiple attacks rock. and have a healer on the side with buff's.
  8. i would love it if u guys had more contest's so we can win stuff that would be very great ^_^between love the site .
  9. Getting My team Ready For DQJ2 Hopeful.

    1. 123321


      Good luck getting a good team.

  10. GoblinX_x

    Dragon Warrior Monster Pictures.

    Some Of My Favorite Characters From The Game ^//^.
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