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  1. Let's see: 1. Indeed. 2. To access the World of Light, you have to first beat Rigor Mortex. After that the game prompts you to check the pillar in the center of the Dark World. I assume that will open the path to the World of Light (I stopped playing right after beating Rigor Mortex, so I'd have to confirm later). 3. I personally combine my gold farming with my experience farming, and just beat on monsters in the Dark World. As for specific monsters that give a lot of gold, I have no clue either. Hope this helps!
  2. So, the Khalamari skill set it is I suppose. I probably should get 3 Conklave XYs for scouting purposes now that I can access the Land of Light. I haven't been there yet as I just beat Rigor Mortex, but I plan to go soon. As for actually getting a King Squid, I'm thinking Yabby + Gracos, since I already have a Belial and a Yabby. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hi guys! Two terrible workdays and general laziness later, I'm finally going to post my first thread in the Den! I was looking through the monster list and realized that King Squid is in this game. So, one of the first things I'm going to do after beating up Rigor Mortex is to find a way to synth one, because he's one of my favorite monsters (even if he does happen to be size 2 thanks to the new system in Joker 2). Anyways, I was looking at the skillsets that grant Tidal Wave, but they all seem a bit lackluster. That's without mentioning that the easiest skillset to access out of the five is on Khalamari. I suppose my question after that little rant is: Out of the five skillsets, which is the most viable one for use in online play? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello there guys and girls! I've been lurking in this site for a few days now, ever since I beat the main game of Joker 2. I've been an avid Dragon Quest fan ever since I got to play both Dragon Quest Monsters 2 (better known as DWM 2 in North America) and Dragon Quest 3 (DW 3) back in 1999. Since then, I've played: Main Series: 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 Monsters Series: DWM II, Joker, Joker 2 My favorite monsters are those related to ice and water (I miss the days Water had its own family, *sigh*) My favorite vocation in Dragon Quest IX is the Paladin (with the Sage being a close second). I write (well, used to write thanks to the fact I got a "real" job ) videogame articles that I post over at Hubpages.com. If you ever want to check them out, my username over there is also Winterfate. I've written several guides for Dragon Quest IX (some of which got taken down for low-quality pics and I've been too lazy to get better pics for, but that's another story all-together). Anyways, that's enough about me for now. I'll be around lurking, and perhaps posting in some threads. Nice to meet you all! P.S: Great site! Your synthesis tables for Joker 2 have helped me out greatly!
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