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  1. this topic is a little bit old and I don't know how to express my self but what I have to say is that I enjoyed more FFIV than DQIV ( I'm currently playing) but DQIV is better than DQV (for me, don't kill me).
  2. i can't get used to dq monsters name changes

  3. So DQX has no chances of being translated to english, rigth?

    1. mnicolai


      It has a very good chance of being in English. Probably a year after the Japanese version comes out.

    2. MadMoai


      What makes you think that? It will likely come out in English at some point. I've noticed that Dragon Quest games tend to take a long time to translate/prepare for English compared to other games, though.

  4. I'm the one who buys games even knowing that I have don't that console?

    1. Kalmana


      I'd do the same thing if it was a series I want to support. Besides, between me and my friends we have all of the consoles, I'd probably just ask one of them to use it.

    2. Ring Man

      Ring Man

      Same, I buy the game because I usually have friends with the console, or maybe I'll get it if I get some spare cash

    3. DragonGaurdian


      Me! But only if it's either a REALLY good game, if the store may not still have it by the time I DO get the console, or if I'm a big fan of the franchise (i.e. Doom, House of the Dead, etc.).

  5. my soccer team just reached to the final on the mexican league

    1. alanredstar


      i mean the team that i support

  6. cause ya dun goofed up

  7. So, another COD is coming! I like COD but there are too many shooters and CODs! Damn!

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    2. Mattcraft


      Stop whining, Black Ops came out in 2010. MW3 doesn't count.

    3. Thunderbolta


      How does MW3 not count? It's a COD game, using a similar engine to Black Ops.


      All First Person Shooters kind of feel the same to me. I don't see the wow over a new one. I've actually played Doom, which is (I think) the first ever First Person Shooter, and, well. Update the graphics and you have COD in a nutshell.

    4. Mattcraft


      MW3 is a piss-bucket compared to Black Ops in my book.

  8. It's zelda an RPG? im think not

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    2. ryangroovy


      Zelda II Is technically an RPG. I still consider the series as a Action-RPG, though.

    3. alanredstar


      yeah zelda 2 is the black sheep of the series, im not saying that its a bad game

    4. ryangroovy


      Yeah, but it's still a member of the series.


      Most people don't like it, but it's probably my 3rd favourite Zelda game, below Minish Cap and Majora's Mask.

  9. have you guys ever played quest 64? the music on that game its like epic for me dont know why

    1. bahamutx83


      I just wish I hadn't bought it at release...biggest waste of $70+ dollars ever.

  10. im so angry with my brother

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    2. alanredstar


      because he pasted the skylanders stickers on his notebook now we have an incomplete skylanders package! >=(

    3. Pedro


      Oh god. It's like he killed someone.

    4. Lord_Rigor_Mortex


      spyro games can be addictive cant they?


  11. i hate the guy who invented the homework!!

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    2. Neofrodo


      Here's some more stuff on the subject:



    3. Mimas




      Homework counts towards your grade, so yeah, if you don't do it your grade will be lower. And having computer science projects done in a lab hour is much more useful than doing it home alone.

    4. Gooptek


      Actually, that's the reason of me being kind of unnactive lately... I'm fine with having homework, I just think they send too much of it...

  12. damn castlevania dracula x chronicles is hard! i hate that hydra!!

    1. PrimeSlime26


      You'll get it, it's a trial and error process. I beat the game quite some time ago.

    2. Neofrodo


      That game was freakin awesome. I 'm testing my new DVD Recorder with that game. :D

  13. I have never beaten tales of phantasia for the GBA i got bored at the end of the game where you have to climb a tower. FFIV for the GBA is the best game I have ever played!! you should finish it its an order!!
  14. any good non FF JRPG on PS3?

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    2. PrimeSlime26


      I believe there is

    3. Saigan


      Demon's Souls, Dark Souls... but only if you want a HUGE challenge.

    4. alanredstar


      thanks i will check those games

  15. can someone tell me what groping means, and how i translate that to spanish

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    2. PrimeSlime26


      What do you need to know this for? lmao

    3. alanredstar


      hahaha nothing, i read an article in kotaku about a gild being groped by a dude but the he was caught because a photo taken with a DSi

    4. PrimeSlime26
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