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  1. Hey DD, how is everyone?

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    2. PantheonSasuke
    3. PrimeSlime26


      Doing pretty good, Monster Hunting until Animal Crossing comes out. Also waiting patiently for any news about DQ stuff coming to NA of course :)

    4. Democrobot


      Nervous. I have a huge scholarship interview on Tuesday

  2. $#!& I come here far too little

    1. Mou-rie-SHOU-rie


      what's the matter? you're ok?

    2. D.Name Theif

      D.Name Theif

      Dude,you havent heard of me have you?

  3. Aww no gifs as an avatar

    1. RyuKisargi


      You can have GIFs as an avatar. O_o Mine is a GIF, so is Ring Man's.


    2. Knitewulf


      Hmm it wouldn't let mine be a gif

  4. yep. Just cycle through each locations zip portal and if there's no monsters its either Eugene or the mirror. What I do is start at the first zip portal and go all the way through and if I still don't see Eugene he is at Albatross. Rinse and repeat.
  5. just go to each area and go to the zip portal. If no monsters are around its there. Its really not as tedious as it sounds.
  6. I don't remember exactly. I think its after you complete 1 F rank tournament or maybe E as well. Lump Wizard goes to your ship then you can synthesize.
  7. All of the zodiac mini-bosses all synth into each other one way or another. Its easiest just to scout the Duel Duellers because they are all around the same difficulty to scout.
  8. It could be better, barricade isn't good unless your giving orders cause he'll spam useless buffs. I would take advantage of his crafty fire breather trait and put Fire 3 on him. This is my suggestion if you want. ~Fire 3 ~Uber Agility Boost ~Champion(Oomph+meditate) ~Naturalist/Uber Atk Boost I just put naturalist on there for mercurial thrust, but Diamogan would be much better suited for that.
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