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  1. Hey, what's goin on everyone. I haven't been on here in a bit, but I'm glad to be back!

    1. Woodus


      Welcome back, a lot of people use mobile for the forums, so you might get more visibility if you post in the Intros/Farewells topic that you have made a triumphant return :)


  2. Hey guys I went ahead and did an unboxing of the Edition of Lost Time for DQXI. I like a lot of the content that I got and also been enjoying the game so far! Give it a look and I'll greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  3. https://youtu.be/9N_dBK00uQQ Hey everybody! It's been a while since I've been on the site! I'm currently working on a Let's Play of Wolfenstein II on my Youtube Channel if anyone is interested. Anyway, I'm excited to be back!
  4. Just uploaded a new stream playing Heroes II. Check it out if you get the chance!

  5. Hey I've been away for a while, but I've been busy with other things and also making Youtube videos. I even have a series of gameplay videos for Dragon Quest Heroes II. Have a look see if you have the time: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZFB7p1rd3bU7VpDY90bh9A

    1. PrimeSlime26


      A series I will continue in the near future! I think I will have more focused videos in the future and try to cut out less gametime.

  6. Working on finishing VII and VIII is in on the way!

    1. PrimeSlime26


      VII is definitely a beast though. Currently working on better job classes. That Metal Medley Tablet is a huge help though!

  7. It really sucks that Debbie Reyolds passed away a day after Carrie Fisher was announced dead. That's just kinda nuts.

    1. Plattym3
    2. The Dog of Zahan

      The Dog of Zahan

      That a mother should die within days of her own daughter? Pretty messed up, yeah. Just ask Rush's Drummer/lyricist Neil Peart. He lost daughter and wife to tragedy in the space of 2 months.

  8. I have a few 2016 contenders and I would not be able to pick any other them as GOTY in particular so here ya go: Dragon Quest VII Dragon Quest Builders Titanfall 2 Paper Mario Color Splash Final Fantasy XV Street Fighter V Monster Hunter Generations Pokemon Sun Literally a great year for games and next year will be even better!
  9. Went ahead and updated my kirby lp for those interested. It's cool either way though.

  10. Here is the url for the 2nd episode right here. Enjoy if you have the free time!
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9aawmZisdM\ I just started a new Let's Play for one of my childhood classics if anyone was bored wanted to check it out. I'm probably gonna post all the later episodes in this thread and all that too!
  12. Been working on FFXV for a good bit now. Should hold me over until DQVIII arrives next month!

  13. Just got Dragon Quest Builders for the Vita and I also got the Prima Guide. I'm gonna spend some time in that!

  14. Got DQVII 3DS recently, it's one of the only main games I haven't played through. I'm gonna try and settle into this one and take my time with it. I wish they would release an official guide for it, but I'm sure I can find all resources I need on here.

    1. Bururian


      If you ever get lost Nintendo made a quick start guide to help you out.



    2. PrimeSlime26


      Awesome! Thank you!

  15. Been getting into Toukiden: Kiwami for the PS4 lately. It's a nice spin on the Monster Hunter formula. It's also nice to play a MH-style game on a console such as the PS4. Now just to wait until Friday!

  16. Well I'm definitely gonna get the physical version. I think I might go for the Vita version as well because I think it would beneat to have a Vita DQ game. I also have Minecraft Vita Edition as well so that makes sense too.
  17. While playing Dragon Quest IV, I realized that before the Hero got to eat the Monsters came and destroyed his village. So not only was his life ruined but he also left on an empty stomach. So that kinda sucks.

    1. ignasia


      Yes PrimeSlime that 'kinda' sucks to walk down a mountain on an empty stomach. Then to meet your father (who you don't even know is your father) and be denied food, and finally to reach town after potentially hours, if not days, of real-time hiking. Says a lot about the stamina of the hero though, even at a lowly level 1.

  18. Does anyone play Pokemon Shuffle Mobile? If so let me know your friend code and ill post mine.

    1. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      Can I get sponsored by Matt too? Joking, just joking, It'll be the last one I make okay.

    2. PrimeSlime26


      Not a problem lol

  19. Glad I downloaded Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, It's pretty good!

    1. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      Is Matt your sponsor Prime?

    2. PrimeSlime26


      Oh nah lol, I remember him talking about it, but I was looking into it before. It's a nice free game.

  20. I quite like the Mobile version of DQIV! Everything works, it's easily accessable and the monster animations are all there. I'll enjoy this playthrough!

    1. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      Doesn't the mobile version have party chat in it unlike the localized DS version.

    2. PrimeSlime26


      Yeah it's utilized pretty well too. I like checking it after talking to certain NPCs and stuff.

  21. It's a shame about Mighty No. 9. Still might pick it up somewhere down the line though.

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    2. PrimeSlime26


      I'm just saying based on some of the reviews that were published about the game. I'm not too picky when it comes to action/platformers so I'm sure it's halfway decent. I'm just surprised.

    3. Neofrodo


      I just hope he learns from his mistakes from this and does better next time.

    4. eal


      This game had so much going for it. People were crapping their pants for this. Then come the first delay, the onslaught was relentless. They began asking for more money for an anime, they launched Red Ash in the middle of development for Mighty No. 9, Deep Silver's marketing was embarrassing. Delay, delay, delay. All for an "adequate" game.

  22. I would suggest Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy, 3rd Birthday, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, and maybe Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles.
  23. Got all of the games that I ordered. Also ordered Kirby:Planet Robobot today because it came out today. Currently trying to finish up Knack and then I'll work on DOOM a little bit more.

  24. Just picked up DOOM today! As much as I want to play Heroes I have to put aside some time to fight the demons from Hell!

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