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  1. I finally figured out what happened to some of my save games. They were transferred to my WiiU. Well, DQMBRV is one of those games where you can't move or copy it to SD so I don't know how to get it back. I can't play it on that WiiU because it is an American system and a Japanese game.


    With that, does anyone know where I can download a copy of a Wii save game for:

    Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory

    Fortune Street




  2. Birthday: June 2, 1979 (gemini)

    Age: 37

    Height: 5'8"

    Weight: 150lbs

    Ethnicity: caucasian (English/Scottish descent)

    Hair: very short, light brown

    Non-traditional marriage, two daughters, gym rat (weights and running), internet sysadmin, lives in the pacific northwest but grew up in SF and near Sacramento, reads/speaks some Japanese, huge DQ fan and game collector. cff9d7017d8c5eab115f959c31477f2f.jpg



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  3. Okay, I fixed my pictures.


    2015.11.26 geminate 1

    Most of my toys, all of my special edition systems (PS4, 3DS, 3DS-LL, Wii, Wii U), and many other miscellaneous items. View High Resolution Image

    2015.11.26 geminate 2

    All of my games, some comics, small toys, travel door mat, etc. I own every American game and every Japanese game except for DQ1 on MSX2. I own every American strategy guide. View High Resolution Image

    2015.11.26 geminate 3

    Shirts, board game, handheld systems, PS4, etc. View High Resolution Image
  4. Thanks! Most of it is on top of my golem costume. I have to move things around sometimes to get more in there. I just counted 66 different DW/DQ games!


    DW1 NES
    DW2 NES
    DW3 NES
    DW4 NES
    DW1&2 GBC
    DW3 GBC
    DWM2Cobi GBC
    DWM2Tara GBC
    DQ4 DS
    DQ5 DS
    DQ6 DS
    DQ9 DS
    DQMJ2 DS
    Torneko PS
    DW7 PS
    DQ8 PS2
    DQSwords Wii
    FortuneStreet Wii
    DQ1 FCM
    DQ2 FCM
    DQ3 FCM
    DQ4 FCM
    DQ1&2 SFCM
    DQ3 SFCM
    DQ5 SFCM
    DQ6 SFCM
    Toruneko SFCM
    DQ4 PS
    DQ7 PS
    DQM1&2 PS
    Toruneko2 PS
    Toruneko3 PS2
    DQ5 PS2
    DQ8 PS2
    Yangus PS2
    ItadakiStreet PS2
    DQ1&2 GBC
    DQ3 GBC
    DQM2Iru GBC
    DQM2Ruka GBC
    MoriMori GBA
    CaravanHeart GBA
    ItadakiStreet DS 
    DQ4 DS
    DQ5 DS
    DQ6 DS
    DQ9 DS
    DQMJ2 DS
    DQMJ2Pro DS
    MoriMori 2 DS
    DQ7 3DS
    MoriMori3 3DS
    DQM2 3DS
    DQSwords Wii
    DQMBRV Wii
    ItadakiStreet Wii
    DQ25th Wii
    DQ10 WiiU
    DQ10.2 WiiU
  5. Yeah. I am a collector. I have every American and Japanese DW/DQ game except for a few that are rare/expensive. If I bought the Wii version, I wouldn't even open it. Here are pics of most of my stuff. I have some books, toys, etc in other rooms too.


    DQ Collection

    Family Room

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  6. DQX WiiU and DQM2 3DS-LL

    It's on its way!
    DQX Edition WiiU

    DQX2 for WiiU

    DQX Metal Slime Keyboard

    DQM2 Edition 3DS-LL

    DQ Collector Card Game


    I didn't want to push it and get the DQX Edition Wii too. Maybe next time if I can still find them new.

  7. Thanks for the info! I am talking about the console bundles. If everything works out, I am getting the Wii DQX console, WiiU DQX console, and the DQM2 3DS-LL! .. and some other goodies :D


    I need to make sure that it will fit in my friend's suitcase though. The Wii and WiiU come with an extra controller so I didn't know if they were bigger than the original boxes. If anyone has either of them, can you measure them for me?

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