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  1. It's listed on Stitcher now if you search for it in app!
  2. Stitcher or Google Podcasts are the two apps I use.
  3. Not sure wtf is wrong with me but the song that runs through my head most often is Copacabana. I just know it's from this episode of American Idol 10+ years ago; Not even the original.
  4. I got it to come up on Tapa! Although I've gotten used to the regular mobile site. (Posted from Tapa)
  5. I was thinking of doing a Dragon's Den PSN community. Or is there one already?

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      I'm going to say that no, we do not. Perhaps you should make a topic over this idea and see how much interest it gains.

    2. Woodus


      I have never set one up :)

  6. Yeah, I didn't think of that because I've been using mobile and didn't notice that 'til I logged onto the full site to change my pic.
  7. What did you all think! Let me hear you overall feelings or your specific gripes/praises! I can see why it could split the fanbase. Overall I thought it was great but I did have a couple of things that were head scratchers. I was glued to the screen and couldn't believe how much it felt like an EU story on the big screen! More so than even Rouge One. I want to wait 'til I see it at least one more time before making any final judgements.
  8. Transformers: Devastation - fun single player with some replayability and can be got for fairly cheap That's you! - super fun party game
  10. A Japanese PSN account for some sweet demos and themes! Tricky Towers - Uses tetrominos to build towers, addicting multiplayer Rocket League - definition of, "easy to pickup; hard to master" World of Final Fantasy - Turn-based battles with gameplay somewhere between DQMonsters and Pokemon. (I'm not even a FF fan but this game got me hooked)
  11. Seriously, the only reason I have Chrome on my computer is for the page transfer for creating/using the Japanese Playstation store and Japanese Amazon. Totally easy.
  12. There is DQH2 theme, DQXI theme and a Fortune Street theme. Also now there are Fortune Street avatars! I have Healix for my Japanese account because avatars, unlike themes, are not transferable to your main (read, US/West) account. Forgot to mention, you need to beat the FS demo to unlock the theme.
  13. Looks like my name got changed back to my original with the forum upgrade can I get AlefgardHero again? Also it has been a little while since I've been on and I missed the whole forum upgrade thing is Tapatalk support coming back? Not a huge deal if not I just had realized I hadn't got any post updates through the app and saw Dragon's Den was gone.
  14. Not that I've seen. BUT, if you've played the Wii version the menus are almost exactly the same. Also, the Google translate app let's you take pics and will translate for you. Nice for the flip cards.
  15. #chocobosarentascoolasslimes #fortunestreetps4thewest
  16. I've started using this on Twitter along with #chocobosarentascoolasslimes This game is looking sweet and will most likely be my first import because I have no confidence it's coming Westward. Really hoping for Builders 2 too (hehe).
  17. I'm with you. I'll buy the PS4 and 3DS probably at the same time but spend my life on the PS4 afterwards. I got a 13 yo that will want the 3DS version as well (maybe the wife too).
  18. Thanks for the input! I'll definitely will be keeping an eye on it.
  19. I went through this forum and did not see this; so I thought I'd post a link to the Super Podcast Bros review of DQ7 3DS. Well it's kind of a review. I guess It's more of a discussion of the first 3rdish of the game. It's from last year and it's after the guys took a long break from the show. This episode is how I found them, searching "Dragon Quest" in my Stitcher app and this show popped up. Been a fan since! http://www.superpodcastbros.com/episode-37.html (caution: some vulgarity, if you're not into that)
  20. Nope, not me. Thanks you for the info. I was thinking of looking for a used iPad to play this and a couple other Apple exclusives, and your experience is just the insight I needed. I won't be jumping through hoops now to play, but I'd still like to try it.
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