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  1. The other corner looked lonelyb enter Komasan.
  2. @Woodus etsy link I'll email the cutter and let her know that someone may contact her to order some of these.
  3. I am finally starting P4:Golden and my god! I'm a couple hours in and have maybe done 5 battles. I think they have, so far, over explained the plot. I'm about to give it up.
  4. Darker? Ok... I guess. Changing the combat? There is a reason I like DQ more than FF.
  5. Oh man, I am so dejected, somebody hit the door on my new car dubbed KngSlym over the weekend. :(

    1. Slimeknight


      Hang in there.

  6. I'm looking for a Teeny Sanguini plush. All I can find are overpriced knock-offs. I know Squenix hasn't made them in a couple years but I'd be down with a clean used one for the right price.
  7. Yeah I watch it with my two youngest every Saturday morning and my two oldest will sometimes watch. Last night, I had the older two sit and watch the last two episodes and they stayed entertained the whole time!
  8. It says I've been a member of The Den since 2011, which, I guess is true. Although I've been reading the forums for 20+ years. I'm maybe not the best member, I tend to fade in and out every couple of months or so, but I always come back. The community on here is way chill and I appreciate it greatly. I recently went back to an old forum I haven't used in awhile and started going through another one for a new interest, I gotta say, just in design and effort, @woodus is killing it. I also am on Reddit often and I do like it but sometimes the flow of info is too broad and
  9. OH MUH FRIGGIN GAWD!! "Farewell to the Father" was completely awesome. I cheered and my eyes welled.
  10. As others have said DQ9 remake would be pretty sweet but I have expectations and idk if those will be met. Also I think the release of Link's Awakening and the art style backs up my original idea for DQ9.
  11. Blasters main draw is the multiplayer for sure.
  12. I am HYPE for this!! I really don't care what they announce as long as they aren't all phone/gacha games. I'm sure there will be at least one new one announced; along with the release date of the Dai one. It'll probs all be PS5 stuff prompting me to get one like DQ Heroes did for my PS4 purchase. Wishlist includes: DQ Heroes 3, DQ Builders 3, DQ9 remake, 4-8 ported to Switch.
  13. Got some ordered from a seller on Etsy.
  14. It was friggin' awesome. The fight animation was as smooth as the new DBZ movies.
  15. Here are those screenshots of Billion Road. Green Komasan backpack ftw. Also came across this: Limited Run Games is selling a physical version. I kinda really want it. The box-art is really good! Also, super jelly of your white Vita!
  16. I made a vector using Gimp and now researching different vinyl cutters.
  17. @Woodus I was able to knock out what I was wanting, using the low shaded version of what you posted, as a png using paint3d! Hopefully a sticker cutter can use this.
  18. @Woodus Thank you very much! These should come in handy.
  19. Tact ends about here for me. I know they just released all the new levels and stuff but I went from doing my dailys and only missing maybe five days total since release, to not opening it at all this week. Idk, I like the tactical rpg aspect but I think I played on auto too often, and relied too heavily on skips, to really enjoy the game. The gacha elements really drag it down after awhile, like most gacha games. I've played a few gacha and every time it's the same, go hard for a few weeks, make my favorites powerful enough to beat most of it, then when real grinding starts, just kind of fall
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