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  1. So, took a break from Fortune Street to get some more done on this. Remember this is a 2D play-through. Got through Gondolia. It had been long enough that this was a lot of fun, and even in 2D there was some real tension when Erik gets taken. Dave is totally awesome still. In my first play-through my favorite npc was a toss-up between Dave and Michelle. Even though in 2D there is no voice acting I still in my head say, "Dah-vay". On to Zwaardrust. I am doing this run with less exploration and just kinda following the story, so there won't be a stop off at the Puerto Valor Casino this time. My first play-through I took the boat everywhere I could, and got some good stuff at the casino before moving along the story.
  2. Game seven. Here it is, I've been dreading this post and actually haven't played since I lost (been playing more DQ11S). luckily if you lose you don't lose your progress from the series of boards you're in and you just have to replay the lost one. First off, I got LUCKY NUMBER 13 (/s) again. Once I knew I was going to lose I went for broke and went blocked them on the card board. Sad Maribel. Sad line.
  3. I'm with ya there. Or maybe we just haven't gotten those stories yet... O.O While I doubt this is the direction they're going with future games it would be cool to get one with a story that is Chrono Trigger-esque that jumps around to connect all the games somewhat. More so than Tickington.
  4. This comes down to preference. The game is set up in such a way that you can beat it choosing any weapon-type. But, if you want to maximize these two characters strengths then stick to heavy wands and wands respectfully.
  5. The ony thing, and I do mean "the only thing", that feels kinda like FF is the "wait" style battle system in 3D mode. I haven't played FF15 but I did watch my son play through, what do you mean by this?
  6. Maybe I should move it to a different part of the Den! Hahahahahaha!!
  7. I lost guys. I lost so hard. I'll update tomorrow with some screenshots and the how's it.
  8. Started the third board of the third campaign at lunch today; It's the volcano board from FSWii and the first to have vacant lots! I had to take notes on the vacant lot menu; One thing to note is that there are 3 shop sizes to choose from now.
  9. Going a little further, what if it had a master save per Switch like Animal Crossing? Up to 4 players on one Switch, doing the story together. That would be pretty cool.
  10. Made some Slime Smile masks available!! Direct Link
  11. Oh yeah, the AI is starting to get a bit more difficult as well. They will trade with one another but will not let me purchase a property from them even at 5x or more; Kinda frustrating. Also, I figured out you have to use the coins won at the end of a game to purchase the ability to add vacant lots to free-mode games. When it says at the end of a game that you unlocked a character, it actually means that you unlocked the ability to buy them in the store, you cannot use them right away. I bought all the DQ characters and boards available. Just go to the treasure chest on the main screen.
  12. I have all three on Switch. (I have beaten one a couple of times, started two, and actually have a pretty good story of beating 3 with my friend in MN, on Switch.) You're right, it does give it some feeling of continuity, even though I am kinda sad at the character models used in the remakes of 1,2,3. Especially going to Tickington.
  13. Game six. MY FIRST WIN VIA BANKRUPTCY!! Kiryl just couldn't hang on for me to get to home. You'll see on the line graph that I was actually above the winning line but when he started auctioning properties it was too hard to pass up the third one in a district! Nera was on my heels for a good portion of the game too. In the first pic you'll see that they actually just rearranged the spaces slightly from the Mario "M" board in FSWii; Plays the same way, just less "M" shaped.
  14. Game five. This one I had a slow start. Minfilia (had to look that up, idk FF) kept buying my properties and was ahead for a good portion of the game. Then Titus (I only know this character because I've watched my wife play FFX) started to glom onto my success by purchasing stock in my district. HE ALMOST BEAT ME! No new trophies, wah-wah.
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