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  1. Did some more YKW/DQ crossovers. This time with Sanguinis!
  2. Looking forward to this one! A couple weeks ago I put about 5 hours into the PS4 remaster of Ni No Kuni and just haven't made it back yet. It was fun but it felt like a tutorial for almost all 5 hours.
  3. Haven't listed to the show yet but I am enjoying Tact more than Stars.
  4. The manual has a really awesome cover. Real OG feeling.
  5. It was a lot of fun, my two youngest really enjoyed it. They did cut out that scene tho.
  6. My oldest was all about teaching Joker to taunt then dropping him in online play. I still haven't messed with Hero yet tho.
  7. I really like the upgrade!
  8. Finished this episode earlier today and had a couple thoughts. First, as I've said before Yo-Kai Watch is one of my favorite games all time, and I'll have to go against you Platty and recommend the first one vs recommending the third. Not that there isn't anything wrong with YKW3 but for the price alone, getting a physical copy is impossible for under 80 bucks right now and the digital copy is 40 period. By contrast the YKW1 physical hovers around $11 all the time. There is also a demo on 3DS for YKW1. Also, I think with the shear amount of stuff to do in YKW2 and especially YKW3 you can
  9. Game eight. I finished this one up this morning. Got Second place in a race to the bank! I stayed competitive throughout too. First, one thing I find annoying about this version is that I'm pretty sure that no matter what character you are, going first is always red, second yellow, third blue and fourth green. Unlike FSWii where it matched the color of the character. Small thing I know but when playing as Kiryl it through me off through the whole board being blue rather than green. Second, I think this is a reskin of the Yoshi board in FSWii. Ok, on to the game, s
  10. Game seven 2.0 I WON!!! Decided to turn the game on while everyone was sleeping this morning and found out that my oldest son went against my wishes and started the story board when I was letting him play! So When I go into the game I found out he saved it with me in LAST place but I had a good footprint on the board. From there I was able to invest and build up stock fairly quickly. I was starting to bite my nails making my way to the bank. I thought the winning amount was 18,000 but it was 20,000 so I had a bit of a buffer. 2 NPC's leveled up and hit 18,000 thou
  11. Not sure if this is common knowledge, but I definitely didn't know until just now. https://en.dragonquest-builders.com/
  12. That's the thing, I swap in and out so regularly, with who's pepped, is there a metal monster, do I want to hit a large group of enemies or just one, etc. So I've never worried about whom is in my front four (at least for DQ11).
  13. Ok, so I made all of them. They'll be up on my RedBubble store soon.
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