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  1. Not sure where else to post this but... I went all in... Got dam bugs!!
  2. Not sure if any one is interested but I've been streaming my first Nuzlocke playthrough of any Pokemon game on my Twitch. I'm starting Part 6 at the time of this writing. After each stream I upload the videos to my youtube. AlefgardHero on all platforms.
  3. I forgot to mention that I got a new (knock-off) mascot for my Flex
  4. Finally got a copy! IDK if I'll ever get to play but I missed out on getting a new copy a couple years ago from Amazon.Japan. I don't buy a whole lot of used games but for less than 10 bucks I couldn't resist.
  5. @Woodus Looking good! I think she's on to something there.... Hhhmmmmmm....
  6. The other corner looked lonelyb enter Komasan.
  7. @Woodus etsy link I'll email the cutter and let her know that someone may contact her to order some of these.
  8. I am finally starting P4:Golden and my god! I'm a couple hours in and have maybe done 5 battles. I think they have, so far, over explained the plot. I'm about to give it up.
  9. Darker? Ok... I guess. Changing the combat? There is a reason I like DQ more than FF.
  10. Oh man, I am so dejected, somebody hit the door on my new car dubbed KngSlym over the weekend. :(

    1. Slimeknight


      Hang in there.

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