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  1. Some peeps must have noticed my unexpected disappearance, though most wouldn't even have noticed. Anyway, I had exams and I had to study real hard for it. Now it's Christmas break and I'm moving to Philippines to visit my family. I'm not going to be active as usual in the forums anymore, just for some who actually give a slime.
  2. I'm starting a sketch of all the Dragon Quest heroes, in which the IX hero resembles my version and the I hero resembles the DQMBRV version of themselves. So far, I have only have done I and II. Low quality pictures for now, but when I finish, I will send a clean rip of the picture, because I will need someone who is willing to color them for me.
  3. Ifooboo

    Dragon Quest Heroes

    The full gallery of all the sketches, and final graphic of all the Dragon Quest heroes.
  4. I don't know if anyone mentioned AU1000, but I personally like this one. " Au " in the periodic table is " gold ", which is the color of AU1000.
  5. First, I got Exterminator, one of which most people get. Of course, during first playthroughs, you would fight anything in your way to feel comfortable about the final boss. After that, I decided to do the opposite, Pacifist. Pretty challenging, but I remember defeating Rhapthorne in DQVIII in Lv:38, so why not in DQIX? That savefile then got corrupted, so I restarted and became impatient and died lots against Greygnarl, Goreby-Purrvis, Corvus, etc. giving me the Grievous Angel title.
  6. Hey guys, started youtube account, name is Ifooboo17. Posting DQIX and DQMJ videos there, including Dragon's Den toruney fights. No videos at the moment, though...

    1. Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      Welcome to YouTube.

      My account is icecypher, in case you'd like to see it.

      Mostly personal stuff, but there will be a few DQ things in there from time to time.

    2. Quart20858


      cant find :( can you PM me a link?

  7. Anyone remember the level they started doing legacy bosses? I had to restart DQIX all over again, but I was too impatient and got myself smacked by Baramos.

    1. Destructor526


      60's about. Baramos was a little hard but not too bad. Gritty Ditty and fources would help too.

    2. Ifooboo


      Nice, I'm in the fifty's right now. I have thunder thrust and hatchet man for metal slime grinding.

  8. They are very inspiring, I'm a good drawer but never good at photoshop. I'm heading towards making art like those.
  9. Pyro Jack is now the permanant subject for my avatars

  10. King Zenith has been out for a while, he'll come back with alot of requests...
  11. Barbarus is really tough, and Ace of Spades is alright. I had a Leopold at first, but Foot Dragger disappointed me, so I made him into Ace of Spades.
  12. I'm sad, in Super Scout, I'm rank 97, but today, I only won one of five because I battled rank 39, 42, 10, 29, and 67. I'm afraid I will rank down a lot.

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    2. Havoccultist


      Haha, I'll be gunning for ya soon though, some friendly competition y'know?

    3. Ifooboo
    4. 123321


      I beat teams 29 and 14 yesterday, very difficult..

  13. Any one want to battle me just send me a message, my friend code is at the left. Say strong, medium, or weak when messaging. Strong= Ace of Spades, Barbarus ( Black Void ) Medium= Baramos, Murdaw, Nokturnus ( Green Mantis ) Weak= Conkettes, Shogum, Moosifer ( Red Rage ) I'm still working on making my Barbarus strong, so Team Black Void is unavailable.
  14. Yay, somehow my Moosifer with overmaxed attack and Conkettes got into Super Scout, Barbarus, here I come!

    1. 123321


      I have a statcapped balhib with overmaxed attack in Scout. Have fun with your fights.

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