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  1. Zendor


    i don't know if someone in here could help me. i need to do 2 trade evolutions to complete my pokedex in ORAS. that would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me out. my friend code is 1650-2806-5339
  2. does the warrior ring do anything or should i just sell it?
  3. Arg... my ipod isnt good enough to play DQ8 on it... at least i still got my dq8 for ps2 to play ^^

    1. Saigan


      yeah it needs pretty beefy hardware

  4. if you want to add me rpggamer79 my name is Zendor and my code is 1650-2806-5339
  5. now officially a pokemon master in pokemon X not far tho only starting road 5
  6. ok mario and luigi dream teams is driving me crazy!!! too much tutorials!!! i'm in the mountain and that stupid prince is still telling me what to do... i wanna explore and discover!!! i don't need you to tell me to push that stupid button that i saw 10 minutes ago grrrr
  7. currently playing shin megami tensei iv and mario and luigi dream team. after those i plan on getting Pokemon X
  8. just started a new game of persona 3 on my ps2 and on the bus i play devil survivor 2
  9. Zendor

    Brain Lord

    wow that game look so much like 7th saga ( at least for the towns)
  10. for tales of phantasia, it can be played with 2 players but you need a certain item to be able to do it. i don't think this item was really far in the game tho
  11. i think my favorite is Necrosaro (starting in his 5th form he becomes green and kick ass ) another one i really like is the slime knight (in dq5 the slime was green)
  12. i like using the swarm at first for his 6 hits per turns which is great against metal monsters in the beginning.
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