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  1. Thank you very much Woodus, I really appreciate it! Thanks for running a great site and forum.
  2. Can anyone help me find (or make) a 'Secret of Evolution' GIF to use as my avatar? (any version; NES or PSX/DS) I found this one, but it is too big and doesn't animate correctly when I set it as my avatar. I also found this one but I don't like it, because the animation is not good. (It was my old avatar) Any help will be appreciated.
  3. Monsters immune to bang (and other variants) are not immune to blast slash (and other variants) I had a spitnik vs spitnik fight where the enemy was affected by blast slash (Spitnik absorbs bang damage, but has crafty banger so that could have affected it. I doubt it though). Metal body monsters are immune to everything with 'magical' properties. Wind shear and the like do fixed damage similar to the breath attacks, and I would assume Pearly Gates and Frizz Cracker behave similarly. Magic Burst is strange though. I have read that it is reflected by monsters that reflect breath and some dr
  4. Would a Slimeborg (Cyber Slime is a boring name) be a viable partner? Possibly with Cleric, Breath III and Wisdom Boost III (if Super Scout allows it)
  5. Is Dual Duellers/Geminex an effective monster to use in Super Scout (Can I even use it in Super Scout)? I want to use it because my astronomical sign is the Gemini, so I thought it was interesting. I have these skillsets on it: Dual Duellers (For Boulder Toss and Wind Shear), Champion, Attack Boost III, and Poison Ward (For Steady Recovery). I used these skillsets because I had similar sets on my Xenlon and they were very effective. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can suggest other skillsets or a partner. Thanks in advance! My possible help with Mega Scout: If anyone uses X
  6. Use the links below if you have any synthesis questions. Synthesis search: http://www.woodus.co...ynthesizing.php Special synthesis only: http://www.woodus.co...alsynthonly.php Giant monsters are only usable after the game is beaten and have gone to upgrade your scout ring. Open the spoiler to see how to upgrade the ring if spoilers don't concern you. This is a minor (post-game) story spoiler, but a spoiler nonetheless. Synthesis 'shortcuts' (Marsh598: quote this post and add it to the first post, thank you.)
  7. Late as in you wanted to make these monsters, or what? I updated that list with an Orgodemir as well. Can you manage a list of the synthesis 'shortcuts' in the first post? Put the requirements in spoilers so not to clutter the first page. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hargon, Malroth, Baramos and Nimzo Hargon=Dierantula (Cragravation at night before going up to Empyrea's nest)+Dhuran (Scout a Demon-at-Arms and generic synthesis for Dhuran) Malroth=Hargon+Living Statue (Bemuseoleum, rain) or Khalamari (Unshore. Haha, get it?) Baramos=Hargon+Gemon (Dark World, daytime. Fall into a hole in the center of an intersection and end up on the center platform. Gemon appears on the hole to exit that platform, it cannot be fought when it is flying around) Nimzo=Baramos+Khalamari (Unshore) Bonus! Mortamor=Nimzo+Estark (Beat him in 10 turns or under, found in Cra
  9. Woodus can you pin this topic please, because we don't need multiple topics on help with teams or skills. Thank you in advance.
  10. No need to keep posting your friend code, it's in the first post.
  11. Thanks! Where in Necropolis is Drakulard? I haven't gone back to explore it (I only stick to the entrance and where the zip portal is).
  12. it has been fixed for a while now I didn't realize I put your Friend Code in wrong. Someone should have messaged me. I fixed it now
  13. Alabast Dragon= Mechanowyrm+Drakulard Mechanowyrm=Great Dragon+Metal Dragon (Both can be found in the Dark world) Drakulard=Drakularge (Found in Necropolis)+Pazuzu or Atlas (Both in the Dark World)
  14. Casting Kazing on this topic. I don't think I thanked Warez for giving me suggestions for my Sagittar. Thank you! I hate to keep bothering Woodus with my posts and requests, but can I request to have this topic merged with all the 'help with X monster's skills' and 'help with wifi team' topics as well as being pinned? Thanks in advance.
  15. According to this site: http://dqmj2.ffsky.cn/teshu4.htm, you can. Marsh598, I was going to post in your topic, like I did before, but I was unsure if you were going to update a list of how to find shortcuts in syntheses. If you and Woodus would let me and if it were possible, could I have one of my posts at the top so I can update a list of synthesis tips so readers could find the information right away? Thanks in advance, unless Marsh598 wants to do it.
  16. Hopefully we can help each other speed up the synthesis process for some monsters here. Use the links below if you have any synthesis questions. Synthesis search: http://www.woodus.co...ynthesizing.php Special synthesis only: http://www.woodus.co...alsynthonly.php Balhib= (Magmalice+Firn Fiend)+(Golem+Gold Golem) Mumboh-Jumboe= (Mum+Boh)+(Jum+Boe) Scout 4 Magmalices and Firebirds each from Necropolis to create 4 Jums (Can be made from Magmalice+Firebird) Mum= Jum+any Material family monster (Can use magmalice again or other material monsters) Boh= Jum+any Beast family monster (
  17. Can this topic be pinned please, or should it be merged with the 'Battle Requests' topic?
  18. I wanted a place where we could ask each other for recommendations on our teams or giant monsters or to give advice on building a team or giant monster, as well as help with Wi-Fi teams. Sagittar, this guy is amazing! With the right boosts and skillsets he can be a formidable foe. I'm thinking Anti-metal, Uber Atk Boost, something with a health regenerator, and maybe another atk boost(III). If anyone can recommend something I would appreciate it. Fluffy, it seems like a balanced monster, but I don't know what to do with it. Please help. Zenith Dragon: Thank you for the sugge
  19. The cookies looked good did you make them yourself? It doesn't really matter, but I would have kept one of the more interesting monsters before changing it, I'm keeping the Sagittar though. I started using Sagittar and I might have to make another because his abilities are great! Double Trouble, Early Bird, Grand Slammer and Hit Squad! I can see how it could be competitive with the right skillsets. I want to continue discussing this in a different thread though (the team building thread I will be making).
  20. I was planning on making a thread like this, thank you for making it anyway! Demonrider= Skelegon+ a Demon family monster. I expect a sugar cookie! My question isn't a how to make X monster but, should I synthesize a Dracolord or a Saggitar using a Phoenix Scepter? I plan on combining the two for a Zenith Dragon, but I don't want to make a generic A rank monster using those two. I can't decide which monster to get. Please help!
  21. I would like to battle you, my FC is to the left and I recommend posting your friend code in the wi-fi battle thread.
  22. I am requesting a test battle from the tournament participants. Please post your Friend codes here: http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=21258 so we can have an organized list.
  23. Can I request to have this topic pinned?
  24. All the people who filled out the DQM:J2 FC on their profile will have their Friend Code show up here: http://www.woodus.co...riend_codes.php Post your friend code, your name and team name(In game), as well as your team (If you choose to do so) here. Request battles from others here as well. Friend Codes: GЯѦИD MѦSTЗЯ and ss14hero (there may be more) are currently not listed in the database due to not having the friend code filled out in their profiles. rocketslime_1_1's friend code is filled out incorrectly. it's missing a number.
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