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  1. I just wanted to know what monsters (or non-monsters, such as the Schleiman Tank) the Den would like to see in future Monsters titles. I would like to see monsters like Draguar, Funkybird, Skeletor, Digster and Zapbird to name a few. Some non-monsters I would like to see are the Gott Schleiman (Both the Schleiman and the Swarzman are in Pro, so it's possible in a future title) and TERRY? (that would be weird). What would you like to see in a future Monsters title?
  2. Thank you very much Woodus, I really appreciate it! Thanks for running a great site and forum.
  3. Can anyone help me find (or make) a 'Secret of Evolution' GIF to use as my avatar? (any version; NES or PSX/DS) I found this one, but it is too big and doesn't animate correctly when I set it as my avatar. I also found this one but I don't like it, because the animation is not good. (It was my old avatar) Any help will be appreciated.
  4. Monsters immune to bang (and other variants) are not immune to blast slash (and other variants) I had a spitnik vs spitnik fight where the enemy was affected by blast slash (Spitnik absorbs bang damage, but has crafty banger so that could have affected it. I doubt it though). Metal body monsters are immune to everything with 'magical' properties. Wind shear and the like do fixed damage similar to the breath attacks, and I would assume Pearly Gates and Frizz Cracker behave similarly. Magic Burst is strange though. I have read that it is reflected by monsters that reflect breath and some dragons are immune to it. EDIT: Frizzcracker is wisdom based, still not sure on the slashes and Magic Burst though.
  5. Would a Slimeborg (Cyber Slime is a boring name) be a viable partner? Possibly with Cleric, Breath III and Wisdom Boost III (if Super Scout allows it)
  6. Is Dual Duellers/Geminex an effective monster to use in Super Scout (Can I even use it in Super Scout)? I want to use it because my astronomical sign is the Gemini, so I thought it was interesting. I have these skillsets on it: Dual Duellers (For Boulder Toss and Wind Shear), Champion, Attack Boost III, and Poison Ward (For Steady Recovery). I used these skillsets because I had similar sets on my Xenlon and they were very effective. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can suggest other skillsets or a partner. Thanks in advance! My possible help with Mega Scout: If anyone uses Xenlon (Maxed) and wants to win the Stormsgate Citadel, I used Orochi, Cleric, Champion, and Gobstopper Ward (Steady Recovery). I placed 90-something (I was unlucky and kept getting grouped with high-rank teams) in Mega Scout and won the castle (As well as Drohl Diabolist and Seedie Weedie) with those skillsets. Orochi has Scorch and Lightning Storm (and Comeback Kid if you're lucky), and Cleric has Gigagash. These skills can help with some troublesome teams that resist/absorb bang or breath (not both, it has trouble against teams that confuses the AI). It can oomph itself, meditate, and has steady recovery. I hope this helps somebody.
  7. Some improvements and returning features I would like to see: Putting monsters to sleep so they don't take up room and don't level up, like in DWM 1 and 2. It would help for keeping that perfect team in WMC. They could call it 'time suspension' or something similar to that, considering they changed breeding to synthesis, taming to scouting, male and female to + and - Monsters that join you 'just because' Being able to release a monster scouted right away if you don't want it (they got rid of this after Joker for some reason). Meats (Not just Beastie Bites) Randomized dungeons Roaming scouts Combination spells Remove the turn limit from battles with strangers on Wi-Fi. A better tactics AI All monsters from DQM 1-3 Whistle (I used this to fight Metal King Slimes in Tarturus) New things: Wi-Fi trading and synthesizing with friends (is wireless breeding in Joker 2?). A sort of online tag mode that is randomized, it could be restricted to once per day. More monsters, skills and traits (Of course) A customizable character
  8. My name can mean dragon (Like in DRAGON Quest/Warrior), it can mean a male duck (How lame is that?), I could use the name of a certain rapper or people with the surname Drake... or it could be my real name (Maybe I'm a famous rapper who is secretly a fan of Dragon Quest/Warrior )
  9. Use the links below if you have any synthesis questions. Synthesis search: http://www.woodus.co...ynthesizing.php Special synthesis only: http://www.woodus.co...alsynthonly.php Giant monsters are only usable after the game is beaten and have gone to upgrade your scout ring. Open the spoiler to see how to upgrade the ring if spoilers don't concern you. This is a minor (post-game) story spoiler, but a spoiler nonetheless. Synthesis 'shortcuts' (Marsh598: quote this post and add it to the first post, thank you.)
  10. Late as in you wanted to make these monsters, or what? I updated that list with an Orgodemir as well. Can you manage a list of the synthesis 'shortcuts' in the first post? Put the requirements in spoilers so not to clutter the first page. Thank you in advance.
  11. Hargon, Malroth, Baramos and Nimzo Hargon=Dierantula (Cragravation at night before going up to Empyrea's nest)+Dhuran (Scout a Demon-at-Arms and generic synthesis for Dhuran) Malroth=Hargon+Living Statue (Bemuseoleum, rain) or Khalamari (Unshore. Haha, get it?) Baramos=Hargon+Gemon (Dark World, daytime. Fall into a hole in the center of an intersection and end up on the center platform. Gemon appears on the hole to exit that platform, it cannot be fought when it is flying around) Nimzo=Baramos+Khalamari (Unshore) Bonus! Mortamor=Nimzo+Estark (Beat him in 10 turns or under, found in Cragravation inside of the cave near the zip portal)+Nimzo Extra Bonus! Orgodemir=Mortamor+Alabast Dragon (refer to one of my earlier posts in this topic)
  12. I randomly saw this topic so here's my guess: Mother Brain from Metroid (Aug 6, 1986 JPN). Technically, it's an AI but it's always referred to as a 'she.'
  13. Woodus can you pin this topic please, because we don't need multiple topics on help with teams or skills. Thank you in advance.
  14. No need to keep posting your friend code, it's in the first post.
  15. Thanks! Where in Necropolis is Drakulard? I haven't gone back to explore it (I only stick to the entrance and where the zip portal is).
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