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  1. Anyone wanna help me with my 2 mage teams? My first team is Zoma- Zoma,Healer, Crack and Zam 3. I plan on making Crack and Zam 3 into uber dark dynamiter like I have for my Mortamor. 2nd monster is Orgodemir with Cleric, Frizz and Bang 3, Sizz and zap 3, and Mortamor. I will make the 3 sets into some uber set. My 2nd team is Mortamor with Estark, Mortamor, Atack Boost 3, and Uber Dark Dynamiter. My 2nd member of that team will be a soon to be Rhapthorne as I have the Psaro done just need to make an alabast Dragon. I will be playing these teams mainly against friends and people from the
  2. Oh well, Guess I won't waste my time with a dhoulmagus. Rhapthorne it is then!
  3. What would be better for me to make a rhapthorne or a dhoulmagus? Rhapthorne has mostly better stats, but who has a better skillset for wifi and what would be a good build for either one?
  4. Late as in you wanted to make these monsters, or what? I updated that list with an Orgodemir as well. Can you manage a list of the synthesis 'shortcuts' in the first post? Put the requirements in spoilers so not to clutter the first page. Thank you in advance. Late as in I already made these monsters. Adding shortcuts to the first post. Edit: I've been looking for like 10 minutes and I cannot find a spoilers bar. Either I'm really blind or you didn't post it.
  5. Thanks drake but you are a day late I want to make a mortamor but I will wait till I beat Rigor Mortex to get my wifi team ready.
  6. I'm not really sure what you mean by the special synthesis list. But you can go ahead and post whatever you want then I will add it to the first post so it doesn't get buried.
  7. Thank you woodus. I'm making a Nimzo now, sorry Rikkaiser but I don't have an answer to your problem.
  8. Already got a thread for this. Can I request that mine be stickied? http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=21330
  9. There you go! Just did all 14 Scout test thing last night and got my bone baron needed for a Black Dragon thanks! Thanks to your question I have now decided to make a Dracolord seeing that a great dragon and a demon at arms aren't that hard to obtain. Does it really matter what you make with them together as long as you get what you want in the long run?
  10. Guess we should have one of these since it keeps the forum a bit cleaner. Ask your Synthesis questions here. Example: How do I make a Demonrider with a same rank or rank increase. If anyone can answer that for me I'll give you a cookie! Drake asked me to put these helpful synthesis shortcuts in the first post so here they are! Thanks Drake! Synthesis 'shortcuts'
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