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  1. If all 4 players have each other registered, I believe you can have 2v2 doubles matches. My friends livestream theirs sometimes over twitch. I sometimes stop by and voice chat, but for now I don't battle.
  2. Youtube, but I rarely comment watchcartoononline.com pokefarm.com (not .org) several years ago I was on IMVU, but not recently. Ikariam and BiteFight And several years ago, I was on NeoPets. I used to like the OLDPD boards, but the site itself stopped being fun.
  3. I caught a shiny dunsparce in the friend safari yesterday afternoon. That was unexpected. So was the shiny smeargle I hatched today - I wasn't MMing this time, just attempting to get a perfect IV'd smeargle. First time I've bred a shiny pokemon without intending to. Fewer eggs than the froakies took, but no idea how many it actually was!
  4. I got my garden one from New Zealand, and I believe Tasmania's pattern is garden as well. Victoria is definitely River.
  5. If the third was "JellyBean" that would have been me. I spotted a "Strawberry" on PSS in my friends list, but I didn't recognize the name, I suspect the FC is only on one 3DS - I changed the cartridge over so my friend could tell me what the third pokemon was. 3DS #1 (Silver) has Ledyba/Masquerain/Heracross 3DS #2 (Red) has Butterfree/Beautifly/Heracross. That's the 3DS I usually have the cartridge in. Since the third pokemon is the same, I probably won't switch units very often any more. Anyways, my shiny froakie finally showed up today - hatchling #638. It does indeed have usable
  6. I've hatched 600 froakie eggs, no shiny froakie. Yet. I would assume 1/680ish would apply to MMing. It does make sense; I don't actually have a lot of luck when it comes to MMing, just sick determination. I'm trying to see the positive side - the IVs on the shiny hatchling will hopefully be usable, I have almost a boxload of 5xPerfect froakies, and I don't need to think of something different to do until it does finally show up. And my media collection is getting a workout.
  7. Well Gen IV, apart from chaining, I obtained a shiny, sassy, bibarel, in 2 separate games. Both were on Rt 216 iirc, but different grass patches. The route below Solaceon town. And a shiny golbat in victory road in Platinum (I think it was Platinum, not fully sure now) Gen V, the third sandile I came across was shiny. I'd managed to OHKO the first two, so I was glad I did not destroy this one! He turned out to be Adamant/Moxie, and I named him Dundee. Apart from that, several rounds of MM for pokemon such as Tangela, Shroomish and Poliwag. Gen VI, until now, fruitless. About half an
  8. I do know about the premier ball method, I was hoping not to have to resort to it. I might have a few more chats with Alexa.
  9. I haven't seen any shiny pokemon in-game yet, and am the only breeder I know of who didn't STOP BREEDING when they hatched a 6xPerfect pokemon. But, I want my shiny frog. I have been raising my Lumiose street-cred as well; Le Wow is down to 90k, the Venusaurite is down to 50k. I want that Hatching Power! As far as I know, I'll get that around the same time that the Venusaurite drops to 10k.
  10. The mechanics of it all have been tweaked, I don't know exactly how much. I couldn't have managed that success in any previous generation - apart from it being a froakie, the new use for the Destiny Knot is really amazing, and has helped a lot. It allows the transfer of 5 IVs from the parents to the offspring. Both parents. But sometimes it chooses the same IV a few times, so it could choose HP twice and 3 other things once; so it still takes luck to get the right IVs to fall in place. The current breeding pair of froakies has 9/12 perfect IVs. Neither has perfect SpDef, and the mot
  11. Perfect Froakie! 31/31/31/31/31/31 Protean/Naive. He doesn't need to be shiny with IVs like that!

    1. PrimeSlime26


      But if he was shiny, that would be the icing on the cake!

    2. Sorgatani


      You speak truth ^_^

      Either way, I am happy :D

  12. Tonight I hatched a perfect froakie. Well... he's not shiny, but he is Naive, Protean, with 31 across the board. He didn't get the SpDef from either parent, the HP would've been from the father (the mother has HP low enough for the IV guy to comment on it's sub-parity) but the rest could have been either one. So... now, as soon as I hatch that shiny (270 eggs so far), I'll be training my froakie up into something deserving of those IVs.
  13. That is true. Not to mention RNG Manipulation. Things like that make the 2000+ eggs I've hatched while MMing seem excessive (not to mention OBsessive) But I like knowing what it took to obtain my shinies and egg-move'd pokemon.
  14. The "value" of a shiny pokemon has been "reducing" since Gen IV introduced the original poke-radar and Masuda's Method. I'm working on my protean froakies. Shiny would be nice, but I'd prefer good IVs.
  15. My sister got a shiny clawitzer from chain fishing yesterday. I still haven't found any shiny pokemon. Both of my 3DS units have Bug typing for Friend Safari. I'm making my way towards the last gym city at the moment.
  16. I was trading a lot on gts last night, and one of the trades was a froakie. He's japanese, and has his hidden ability! So I think I'm going to breed him. Any excuse!
  17. I save inside pokecentres as often as possible; it's just easier to get my bearings that way. But I haven't progressed very far; I'm still in the process of resetting my main. My side game has reached the daycare, and that's the farthest either game has reached.
  18. Local gameshop employee had Y playing when I streetpassed them this afternoon (10/10). Lucky brass studs, tell ya what! My friend, regrettably, doesn't work there any more, so she can't give me the goss -haha- Target employees have No idea when their XY delivery trucks are due to arrive on Sat. Serves me right for going through a dept' store instead of the game shop. One of the pokebeach rumours was that pancham evolved if another dark type pokemon was in the party - similar to how mantyke evolves if remoraid is in the party when it levels up. Guess we will find out whether or not
  19. If I could go back in time, I would encourage my younger self to get a job sooner. I am a waitress/barista at a small restaurant. We have few customers lately, and it isn't helped by our lack of EFTPOS. Thankfully we got the landline back up, but we'd been without a landline phone for over half a year before that. I don't think of my waitress/bar skills as anything worth mention, but most of the time we have so few customers that it feels as if I spend more time looking for things to do than actually doing them. My pay is currently backlogged by at least a month. I don't make
  20. And such a stylish pinky purple sash colour. Sassy. Not that big a revelation. But time really does seem to be flying by.
  21. Hits is the total number of tags; Population is unique Miis. Not just the same mii wearing a different hat, for example. I do not know much more about it, truth be told. I've had my 3DS since October last year. Thanks mainly to my sister, I've completed all of the current puzzle panels too, but I am guessing that they'll release new panels for SSB and Pkmn X/Y, and LoZ LbW soon.
  22. Most of my streetpass tags are my sister and nephew. Oh, and the next door neighbour; his counter says almost 300 tags, but I actually know it's more - they only went past 99 after one of the upgrades. Some are from my local EB Games (GameStop) Occasionally I get a random person, very occasionally. And I only managed to get all of the Quest and Quest II hats this week - so perhaps soon I will buy the other StreetPass titles. EDIT: My Plaza population is 325, and apparently I've garnered 1037 StreetPass Hits.
  23. I'll be pre-ordering my red pokemon 3DSXL today, but I have not pre-ordered the games yet. I do have a friend who was considering throwing her second copy at me, if that were the case I'd be paying her back; only time will tell.
  24. Eh, in honour of Animal Crossing, I'd call it Reece (female) or Cyrus (male). And the next Oshawott I obtain, I'll be naming Pascal after that scallop-stealing stoner pirate
  25. Just watched that pokemon direct presentation, and wow they know how to get my interest! Pokemon Bank, storage for up to 3000 pokemon? I'll never release anything at this rate! Paid service, but seriously, that's great. And you in the US are getting the XY themed 3ds units - they won't have the games on them afaik, but they do look pretty awesome. And if you're getting them localized, maybe there's hope for PAL region ones as well. *cautious optimism*
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