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    just got back in to dqj2 hopeing too get a jan 3ds and get the dragon quest monter remake
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  1. is thier dlc for the new dragon quest monster games order both one and two will play 2 first then 1 and it the 3ds version not the gbc version

    1. ethanej


      ??? The 3DS remakes for Dragon Quest Monsters don't have DLC.

    2. kalethe quest mister
  2. got a new 3ds form over seas going to be play the remakes of the dargon monster quest game need link for help if some one can send me one and i need help setting up my japanese nintendo account also want to know how to play online for the monster and if their is still support and if any of you have the game want to battle too !

  3. any news one dragon quest monster remakes come to the usa would love to know if not i might as well use my taxes to buy a jap 3ds and order the games on play asia

    1. Democrobot


      No word yet, but there is "Holey Heroes", which you could hope to be a remake. But I'd personally order them if I were you.

  4. getting fansty life for 3ds tomrrow any one else picking it up

  5. any one getting fantasy life for 3ds i am pick mine up tomrrow and looking to play it with others ? and use pc to talk for the game !

  6. Hay been a while i am getting the game and look for other to play it with and talk on throught the pc since thier is no mic system and no in game chat ! thanks will look tomrrow i all so got smash too ! ask for my 3ds code will send it !
  7. say any new or word on if Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca’s Wonderful Mysterious Keys is going to hit us shore next mouth kind off piss me off if it is just per-order bravely defalt full paid off and if it is make me amd i would HANDS DOWN play ONE OF THE GAMES remake the help make me in to a the person i am rather then b d thanks much will pop on in and off the forms for upate can some one start a thred for it or some thing on the main page i do not have the the time to log in but w...

  8. i would like to know how to find my friend code for pokemon x so i can do the safari zone thing and would like to know if thier can be a den page for codes for x and y pissing me off that thier is know were on the internet and formz and tube for or show you how to find the x and y firend code other then that kill with the event pokemon out of gen 3 too good it is i hope they banned it form event battles

    1. Sorgatani


      The FC used is your 3DS system's FC. At the top of the Home Screen, you should see an orange square smiley face. If you select your own Mii, you will be able to see your friend code.

    2. kalethe quest mister

      kalethe quest mister

      thank you can you send me a link that explains the safari zone please


    3. Sorgatani


      http://serebii.net/xy/friendsafari.shtml has the only information I know so far; I haven't gotten there myself yet.
  9. wanted to trade pokemon from my black 2 add me on skype or send a message if your free i have event pokemon and dream world for trades

  10. since pokemon is the tyopic i am look to trade for kyogre Treecko and Squirtle lagit one but mainly for the first two and i am in need of the ar code to unlock or complte the pokedex both univa and national too cant seem to find one that works and oe get bad codes real need it so i can get the shiny item that make pokemon form other regins show up in black or white 2 i own black i dont work right now so i am free when ever i live in the mid west too time zone i am geting y all ready payed for so squiretle i would not need hence they are leting you chose 1 of the three first gen starters and game start i have most 5 gen pokemon for trade but i have a lot of event poekmon too so i want mainly trade for kyogre and treecko form a egg egg so you keep your pokemon thank you send me a email [email protected] not all ways look on the den tho i like the comuity or add me on skype thank you have a nice night or day when you read this
  11. hi i dont have a lot of friends that own the game and i would like 2 of the starters and a lagit kyogre the two starters are Treecko and Squirtle does not have to be the one you have owned and tranferd it all the way up egg one will do my friend code is 5330 2853 6515 the ar code i am looking for is complte poedex both univa and national unlocked i get bad codes or ones that dont work for the kyogre i would like but is not a need he is just my fav for all ledgedarys 50 is nice but not 100 dont want that dont have much to trade all i am asking is for some one to help a fellow gamer out have a nice day i dont work cornetly too so i can work around what ever time you have to trade or when .
  12. this post made me lafe in a way i havent lafe in a while tks everonn!
  13. hay i want to play in the dragon quest bata how do i do it and make a account and play trandslated

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